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Fundraising Campaign

By Ben Guillermo, Chanel Challenger, Jordan Gilmore, Kadia Gordon & Richelle Fernandez

Fundraising Campaign

Bens Story3

Richelles Story4

ProblemIn Greater Toronto Area, 28% are homeless youth

ObjectiveTo provide shelter for the homeless youths within the Rexdale community for the coming winter seasonAmountOur goal is to raise $50,000 by the end of December 2016

MethodTo raise money for the Youth Without Shelter (YWS) organization to provide shelter and necessities1 | Introduction

1. Summary - brief, problem, objectives, methods, amount


ProgramsResidential ProgramSteps To SuccessEmployment ProgramHousing ProgramStay-in-School ProgramActivities (daily workshops)Pre-Employment TrainingLife Skills DevelopmentEducational SessionsRecreational ActivitiesSteps WorkshopClientsBetween the ages of 16-24Youth Without ShelterMission: Ending homelessness one youth at a time, one step at a time.A 33-bed emergency residential program 2 | Youth Without Shelter6 Warrendale CrescentToronto, ON(416) 748-0110

2. Intro - agency applying for funds, purpose & goals, programs & activities, clients

Programs = Kadia [ CHOOSE 2-3 ]Activities = Jordan [ CHOOSE 2-3 ]Clients = Chanel (statistics)eligibilityAgency = Ben


2011 DemographicsYouth (15-24) make up 12.6% of Rexdale Community (1,315/10,475)In 2006-2011, only 8% are born in Canada (in Rexdale)Top 5 Birth Countries for Immigrants are India, Jamaica, America, Guyana and Pakistan.Top 5 Race in Rexdale consists of Spanish decent, Italian, Croatian, Polish and Indian.


Greatest Ongoing NeedsPersonal hygienePerishable foodsClothingSchool suppliesTransit funds$156$25$63/mo.

VS.DonationGovernment FundingProgram Cost$720,761$1,259,134$2,008,856$748,055$1,187,788$1,851,732Hitting maximum capacity daily

3 | Problem or Needs Statement3.79%5.67%7.82%

1 meal for 53 Youths1 bed, 1 nightBed for 1 month, 1 Youth

Problems or Needs

3. Problem or Needs Statement - descry problem (of agency), include statistics & documentation (i.e. decline #s)13% of population are youths (15-24)

G.O.N. = BenJordan = Expanding the facility

156 = 1 meal for 5325 = 1 bed a night*15/monthly = 1 week bed63/monthly = 1 month bed7

$50,0004 | Program Objectives

Levels of ParticipationCommunity AgentsSupportersVolunteersLeaderships

4. Program Objectives - expected outcome, measurable (i.e. to provide housing for at least 500 kids by winter)$To expand the facility in order to provide more shelters for those in need

$63 (1 month for shelter) x 53 (# of beds) = $3,339 x 12 (months) = $40,000Provided for 53 people to stay at the shelter for a monthAny extra money goes towards expanding or necessities

Chanel: GoalJordan: Community Agents & supportersKadia: volunteers & leaderships8

Government fundingSchoolCorporates/BusinessesChurchLibraryRecreational CentresAdvertisingSocial NetworkingWord of MouthVolunteer HoursSponsorshipsInvolvement/ExperiencePersonal Benefits/LeisureCommunity InvolvementBingoPet DayCarnivalEtc.5 | Methods

MethodsRecruitmentFundraising Activities

5. Method - activities conducted to achieve objective (reasoning for these activities), recruiting staff

Method kadiaRecruitment jordanActivities - chanel9

My group and I came up with the idea of hosting a Winter Wonderland themed fair held during the month of December.10

Entrance Fee: Minimum $5

Weekend, 1pm 9pm.

We provide food, drinks, entertainment, games, etc.Majority of this will be ran by the youths at YWS, along with volunteers.

Jordan will introduce11

Baked by the youth12

Kadia: The participants will have the opportunity to design their own ornament and hang it on our real tree. 13

Youths are to create gingerbread houses14

To bring their own skates15

Jordan: All participants will gather marshmallows and throw in the other players mouth.17

Created by the children at the shelter which provides with creative activity18

Kadia: Part of the foods the Youth provided19

6 | Evaluation1 month later..Minimum $4,200 raised, bringing us in line with our goal$4,20027 meals for 53 Youths168 beds67 youths with beds for 1 month1 year later..In hopes to reach our goal of $50,000This provides the homeless youths a shelter, access to food and necessities and access to programs that helps develop them.

6. Evaluation - tracking the number of people we were able to send to the agency*


7 | Conflict

Not meeting the fundraising goal and not getting enough people to donateNot recruiting enough volunteersNot getting the word out about the main event effectivelyTo make sure we reach out to as many people possibleBe informative and efficientTo use the proper tools we have learned in class in order to successfully gain donations

7. Conflict & how to resolveChallenges we anticipate & how to resolve them21

Chanel:Ask the 3 QuestionsMy group and I donated to Youth Without Shelter in order to help fight the cause


7 | ReferencesReferences,%20Finance%20&%20Administration/Neighbourhood%20Profiles/pdf/2006/pdf5/cpa04.pdf