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Enterprise mOBILITY. IT consumerization. Social Media. Mobile Devices. Cloud Services. The Big Idea. One will be able to communicate, collaborate with business colleagues, agents and clients, As well as access corporate computing and data resources securely on a mobile device with - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Enterprise mOBILITYIT consumerization

Social MediaCloudServicesMobile DevicesAs you look around at what is going on in the world of IT today, you will notice many new trends emerging and a shift in what is driving those trends. What we want to do is show you how we can leverage the biggest trends in IT to make the greatest possible contribution to the way business is conducted at a fundamental level. To do this, we must first identify what those trends are, then determine where the best opportunities are. We are seeing new ways of communicating and collaborating, of sharing ideas and resources, and new, more powerful devices that enable these things wherever you are. What you see here are some of the major technologies that were once driven by the needs of the enterprise, only to be adopted by consumers. It was driven from the inside out as the diagram shows. Today that trend has reversed in a process called consumerization. Now, it is the demands of users that are bringing new developments and features. The enterprise now finds itself to be a late adopter, so it must position itself to find ways to use the tools that emerge from this. With the increasing rate of change, this has now become a race against obsolescence in the enterprise.

Use of less expensive/consumer-focused components as infrastructurePay as you go pricing (through Cloud pricing mechanisms/policies)Use of web application interfaces to monitor IT infrastructureUse of mobile and consumer based devices for accessing IT alerts and interfacing with systemsUse of the fast growing number of mobile applications to enhance productivityApplication of enterprise social networks and social software in the data center


The impact of consumerization has resulted in greater ease of use, power, and capability in the personal devices that users are buying.Because of this, were seeing a movement away from the use of standardized, less powerful corporate devices that are obsolete almost as soon as they are fielded. As long as users feel that their own device can handle a task more conveniently and easily, there will always the urge to use that device whenever they can, instead of issued device. This is going to happen as a game of cat-and-mouse between the user who is trying to skirt the rules and policies for the sake of getting the job done, and the IT department, who is trying to insure the security of the companies data and devices. The only sure way through this, is to find a way to enable users to work in the way that suits them, as opposed to imposing more restrictions. This means finding a way to make their own devices work for them in a secure, manageable way.3

81% of employed adults use personally owned electronics for business use.Apple shipped more iPads in the last 2 years than the sum of Macs from the last 20 years.59% of employees use a mobile device to run business applications90% have disabled auto-lock for tablets, 75% for smartphones

2/3 of IT Pros say that preventing unauthorized network access is a somewhat to extremely important task.