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  • Elisad WebpagesMarianne van der Heijdennovember 2000

  • Webaddresseshttp://www.geocities.com/aodlib=www.geocities.com/hotsprings/villa8980

    Geocities is a free hostWebvertisements interfer with webpagesEveryone can have access

  • Elisad on member hosthttp://www.bureau-andromeda.nl/elisad

    hosting is free because Andromeda carries the costsRestricted access, because not everyone can have a passwordNot an domainname of our own

  • Elisad website renewedOwn domainname:www.elisad.orgUpload access to server for more than one person: password and remote loginFrequent update of journals, minutes, proceedings, but also resources (gateway?)

  • Elisad Web folderIn root directory the basic files: index, navigatie, mainconstitution, brochure, membershipaddresses

    3 subdirectories:journals, meetings, resources

  • Navigation FrameLeft frame contains the chapters Objectives Constitution Membership Resources Annual Meeting Journal Contact us

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    ELISAD navigatie

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  • Main frameRight frame contains the main textsintroductiontexts that are target = main

    Some texts make a new pagemost PDF -filestexts that are target = blank

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    E L I S A D


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    Registernow! : 12thAnnual Meeting November 9-11 PragueFinalProgramm

    Theprimary purpose of ELISAD is to enable those working in the field of alcoholand other drugs and facing common challenges to exchange ideas and experienceand, through networking and interaction with each other, to improve theirknowledge, skills and performances.

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  • Relative linkLink to a nextdoor html-filefrom the navigation frame the word constitution links to the file const.htmlLink to another kind of filefrom the journal page the text Issue 1 February 2000 links to a file called Elisad1.pdf

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  • External linkLink to an exernal website name the URLSALIS

    Link to a mailaddressAnne Singer

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  • Evaluation criteriaRobert Harris: www.sccu.edu/faculty/R_Harris/evalu8it.htmCARS

    The Internet guide to construction of quality online resourceswww.ciolek.com/WWWVL-InfoQuality.html

  • Summary of The CARS Checklist for Research Source EvaluationCredibility trustworthy source, authors credentials, evidence of quality control, known or respected authority, organizational support. Goal: an authoritative source, a source that supplies some good evidence that allows you to trust it.

    Accuracy up to date, factual, detailed, exact, comprehensive, audience and purpose reflect intentions of completeness and accuracy. Goal: a source that is correct today (not yesterday), a source that gives the whole truth.

    Reasonableness fair, balanced, objective, reasoned, no conflict of interest, absence of fallacies or slanted tone. Goal: a source that engages the subject thoughtfully and reasonably, concerned with the truth.

    Support listed sources, contact information, available corroboration, claims supported, documentation supplied. Goal: a source that provides convincing evidence for the claims made, a source you can triangulate (find at least two other sources that support it).

  • Requirements for websitescontentactualityspeedstructureconsistencycommunicationlinks & internal (back)links

  • Tips for websitesFirst page = default = index.htmlRestrict moving graphics (can be irritating)Fill in Alternate text for graphicsInstall free plugins like statistics, guestbook, search engine for sitesearchingMake your tables fitMonitorsize variesTOTI: put the most significant first

  • UploadAfter building a website / webpage(s) it has to be publised on lineUpload programms usr FTP ((File Transfer Protocol)Uploaden in Geocities on line by the File Manager

  • HTML TutorialHTML Into text on CD ROM

    HTML tutorial on:http://www.weballey.nethttp://members/tripod/lycos.nl/arnolap

  • Elisad Web TeamIf you like to help out please join us by taking responsibility for part of the updating process of the website:Adress management on the websiteUpdate of JournalProceedingsNext meeting announcementsNew consitution & other basics