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<ol><li> 1. Facials According to Your Skin Type! Taking some time off for facial, for your skin is important. Every time you get a facial, your skin health improves. The best spas in Orlando, like Sanctuary, offer a number of facials that address issues such as inflamed pores, dry skin, acne etc. Everyone has different types of skin such as dry, oily etc. You must know your skin type before choosing on a particular facial treatment because even the best facial can have unpleasant effects on your face and/or skin, if the selected facial treatments or products are wrong; for example, using almond oil for oily skin would not help as it will make the oily skin oilier. Facial treatments from the best day spa in Orlando keep your face hydrated by locking in moisture. Facial treatments for your skin type can effectively slower the aging process by supporting hydration &amp; cell turnover, protecting your skin from sagging. There are various types of facial treatments that address and fulfill particular needs of different skin types. Dry Skin If you have dry skin, make sure that you opt for moisturizing facial treatments from the best day spa in Orlando. Otherwise you may experience chapped and/or flaky skin and prominent scales. Getting your facial done from the best day spa in Orlando is important mainly because dry skin is vulnerable and needs great care and such spas provide it through the best &amp; quality facials in Orlando. Dry skin needs special care during the colder months, hence it is important to get more of such best facial treatments throughout the winters. Oily Skin If you have oily skin type, avoid facial treatments that provide moisture to the skin. Most people have oilier T-zones, the region of your forehead &amp; your nose. Thus, opt for the facial treatments that contain products like aloe Vera, tea tree oil etc. Sanctuary, </li><li> 2. the best spa in Orlando, offers the best facial treatments in Orlando, for oily skin type, that effectively treat oiliness, acne etc. Normal Skin People with normal skin type are blessed because any facial treatment turns out to be great for a normal skin type. The normal skin type is free from acne and blemishes and the people with such skin type can enjoy all the benefits of almost all the best facial treatments. In short, if you have the normal skin type, you opt for facial treatments from the best day spa in Orlando and if needed you can always ask the experts. Even if you follow regular skin and face-care routines such as regularly washing your face, the pores still tend to accumulate the dirt and filth from everyday life due to pollution, excess sun exposure etc. Thus, it is important to care for your skin by getting yourself the best facials from the best day spa in Orlando to avoid any severe damage. Sanctuary Salon and Med Spa is one of such biggest and the best day spas in Orlando that offers most effective and best facial treatments in Orlando along with other spa treatments and services such as Massages, Hair Styling, Bridal Packages, etc. to know more about the Facial Treatments visit http://www.sanctuarysalondayspa.com/facials-dr-phillips/ </li></ol>