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<ul><li><p>Light a tool for creation | Main catalogue 2014 </p><p>retail lighting solutions</p><p></p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>"To love beauty is to see light.</p><p> - Victor Hugo, poet, novelist and dramatist</p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>light a tool for creation </p><p>retail lighting solutions</p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>66</p><p></p><p>09</p><p>57</p><p>341</p><p>09</p><p>57</p><p>341</p><p>the world of retail lighting</p><p>fagerhult o.d.d (on demand design)</p><p>Exciting, inspirational, social and satisfying. Words that all </p><p>describe a great shopping experience. We want to enhance </p><p>such an experience with light; make brands shine, allow </p><p>customers to thrive and enhance visibility of the merchandise.</p><p>Sometimes you want to make a unique statement; to break </p><p>out from the mould and everything that is standard, to set </p><p>your imagination free. That is exactly what Fagerhult O.D.D </p><p>(On Demand Design) is all about.</p><p>To facilitate creating inspiring and visually interesting retail </p><p>lighting solutions we need equally interesting high quality </p><p>products. Here we present our retail standard range that will </p><p>make it happen. Enjoy.</p><p>fagerhult retail standard range</p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>88</p><p></p><p>10</p><p>13</p><p>15</p><p>16</p><p>19</p><p>23</p><p>33</p><p>20</p><p>29</p><p>41</p><p>46</p><p>53</p><p>10</p><p>13</p><p>15</p><p>16</p><p>19</p><p>23</p><p>33</p><p>20</p><p>29</p><p>41</p><p>46</p><p>53</p><p>the science of shopping</p><p>the technology shift - looking ahead</p><p>energy efficient solutions</p><p>the fagerhult light agency</p><p>creative collaboration provides bright ideas</p><p>creating fashionable settings</p><p>tasteful grocery shopping</p><p>enjoying a dag in the high street</p><p>features for light lovers</p><p>todays ever changing retail</p><p>retail lighting solutions - our passion</p><p>the wonderful world of light</p><p>0909</p><p>Exciting, inspirational, social and satisfying. Words that all describe a great </p><p>shopping experience. We want to enhance such an experience with light; make </p><p>brands shine, allow customers to thrive and enhance visibility of the merchandise.</p><p>the world of retail lighting</p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>1111</p><p>1010</p><p></p><p>The wonderful world of light.</p><p>mysterious and intangible, yet influ-ential and powerful. Light reveals reality and controls the rhythm of life, enhances, guides and empowers. Yet we seldom reflect on light it just is, but it is still hard to imagine what our lives would be like without it. Light carries information from the world to our eyes and our understanding, depicting the world as we know it to be. But the colours of the world are not fixed. In reality an objects appearance is the result of the way it reflects the particular light falling upon it. One might say that light is colour. And what would a world without colour be?</p><p> Outside we are bathed in yellow warmth and inside we escape darkness with artificial light, now a necessity in modern society. Up to this very day, the world of artificial light has evolved rapidly, inviting us to fascinating arenas, atmospheres and technology. Sometimes we discover that we feel more drawn to, more comfortable, in certain spaces. That we behave and feel differently. Why? Well, light is one reason delicately adding a touch of magic, it evokes powerful emo-tions. Brightness and contrasts can focus our attention, enhance, guide and allow us to feel. That is why we are delighted to work in the wonderful world of light. </p><p>Light. An intricate force present since the very beginning of existence. Ever present, with us right through to today; constantly touching our everyday lives.</p><p>1111</p><p>the wonderful world of light | the world of retail lighting the world of retail lighting | the wonderful world of light1010</p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>1313</p><p>1212</p><p></p><p>Retail Lighting Solutions- our passion.</p><p>we feel passionate about retail lighting. Using light as a creative tool to make inspiring worlds of commerce come to life. This passion is something we want to share with you, to make your brand shine. We want to evoke feelings that result in greater shopping experiences and enhan-ce the commercial environment with the power of light. It is also important that the feelings evoked in your shop should be a reflection of your brand. Retail lighting is a complex work of art. When planning a scheme for a shop, it is important to resist the temptation to aim light everywhere at the same level. The light should be aimed at the merch-andise what you want the customer to see which allows small areas of darkness to be created in between the brighter zones to provide a contrast. A small por-tion of the lighting should spill over onto the furniture and the interior of the shop to help with perception and orientation. </p><p>There is also an important task in creating energy efficient solutions that are as inviting and commercial as those that consume more energy. Retail lighting is also about crea-ting feelings or emotions associated with the brand itself. Going into a shop with a warm colour temperature makes customers feel cosy and at home, while entering one with a colder colour tem-perature is more likely to make them feel vibrant and energetic. Where merchandi-se is concerned, products with red colours come alive under a light source with high energy in the red spectrum, while an item that is blue or white will look much more attractive in a colder light. </p><p>making the solutions come aliveFagerhult is an international lighting com-pany with a network of creative lighting professionals. This capacity enables us to provide an excellent service to retail cha-</p><p>Despite seldom considering it, light infuses the world we live in. In many areas it clarifies, reveals and enhances and it makes us feel. Our world revolves around light that empowers retail environments of all kinds.</p><p>retail lighting solutions - our passion | the world of retail lighting the world of retail lighting | retail lighting solutions - our passion</p><p>ins in different markets around the globe. Our main focus is knowledge and passion for light. For us this is the foundation of our relationship with our customers, understanding both their needs and their brand values. And, of course, knowledge about lighting how it affects people and, most importantly, how it can be used as a commercial tool. We can offer you high-quality products specifically developed for retail environments. However, we want to take you through a complete lighting journey: discussing what lighting solution best suits your brand, making sure your spotlights are showcasing your merch-andise in the best possible way for your grand opening. But it doesnt stop there. From education, concept development, on demand design, light planning, aiming and, crucially, on-going maintenance; we will cover the entire spectrum of your lighting project.</p><p>1212</p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>1515</p><p>1414</p><p></p><p>1414</p><p>do you remember the good old days when groceries and a bottle of milk were bought over the counter in the local corner shop? No? Not surprising - maybe you werent even born at that time of you have just forgotten, bombarded by the shopping premises of today. In western societies, surely we all agree that the retail landscape has evol-ved a lot since those days. Recently, in fact, it has been changing daringly fast. New convenient technology and the young consumers using it create new shopping behaviours and expectations in retail, an industry already known for its rapid transformations. The borderless digital arena of e- and m-commerce (mobile shopping) creates convenience cultured consumers who dont distinguish between online and offline shopping. Smart brands transform and adapt to a new game plan they create a well-integrated fusion of these worlds. We want to help our clients to enhance the offline experience with great lighting and to realize the retail space into an engaging, educational experience. Because we still believe that it is impor-</p><p>tant to satisfy deep consumer desire for tangible, face-to-face encounters and for great experiences. There are innovative ways to create those experiences in retail; combine the retail space with other industries, art, music, beauty or beverages and food. Use the pop-up format to create a temporary retail space in unconventional places, tell a great narrative in-store story that spellbinds the visitors. Experiential happenings are a power-ful tool. Theatrical events turn consu-mers into characters in fictional worlds, challenging presumptions about favourite brands and strengthening the new, more personal relationships built upon real shared experiences. Consequently, allow well-planned interiors and light to play a greater part in the retail spectacle and link new technology, as well as sound and scent, to it. Nevertheless, there is another side of retail to consider. A possible backlash aga-inst online and digital makes consumers long for the authentic. This takes us back to the previously discussed old-school corner shop is there a possibility for a </p><p>revival? Ethical consumption is close to the hearts of todays consumers and buy-ing local is a logical answer to food miles, resource scarcity and greater knowledge of the source of the product. An increased interest in all things local is therefore evident. Stressed city environments with over-digitalised city inhabitants also make the notion of authenticity and the countryside appealing. In other words, making urban life as rural as possible. Consequently, many retailers are adapting to the local environment and recruiting local partners and staff to give a stamp of genuineness. This is also reflected in the interior and the atmosphere of the shop adopting a neighbourhood aesthetic for corner shops rather than big mall megastores. These are only a few of the retail tendencies currently in evidence, but one thing is for sure, the retail landscape is changing and will keep on doing so. Therefore, it is crucial to stay informed of trends and consumer behaviours in the industry in order to be able to offer a lighting solution that matches the current landscape, the brand and your needs.</p><p>Todays ever-changing retail.Retail for many a place for enjoyment, contentment, inspiration, exciting purchases, personal meetings and great service. The retail landscape is still in formation brands and retailers are constantly adapting to new technologies and consequently consumer behaviours.</p><p>todays ever-changing retail | the world of retail lighting the world of retail lighting | todays ever-changing retail 1515</p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>1717</p><p>1616</p><p></p><p>"I enjoy cool shops and brands that </p><p>connect to my image and sense of </p><p>style." </p><p>enjoying a day in the high street | the world of retail lighting the world of retail lighting | enjoying a day in the high street</p><p>Enjoying a day in the high street.</p><p>flocks of people are continuously strea-ming through the high streets of large and small cities, shopping like never before in retail environments that fuse the digital with the physical in clever ways. And there are numerous brands to choose from. One of them is John; he is in his mid twenties and one of the many people who still enjoy taking a stroll and shopping down town. Of course, he is equipped with all the current digital gadgets and he also uses them for online purchases, but nevertheless he appreciates being able to try out clothes and feeling the textures and fabrics. </p><p>Some of his favourite brands are of the more exclusive kind thats when he finds it particularly important to be able to try things out and examine the quality thoroughly. He has a humble yet vain side and carefully chooses his outfits. He also admits that he feels confident strolling in prestigious shops and receiving personal and attentive service. Then there are moments when he just happens to pass a shop on his way home from work and spots something nice in a shop window. He has a bad habit of spontaneous shopping. And all of those hours spent in the supermarket and </p><p>Why shop in physical shops when you can buy stuff more conve-niently online? Well, a shopping experience in the real world delivers instant status gratification in a way that online (still) cant.</p><p>corner shops everyone has to eat, dont they? His interest in food has grown lately and he is starting to value good, healthy food which makes it even more fun and inspiring to go grocery shopping. Over all John loves shops that stand out and connect with him. A cool image brand that captures a welcoming atmosp-here but still has a personal way of doing things. He likes to feel the brand in every aspect of the store, to get a full expe-rience, from interior and merchandise to individual service. He seldom reflects on the lighting; he just expects it to be nice and enhancing.</p><p>1717</p><p>www.</p><p>dream</p><p></p><p></p></li><li><p>1919</p><p>1818</p><p></p><p>the science of shopping | the world of retail lighting the world of retail lighting | the science of shopping</p><p>The science of shopping.</p><p>we think we can safely say that almost all retailers are interested in increasing sales. To achieve this, there are advanced and detailed procedures in terms of marketing and display techniques that influence purchase decisions. If we were to go through all of them, it would take quite some time, but it would be interesting to look at certain aspects where lighting can play a central role. Research suggests that more than 65% of decisions are made in the actual store. All decisions are consciously made, but the products and brands in a shop must pass our non-conscious filter to pop up as a reasonable choice. Meaning that it is important to set the stage since a lot of valuable decisions are made on site. Jens Nordflt, PhD In-Store marketing, is involved in research and education at the Stockholm School of Economics and at ICA, one of the Nordic regions leading retail companies. We know that the store experience affects the consumer significantly. Many customers allow themselves to be influen-ced regarding what to buy, but also what they think about a products price and quality. In fact, it is impossible to consider a product without being influenced by the perceptual system. And perception is mainly affected by visual impression, Jens explains. There are many factors that affect the decisions made in a shop; the actual range itself, the brand, the pricing, how the mer-chandise is positioned and displayed both in the shop and on the shelves. Research also shows that the shop atmosphere is central; i.e. colours, lighting, scent, sound, design, size and shape. Correlations between pleasant feelings such as joy and excitement affect not only the time spent in the shop, but also increase the share of purchases.</p><p>red vs. blueColours are a central aspect that characte-rise and affect the shopping environment, mainly because our sight is the sense that captures most of the information from external contexts it is the sense that determines the initial perceptual and informative visual dimension. Colours also automatically evoke different associations. A specific study was carried...</p></li></ul>