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Famous paintings and painters. Level A1: ss can work with personal information (names, nationalities, etc.), short paragraph writing. Level A1/B2: ss can describe the pictures orally or writing. More: http://lenguasvivas.altervista.org/learning-english/


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Famous paintingsName: Mona LisaPintor: Leonardo di ser Piero da VinciLife: (15 April 1452 2 May 1519)Born in: Vinci, Republic of Florence (present-day Italy)

Name: Last judgementPainter: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni Life: (6 March 1475 18 February 1564)Born in: Caprese near Arezzo, Republic of Florence (present-day Tuscany, Italy)

Name: Henry VIIIPainter: Hans Holbein (the Younger)Life: (c. 1497 between 7 October and 29 November 1543)Born in: Augsburg, Free Imperial City,Holy Roman Empire

Name: Water liliesPainter: Oscar-Claude MonetLife: (14 November 18405 December 1926)Born in: Paris, FranceTime line of Claude Monet: http://simile.mit.edu/timeline/examples/monet/monet.html

Name: The midday napPainter: Eugne Henri Paul GauguinLife: (7 June 1848 8 May 1903)Born in: Paris, France

Name: Starry nightPainter: Vincent Willem van GoghLife: (30 March 1853 29 July 1890)Born in: Zundert, Netherlands

Name: The kissPainter: Gustav KlimtLife: (14 July 1862 6 February 6 1918)Born in: Baumgarten, Austrian EmpireVideo: http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/gustav-klimts-the-kiss.html

Name: The screamPainter: Edvard MunchLife: (12 December 186323 January 1944)Born in: dalsbruk, Lten, Norway

Name: Black stokesPainter: Vassily Vassilyevich KandinskyLife: (16 December 1866-13 December 1944)Born in: Moscow, Russia

Name: Still life with guitarPainter: Pablo Ruiz y PicassoLife: (25 October 1881 8 April 1973)Born in: Mlaga, Spain

Name: American GothicPainter: Grant DeVolson WoodLife: (13 February 189112 February 1942)Born in: Anamosa, Iowa

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