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I used the magnetic lasso tool to select the white background that was around the BBC logo and deleted the space to make this transparent. I started off with my image on Photoshop. I used the Spotlight effect with white light in the centre to create a vignette of darkness. This also illuminated the clock face, drawing attention to the ethos of my documentary.

After this I used the Curve tool to create a more interesting colour scheme. I channelled this to RGB and took the input to 76 and output to 68, this created highlights and emphasised the shadows.

I then made 3 white rectangles for underneath the title and description. This is a convention of these adverts and it will match the colour of the logo.

I chose to use Avenir Medium because it matches the title of my magazine and the title of The Graveyard Shift in the opening sequence of the documentary. I think it looks professional to have all of the fonts matching throughout each medium.

I used the pencil tool with the smallest dimension possible in white to highlight scruffily around the shards of glass. I think this makes the glass stand out more and the piece looks more artistic. The artist Vince Low who uses rough, sporadic thin lines to create a sense of disorder and frustration in his artwork inspired me.

I then selected the circumference of the clock using the magic wand tool. I copied this into 4 separate layers and then made the top three 40% opaque. This resembles the buzzing alarm clock and also the hazy, distorted feeling one experiences when waking up early or lacking in sleep