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Editing of main task


EditingI have been editing the film. Here I have put the film in order by dragging the videos onto the scene line. I have then been able to edit by using the cutting tool, by doing this I have been able to cut the clips and fit them together. I have made sure that the running part has been effectively edited so it makes it look as though she is running quickly. I have done this by doing short takes.

I have also used this here, I have used longer cuts at the beginning as it establishes the place and shows isolation. I have done this again by using the cutting tool.

Here I have ensured that there are no gaps between the beginning and the end shots as therefore it flows together. I have been able to do this by deleting the gap between the clips.

Here I have added sound. I have done this by getting media, I have placed the scream at the end as it helps to build tension, and also I have been able to adjust the volume of the sound so it is louder and more shocking. I have also added a sound track, I have done this is the same way, however I have also added an effect so the sound track fades out. Here I have been able to add titles, I have done this by going to file and then adding a title. I have laid another title over the top of the title this has created an effect. This fits the genre as it is disorientating. Finally I have added all the titles to have the same effect as the previous one, I have also added more sound to lay over the sound track and adjusted the volume as I was unable to hear the effects.