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  1. 1. ALASKA FOOD POLICY COUNCIL The Help us build a healthy, self- reliant and prosperous Alaskan food system.
  2. 2. The AFPC is a coalition of food system stakeholders who work in agriculture, fishing, public health, and hunger prevention. Since 2010, the AFPC has been working to build a stronger food system in Alaska by forging new connections, advocating for better policies, and creating new research.
  3. 3. - We don't grow enough food Over 95% of the food purchased in our stores is imported, and most of that travels for 60 hours before arriving in the Port of Anchorage. Alaskans depend on wild food like fish and game, but environmental and economic changes have decreased the availability of traditional subsistence foods. These changes affect Alaska Native and non-Native populations alike. Anchorage residents pay 22% more than the US average for their food. In rural communities the cost can almost double. High costs leave low income residents reliant on cheaper less healthy, processed foods. - Our food system is changing CHALLENGESWE FACE - Our food is expensive
  4. 4. - We have room to grow. Alaska has an estimated 59 million acres of arable land. If we set aside 4,700 acres for potatoes, 200 acres for carrots, 200 acres for cabbage, and 600 acres for lettuce, we could stop importing these foods. Alaskans harvested 50 million pounds of wild foods in 2012, with an estimated economic value of $400 million. Alaskans love Alaska, and we show it with our wallets. We spend about $30 million per year on Alaska-grown food products. 50% of Alaskans purchase fresh produce direct from farmers, and 34% eat produce from their own gardens. - We love to eat wild. WHEREWESHINE - We love to support local.
  5. 5. The AFPC has 5 goals for Alaska: 1. All Alaskans have access to affordable, healthy (preferably local) foods. How are we working to get there? 2. Alaskas food-related industries have a strong workforce and operate in a supportive business environment. 3. Food is safe, protected and supplies are secure throughout Alaska. 4. Alaskas food system is more sustainable. 5. Alaskans are engaged in our food system. OURVISIONFOR ALASKA'SFOOD
  6. 6. Add subheading We bring Alaskans together to learn and celebrate Alaskan food with our Food Conference & Festival, our Town Hall series, and by bringing innovative speakers to Alaska. We Connect
  7. 7. Connecting Alaskans: Conference to go Webinar Series This year we are working to better serve Alaskans statewide through a new webinar series highlighting the amazing work our members and partners do in Alaska and beyond. Even if you were unable to attend the Conference in Anchorage or other events around the state, you can still take advantage (live or by viewing them in our archive - coming soon)!
  8. 8. We Advocate The AFPC engages with Alaskan leaders at the local, state, and federal levels about food systems issues. A representative from our Board sits on the Governor's Food Resources Working Group. Members of our Governing Board spend time in Juneau every year, educating our legislators about the importance of food security to all Alaskans.
  9. 9. We Advocate: Bringing the fight to you In 2015 the AFPC sponsored its first grassroots letter-writing campaign, giving community members the tools to advocate for sensible policies on food issues. Our first letter encouraged Governor Walker to pursue a set of policies that will improve the food system in Alaska. The public response was tremendous and inspiring - and the Governor's response shows that he noticed! We hope to continue to offer our members opportunities to fight for what they believe in.
  10. 10. We Research AFPCWebsite When we started the AFPC, there was very little research available on the Alaska food system. We aim to identify obstacles to a stronger local food system. Today, our online research library contains over 50 reports, articles and presentations, many produced or commissioned by the AFPC with support from the state.
  11. 11. We Research: Building a Food Secure Future The AFPC is very proud of the research we have produced, especially economist Ken Meter's 2014 report, Building Food Security in Alaska. Here are some of Ken's recommendations that guide our work: Ken's findings motivate us and guide our work, but they also suggest new research priorities. The AFPC hopes to sponsor research that expands on Ken's work in the future. Foster subsistence harvesting and related skills Build personal capacities in agriculture Expand agriculture and gardening Build infrastructure that supports local food production Adopt state policy that supports local food production Focus consumer attention on staying loyal to Alaska- grown food Expand food processing and manufacturing for in-state markets Strengthen internal food distribution networks Strengthen statewide transparency and coordination
  12. 12. We love Alaska. We are proud of the work we have done so far, and we believe that we have more work to do - and we need your support! Join us in building a stronger, more secure, and more prosperous Alaska. A small donation from you will make a big difference to the AFPC and our local food system.
  13. 13. Thank you for your contribution to the Alaska Food Policy Council.