An introduction to (digital) fundraising - campaign bootcamp

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What is fundraising? What makes a good ask? How do you ask? How do you tell a good story? How will it work on mobile, on social? How would you ask for money on email? All questions asked (and not necessarily answered) in this deck, given to the next generation of campaigners at campaign bootcamp in October 2014.


  • 1. An introduction to (digital) Fundraising Jonathan Waddingham Social & Labs Product Manager @JustGiving @jon_bedford Campaign Bootcamp, October 2014
  • 2. Give us yer fecking money
  • 3. What well cover today What is fundraising? Digital fundraising and digital trends Storytelling The role of Social A bunch of fun exercises...
  • 4. What is fundraising?
  • 5.
  • 6. Is it this?
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9. Fundraising is about *storytelling*
  • 10. Fundraising is not about asking for money
  • 11. What the Wolf of Wolf St has to teach us...
  • 12. The real answer is, before Im even going to sell a pen to anybody, I need to know about the person, I want to know what their needs are, what kind of pens do they use, do they use a pen? How often do they use a pen?
  • 13. Ask me for some money Image:
  • 14. If you dont ask, you dont get (first rule of fundraising)
  • 15. Fundraising is not about asking for money
  • 16. Fundraising is not about asking for money at the right time
  • 17. Digital fundraising is about digital storytelling
  • 18. The digital world moves *fast*
  • 19. Growth in smartphone usage 37% 15% 0% 2011 2012 2013 30% 31% 52% 32% 61% 51% 44% 65% 40% 74% 62% 56% Australia South Africa UAE UK USA
  • 20. The Growth of mobile on JustGiving
  • 21. This is how your audience sees your content
  • 22. Anyway, back to storytelling
  • 23. Wateraids Big Dig
  • 24. Wateraids Big Dig
  • 25. Do emotive videos work best?
  • 26. How do you find great stories?
  • 27. Advice from @ifundraiser
  • 28. Fundraising dos and donts Focus on individual not the many Say where the money is going Focus on outcomes and impact (not how much is spent on admin) Talk about YOU not WE Find the best stories in your organisation Find the best stories outside your organisation Add a sense of urgency Appeal to the emotional and rational
  • 29. Whats your story?
  • 30. Can you write a long ask?
  • 31. Back to the theory...
  • 32. This summers latest trend
  • 33. Bbbrrr @benrmatthews
  • 34. #meme-raising Mobile first (charity second) SMS donations Participative Shareable
  • 35. Does social media impact fundraising?
  • 36. Growth of mobile Facebook on JustGiving
  • 37. Images work well (on Facebook especially)
  • 38. Videos are great for social too
  • 39. Stories on social
  • 40. Describe your campaign in a Facebook post Title: needs to be eye catching and include a strong call to action Description: needs to add context, emotion and urgency URL: adds trust Use good images
  • 41. Include a call to action Mention your account or relevant hashtag Add tracking codes to your URLs Use Twitter cards to pull more information into Twitter More calls to action and context Tweets are 140 character stories
  • 42. Can you write an ask on social?
  • 43. phillips/old-charity-ads
  • 44. How that might look now?