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  • Fun IndoorActivities for the

    By Chris Salis


  • Now that winter has arrived,kids will be spending moretime inside. That means youmay need to entertain them orlet them run amok until it gets

    warmer outside.

    If you don't like those options,however, take a look at this listof fun indoor activities for the


  • If you can't make it outside this winter,you can still pretend like you can! Goon an indoor campout by pitching atent in your living room, making a fake"campfire," and making s'mores! You'll

    have all the fun of camping--justwithout all of the bugs.

    Have an Indoor Campout

  • Read

    It's important that kids practicereading in order to developbetter communication and

    critical thinking skills, so let yourkids spend some time readingduring the winter months!

  • Let your kids draw their own playmats on craftpaper or posterboard. They can use these matsas backgrounds for the next time they want to goon adventures with their Lego figures, dolls, andother favorite toys!

    Do-It-Yourself Playmats

  • Of course, just because it's colddoesn't mean your kids can't havefun outside. Let them enjoy the

    snow as well!

    Play in the Snow

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