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<ul><li> 1. FAMOUS PAINTINGS CP Reina Sofa. Albacete </li></ul> <p> 2. Water Lillies by Claude Oscar Monet Claude Oscar Monet was born in Paris on the 14th November in 1840. He died the 5th December 1926. He was a French painter and artist. This paintings is more than 100 years old. He lived in a house in Givency in France. He planted many flowers in the garden and painted them. In this painting there is a bridge, there are some trees and there is a pond with some flowers. Monet sometimes used bright colours. Where did Monet live? When did he die? 3. The room by Vicent Van Gogh This a painting by Vicent Van Gogh. Its about 120 years old. He was a Dutch artist. He always used bright colours in his paintings. How old is the painting? How many doors are there? 4. The blue star by Joan Mir This is a painting by Joan Mir. Its about 60 year old. Joan Mir was born in Barcelona the 20th April in 1893 and died in Palma de Mallorca the 25th December in 1983. Mir was a Spanish artist. When he was young he lived on a farm with his parents . In this painting there are some planets and stars. Mir used many diferents shapes and bright colours in his painting. Where did he live? How old is the painting? 5. Interior with water Lilies by Roy Lichtenstein What can you see in Roy Lichtensteins painting? What is there on the walls? How many lamps are there? What colours did he use? 6. Read and write 7. Still life with a red jar by Roy Lichtenstein Inrerior Interior with a red Wall by Roy Lichtenstein </p>