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  • Mobility

    Mohamed Abo-El Fotouh

  • Agenda

    What is the mobility .

    Enterprise mobility .

    Why global survives Identifies Mobility as a Top Priority for the Enterprise .

    Ways mobility transforms business.

    Key Ingredients of a Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy .

  • What is the mobility ?

    Telecommunication services

    for people who move

  • Birds have wings; they're free; they can fly where they want when they want. They have the kind of mobility

    many people envy.

  • Evolution of mobile devices

  • Mobile market numbers in 2013 !

    Over 900,000 apps in Apples App Store

    850,000 apps in Googles Play Store

    up to 145,000 in the Windows Phone Store

    120,000 in the BlackBerry World

  • Case study : google play

    Source : statista.com

  • Smartphones numbers

    more than 1 billion smartphones on the world market,

    predicted to be over 1,7 billion smartphones in 2017.

  • Mobility in context

    Our personal mobility devices are an extension of ourselves

  • What is the real question?

    Without mobility will our

    business will be left


    How do we leverage mobility

    to our advantage?

  • Mobility in context

    Our personal mobility devices are an extension of ourselves and our work lives

  • What is the Enterprise mobility ?

    is a term that describes a shift in work habits, with more employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud

    services to perform business tasks.

  • Mobility operates from the industrial to the

    flashy space .

  • Comprehensive strategy to leverage Mobile.

    Enterprises are embracing the mobile revolution as they explore new ways mobile devices can improve operational efficiency and

    employee productivity.

    Businesses deploy these devices as endpoints for a variety of mobile solutions designed to increase sales performance and improve customer


  • Four Ways Mobility is Transforming Your


    1. Workforce: The ability to access applications, services and files from

    anywhere makes it easier to perform daily tasks and collaborate on projects

    across geographies. Employees who are allowed to use their personal mobile

    devices at work also enable IT to reduce the time and resources spent training

    workers on new technology.

    2. Sales: Integrating mobile devices with CRM applications gives sales teams

    access to real-time customer data, which can increase win rates and shorten

    sales cycles.

  • Four Ways Mobility is Transforming Your


    3. Rebuilding Business Processes to Work in a Mobile World : IT cant simply port an application to a device. The screen size, the content, and the

    process arent optimized for the device

    4. Supporting Multiple Personas Per Individual : IT still needs a way to

    separate personal data and applications from corporate data and applications.

    Enterproid project : https://www.divide.com/

  • Key Ingredients of a Successful Enterprise

    Mobility Strategy

    Mobility is more than just smartphones and tablets. IT professionals need to get their arms around on four key elements of the mobile


    A successful mobile strategy begins with a common platform for integrating and managing mobile devices and the corporate assets

    that are stored on them. Equally important are the tools for

    designing and distributing mobile applications, and mobile services

    that improve internal efficiencies and open up new revenue

    opportunities for your business.

  • Key Ingredients of a Successful Enterprise

    Mobility Strategy

    1. Platform: Enterprises need a wireless

    platform that enables them to create and

    manage multiple apps and securely

    connect enterprise data sources to all

    major device types. A mobile enterprise

    platform is the connective tissue between

    traditional back-end business systems and

    multiple mobile devices. It provides the

    tools enterprises need to drive mobile

    initiatives across the entire organization.

  • Key Ingredients of a Successful Enterprise

    Mobility Strategy

    2. Tools: To create mobile apps and

    processes, enterprises need a

    development environment that is

    consistent but highly adaptable to changing

    business needs. Look for tools that will

    help you cost-effectively build enterprise-

    grade applications from a single platform,

    while integrating with popular development

    environments such as Visual Studio and

    Eclipse. Reusable code reduces costs

    associated with custom app development,

    application updating and application


  • Key Ingredients of a Successful Enterprise

    Mobility Strategy

    3. Apps: Developing and deploying a

    broad range of mobile applications will

    make it easier for employees to accomplish

    daily tasks from their smartphones or

    tablets. Mobile apps will also help you to

    extend business processes to mobile

    sales, service and maintenance workers.

  • Key Ingredients of a Successful Enterprise

    Mobility Strategy

    4. Services: Mobility is creating

    opportunities for enterprises to improve

    business performance and build new

    revenue streams by offering a range of

    services, including mobile messaging,

    commerce, CRM and marketing services.

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