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<ol><li> 1. Indoor &amp; Outdoor 20152016 lighting solutions </li><li> 2. The catalogue was produced by Fagerhults Belysning. We reserve against any errors and we reserve the right to make changes in the collection. Contents 112177 178221 222261 372389 342371 262341 10111 390421 422431 432465 466 recessed downlights system &amp; spotlights industrial architectural pendant/surface emergency bollards amenity lighting technical info Luminaires for suspended and surface mounted installation. Luminaires for recessed installation. Downlights for recessed or surface mounted installation. Post tops and floodlights for illuminating green areas, entrances, parks and pedes- trian or cycle paths. Technical information lighting planning, light control, etc. Luminaires for industrial environments. Track and luminaires for system installation and accent lighting. Luminaires and products for emergency lighting solutions. Bollards for lighting pathways, entrances and parks. Decorative luminaires. wall &amp; ceiling Wall and ceiling luminaires for surface mounting and recessed installation in outdoor environments. </li><li> 3. 2 Light is everything What is light? It helps us to see and dis- cover, it wakes us up in the morning and keep us attentive during the day. Light also raises emotions. The feeling of security in a well-lit exterior space, alert in a workspace or energised in the staff room. With smart control and energy efficient fixtures, we produce lighting that comple- ments the natural light, that steps in when the sun is absent. Our research shows that artificial light and ambient light can pro- vide the same alertness as the sun. In the workplace or in a classroom offering great opportunities for creating creative environ- ments where people thrive. By using effi- cient and comfortable LED solutions we can also achieve a sustainable lit environment. With light and human needs in focus, we create indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for the present and the future. Because light is our passion and our drive. </li><li> 4. 3 </li><li> 5. 4 References of light Finnair Headquarters, Helsinki, Finland The new Finnair Headquarters was built with a firm focus on energy performance, resulting in an LEED Gold certifi- cate. Presence and daylight controls contributed towards an ultra-efficient workplace, where nine suspended Freedoms provided the centre-piece of the design. Fagerhult has supplied lighting solutions for a variety of public environments around the world. Here we proudly present some of them. Be inspired and see more lighting possibilities on our website. Photo: Sini Pennanen </li><li> 6. 5 The Bnting Group, Nortmoor, Germany The Bnting Group's new central building in Germany houses approximately 400 workspaces within 16 000 square meters of office space across three floors. The lighting expe- rience from 568 Appareos, provides both ambient and task lighting, complemented with automatic light controls fulfills the requirements for efficiency as well as ergonomics. Microbiology Laboratory &amp; Pathology, Hengelo, the Netherlands The Microbiology Laboratory &amp; Pathology in Hengelo wanted an exterior lighting solution which would add a decorative element to building while still providing functionality and security within the parking yard, realised through a combina- tion of Rondo and Conledo. </li><li> 7. 6 Psykiatrins Hus, Uppsala, Sweden Western Transit Shed, London, the United Kingdom Leading M&amp;E consultants Hoare Leas multi-award winning new office, in the new Kings Cross Central development, is an ideal showcase for their approach to aesthetic sustainable lighting design. Tibi pendants add a touch of glamour to their meet-and-greet spaces with the offices lit by iTrack Dual for a flexible and glare-free lighting solution. Green, purple, turquoise and orange Psykiatrins Hus is a dynamic experience of light and colour. Fagerhults award winning Avion created pockets of individual spaces within the open-plan office environment. Photo: Redshift Photography </li><li> 8. 7 Egedal, Copenhagen, Denmark Arag Legal Expenses Insurance, Leusden, the Netherlands Embracing the Activity-Based-Office concept the new interior at the Dutch insurance company Arag utilised a mixture of T5, LED and compact fluorescent luminaires, optimised with DALI, for an efficient and easily adaptable lighting solution. When the street lighting in Egedal municipality near the Danish capital Copenhagen needed to be replaced, the choice fell on the LED luminaire Vialume 1 with light control. The Nordic design, the visual comfort and the energy efficiency were of great importance to the customer. Photo: Bigandt Fotografi </li><li> 9. 8 Thales Nederland B.V., Hengelo, the Netherlands The renovation of the Thales Netherlands headquarters has complimented the buildings striking design. Colour and indirect lighting was an essential aspect of the concept, developed through a close collaboration between the architects, technicians and Fagerhult. By using a mixture of Tigris, Pleiad G3 and Tibi luminaires an exciting, playful and natural building was created. </li><li> 10. 9 Tgaborgs School, Helsingborg, Sweden Nowy Styl, Moscow, Russia Office, showroom, meeting room, the furniture company Nowy Styl wanted a versatile space based on a concept of eco, natural and inspiring. A wide range of Fagerhult luminaires, including Avion and Wrap, are controlled by motion sensitive DALI which enhances the showroom experience. Tgaborgs school is located in a long established residential area. For the outdoor lighting the requirements on Fagerhult as a supplier were glare-free lighting that not only lights up the schoolyard, but also withstands rough play during day- time. For the facades and entrances, Rondo G2 Power were chosen. For a homogeneous impression, Rondo G2 Power post top fittings were installed on the schoolyard. </li><li> 11. Notor Photo: Adam Mrk 10 </li><li> 12. Pendant/Surface Luminaires for suspended and surface mounted installation Closs IP20 p. 5059 Avion IP 20 p. 4046 Basic T5 IP20 p. 110111 Classic IP20 p. 2829 Combiform IP20 p. 9092 DTI IP20 p. 6069 Diva II IP20 p. 109 Indigo Clivus IP44 p. 9395 Excis IP20 p. 9698 Lento IP20 p. 106108 Loop Light IP20 p. 7889 Notor G2 IP20 p. 3439 Sektor IP20 p. 105 Open Box IP20 p. 4849 Tigris IP20 p. 7577 Wrap IP20 p. 2226 Vidi IP20 p. 100104 Ten Line IP20 p. 7074 Appareo intro 1213 Appareo 1415 Avion intro 4041 Avion 20 45 Avion 50 44 Avion 80 43 Avion 100 42 Avion accessories 46 Basic T5 intro 110 Basic T5 111 Classic intro 28 Classic 29 Closs intro 5051 Closs Beta direct 52 Closs Beta direct/indirect 53 Closs Delta direct 54 Closs Delta direct/indirect 55 Closs Terazza direct 56 Closs Terazza direct/indirect 57 Closs accessories 5859 Combiform intro 90 Combiform Beta 91 Combiform accessories 92 Combilume intro 1617 Combilume direct 19 Combilume direct/indirect 18 Combilume ceiling 20 Combilume wall 21 Diva II 109 DTI intro 6061 DTI type 1 Beta 62 DTI type 1 Lamell 64 DTI type 1 Terazza 63 DTI type 2 Beta 65 DTI type 2 Terazza 66 DTI type 3 Beta 67 DTI type 3 Lamell 68 DTI accessories 69 Excis intro 9697 Excis 98 Indigo Clivus intro 93 Indigo Clivus Beta 94 Indigo Clivus Delta 95 Lento intro 106 Lento 107 Lento accessories 108 Loop Light intro 7879 Loop Light Beta 80 Loop Light Gamma 81 Loop Light Honeycomb 84 Loop Light Indirect 85 Loop Light Lamell 83 Loop Light Spacers 86 Loop Light System 87 Loop Light Terazza 82 Loop Light accessories 8889 Notor intro 30 Notor G2 intro 34 Notor LED intro 31 Notor G2 ceiling 38 Notor G2 direct 35 Notor G2 direct/indirect 36 Notor G2 indirect 37 Notor G2 accessories 39 Notor LED 32 Notor LED accessories 33 Open Box intro 48 Open Box 49 Sektor 105 Ten Line intro 7071 Ten Line Beta 72 Ten Line Lamell 73 Ten Line accessories 74 Tigris intro 75 Tigris Beta 76 Tigris Delta 77 Vidi intro 100101 Vidi 1 102 Vidi 2 103 Vidi 3 104 Wrap intro 2223 Wrap direct 25 Wrap direct/indirect 26 Wrap LED 24 Appareo IP20 p. 1215 Combilume IP20 p. 1621 Notor LED IP20 p. 3033 pendant/surface </li><li> 13. 12 Appareo Designed by Howl Design Studio The luminaire is lit but where is the light source? Appareo is a suspended luminaire which maximises the design flexibility offered by LEDs without compromising on the requirements for efficiency and ergonomics. The starting point was a new type of prismatic acrylic diffuser which acts as both the reflector and the louvre. The light is distributed indirectly towards the ceiling and directly down towards the work surface, providing the ambient and task lighting levels demanded in contemporary office spaces. Unlit the transparent acrylic screen is housed with a slender aluminium frame for the height of discretion. When lit, the LEDs positioned across the slide of the luminaire bring the screen to life, increasing the opacity and guiding the light for an optimal visual experience. The result is a fresh, crisp light that does not dazzle. </li><li> 14. Appareo </li><li> 15. 14 523 1255 374 28 444 38 99 Ballast box 1164 283 1106 Installation Two-point wire pendant. Wire sus- pension and friction lock included with luminaire. Balanced. External driver box is mounted directly to cei- ling or placed loosely above ceiling. Connection Luminaire is connected via remote LED driver, 230 V. Cable entry on top or through the knockout in the side. Snap-in terminal block 52.5mm, 1-phase through-wiring possible. The luminaire is equipped with a 1.5m mains cable 30.75mm between the luminaire and the external driver box. Design Luminaire body in extruded aluminium and ends in cast metal. The luminaire is lacquered in black (RAL 9005) structured or white (RAL9016) structured. Driver box in plastic. Louvre Edge-lit clear prismatic acrylic dif- fuser (PMMA). Average luminance 92 %), integrated into a single unit. The louvre remains attached when opened. Earthed. Lamell lamell louvre in grey enam- elled sheet steel. Delta diffused micro-prism in acrylic TPb (PMMA) with good opti- cal characteristics. Reflector Beta the louvre acts as a reflector. Lamell, Delta reflector in metal- lised aluminium. Miscellaneous Wrap is equipped with a multi- ballast. Wrap is suspended via flexible brackets which allows sideways movement. The bracket is supplied with the luminaire. Fagerhults lighting control system e-Sense is discreetly integrated in the end-cap. Wrap Direct/indirect Luminaire FDH Beta Lamell Delta 225/28/50/54 16831 16821 16826 232/35/45/49 16833 16823 16828 Separate lighting 225/28/50/54 16845 16841 16843 232/35/45/49 16846 16842 16844 Luminaire tandem FDH Beta Lamell Delta 2225/28/50/54 16832 16822 16827 2232/35/45/49 16834 16824 16829 Suffix code -368 DALI/Phase-pulse control -436 DALI/DSI/switchDIM -16 Withone pull-cord -367 e-Sense ActiLume master luminaire -384 e-Sense ActiLume single luminaire pull dim-cord -409 Phase-pulse control, one pull-cord -17 With two pull-cords -410 Phase-pulse control, two pull-cords Add suffix code to the end of the luminaire part number to indicate required function. Only one suffix can be added. Accessories Complete wire suspension, ceiling cups and mains cable 31.0mm. L=1.0m Small + large ceiling cup, white/pair 94301 Large ceiling cups, white/pair 94444 Small + large ceiling cup for T-bars 25mm, white/pair 94302 Large ceiling cups for T-bars 25mm, white/pair 94445 Complete wire suspension, ceiling cups and mains cable 51.0mm. L=1.0m. Small + large ceiling cup, white/pair 91691 Large ceiling cups, white/pair 91692 Small + large ceiling cup for T-bars 25mm, white/pair 91693 Large ceiling cups for T-bars 25m, white/pair 91694 </li><li> 28. Wrap </li><li> 29. 28 Classic By combining the latest in light sources with inno- vative solutions, Classic is a luminaire with superior efficiency and optimal lighting comfort. Classic has been developed to meet the need for working and general light in offices and schools, where the focus is on creativity and well-being, without compromising economic and environmental requirements. A double parabolic reflector louvre, a well-balanced light pattern and a max- imised light yield from the diodes are the three factors that combine to produce a very viable payback time. With a measured effect of around 110 lm/W, it is also possible, in certain cases, to reduce the number of luminaires required to light a space. Variable suspension spacing facilitates both planning and installation. </li><li> 30. 523 1152 110 92 Information LED Colour temp. (CCT) Ra (CRI) Life Colour quality 3000K 80 L70 50.000h MacAdam 3 SDCM 4000K 80 L70 50.000h MacAdam 3 SDCM For further information on LEDs, please refer to the Technical Information chapter. Installation Installation via wire suspension. Luminaire bracket with friction lock included with the luminaire. The bracket slides along the luminaire for flexible pendant spacing. Connection The luminaire is equipped with a 2.4m mains cable 31.0mm and an earthed plug. The connecting mains cable comes out on the same side as the pull cord. Additional suffix codes -402 and -459 indicate that the luminaire is delivered with a 2.4m mains cable 50.75mm excl. plug. Design Body in white (RAL9016) extrud- ed aluminium. The upper side is covered by a lined diffuser that serves as a light distributor and a dust cover. Louvre Beta LED double parabolic reflector louvre with satin matt metallised aluminium side and cross-blades with an integrated opal lined diffuser that minimises the risk of uncomfortable glare from the diodes. Reflector Reflector made of enamelled aluminium, giving wide light distri- bution of the indirect light. Classic LED has a flexible mount for wire suspension, which can easily be adjusted lengthways. Classic LED Accessories Wire suspension with white ceiling cups. L=1.5m. Small ceiling cups, pair 94414 Small ceiling cups for T-bars 25mm, pair 94415 Luminaire System, W Colour temp. K Luminous flux, lm lm/W 60 3000 6400 107 16006 60 4000 6400 107 16007 For current information on output and luminous flux, please refer to our website. Suffix code -16 One pull-cord -402 DALI/Phase-pulse control -448 e-Sense ActiLume single luminaire, one pull-cord -449 DALI/Phase-pulse control, one pull-cord -457 e-Sense Connect with sensor -458 e-Sense Connect -459 e-Sense ActiLume master luminaire Add suffix code to the end of the luminaire part number to indicate required function. Only one suffix can be added. pendant/surface </li><li> 31. 30 Notor Designed by Julle Oksanen and Vesa Honkonen LED or T5, Notors expansive range spans suspended, surface mounted and recessed variations, offering the flexibility to maintain a consistent aesthetic across numerous applications. Notor is characterised by discretion. Its minimalist style and clean line design is constructed of aluminium with a natural anodised finish. In continuous runs Notor provides an u...</li></ol>