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1. Task 31 Editing Images 2. Picture 1 Zakir and Matt For my first picture with Zack and matt and I edited this photo by cropping around the image to get rid of the horrible background in the original photo, The cropping effect I did on the photo made the photo look more professional and tidy. I've also changed the contrast and brightness to give the photo an effect and look more colourfull.i also added in the logo for water aid in the top left corner of the photo so that people will know its a water aid campaign also added in a little text in the bottom right of the photo to give people an insight of what water aid actually do. 3. Editing Process 4. Zakir and Matt Picture 2 For my second photo I got matt and zackir back to back drinking water because it is a water aid campaign so I would need to add in matt and zackir drinking water. With the photo I cropped around the original picture at the top because it didnt look very professional. As you can see in the edited photo it looks a lot better with the border of the picture cropped from the original.Ive also added the water aid logo going up the left side of the picture. Because I'm advertising a charity clothes shop ive had to add text saying Charity Clothes Shop Coming Soon to show what the campaign message is all about. 5. Zakir, Matt and Jackalyn For my third and final picture I cropped the bottom of the picture to get rid of some of floor space because there was to much in the photo and it looked better when I cropped it. I've also changed the contrast and brightness to make it look better than the original.Ive also got a logo of water aid and put it at the bottom of the picture to know what the photo is all about.Ive changed the contrast and brightness on the original photo because it was very pale in terms of brightness and contrast.