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2. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc BoxTone - The Company Background Founded 2005 First Product Ship 2006 Columbia, MD Based Venture-backed by Lazard Technology Partners Proven +500,000 Mobile Users Under Management +230 Active Customers +70 in Global 2000 Customer sizes 50 to +50,000 User Deployments 98% Satisfaction & Renewal Rates 2009 Hot Companies to Watch Dedicated to Proactive Mobile User Management 3. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc SmartPhone Mania 1. 1.3B smartphones worldwide by end of 2013 Gartner 11/09 2. Smartphone sales grew 13% YoY from 2008 2009 Gartner 11/09 3. 35% companies mobile solutions as high priority Forrester 11/09 4. 95% companies have/are deploying wireless email Forrester 11/09 5. Mobile internet users > desktop within 5 years Morgan Stanley 4/10 Wake up Dont be a bug 4. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc An Epic Battle but for what? CLOUDENTERPRISE The Application Delivery Platform of the Future 5. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc The Next Technology Wave Mobility It is as big and as significant as the internet Much more complex Multiple OS and delivery platforms Employee Owned vs. Company Owned Sometimes connected world Federated distribution: Wireless Carriers, Cloud Much more compelling Always present Context aware Who you are, where you are and what you want/like Catch the Wave 6. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc Smartphone's are Smart because of Applications Ways to monetize an application 1. User Productivity Current Enterprise model 2. Download / Subscription Fees Emerging Consumer model 3. Advertising Lots of money going into this model 4. Customer Engagement Branding, customer relationship, cross sell and new sale 5. TBD ALL require a Great end user experience with the Application The Mobile User Experience is KEY 7. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc The best corporate mobile apps 1. Field Service Auto Glass Repair Dispatch, route and process payment for field service Reduced miles/gas; added 1 appointment per rep per day 2. Disaster Recovery Financial Services Mission critical corporate data backed up to senior executives mobile devices on a daily basis Will allow them to run the company for 2-3 weeks even if all datacenters were destroyed 3. National Security Real time terror suspect look-up Ability to transmit and receive suspect pictures 8. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc What to do?? 1. Take mobility seriously Develop a corporate strategy 2. Two critical parts Internal employee productivity External customer/prospect engagement 3. Accept that it is a multi-device world One size does not fit all; nor should it Get control early so that you can grow with confidence Develop a comprehensive mobility strategy 9. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc Internal Employee Productivity 1. Mobile Email/Calendar is a core capability 2. Custom Applications and/or Packaged Applications IM, SFA, Field Service, Unified Communications All enterprise applications will eventually be mobilized How will you deliver mobile applications to your employees and partners? ActiveSync only addresses email/calendar Security must be addressed, along with ongoing support and maintainability no product on the market today delivers more than 50% of the solution 10. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc External Customer Engagement 1. Get customer facing applications in the App Stores NOW! It is as much about branding and reserving real estate as it is about delivering capabilities. 2. Will buy you time to develop your cross-platform customer engagement mobility strategy. 3. This is an Executive level issue. 11. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc What We Do For Our Customers Maximize the effectiveness & productivity of mobile users Reduce costs without compromising quality of service Manage risks & ensure compliance Stabilize & optimize underlying technology infrastructure Boost confidence in mobile apps Proactive Automated Mobility Management 12. Copyright 2010 BoxTone, Inc Additional Information BoxTone Inc. 8825 Stanford Blvd, Suite 200 Columbia MD, 21045 410-910-3300 www.boxtone.com Alan Snyder President and CEO [email protected]