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February 2015

Recruiting Leaders

Vision and Mission StatementOur vision is to be the premier supply chain and logistics solutions provider with a global footprint and impact.

Phase 1:Shipping

Phase 2: FTL (callout), Warehousing

Phase 3Last mile distribution

Phase 4Afghan Transit, Fleet Management

Phase 5Human Resource, Quality Management

Phase 6Planning, Manufacturing PackagingOur mission is to be the leading provider of supply chain management services. We seek to serve our clients through the most empowered and technologically savvy team in the industry. We are committed to innovation as the driver of a ceaseless quest for constantly improved bottom lines for our clients and partners.Complete Supply Chain Management

Core Values

Environment & CommunityProfitability through Efficiency Quality Innovation Integrity Making a positive impact

Our Core Values define Our Culture


Our Global Network



e2e SCMStrong Footprint Globally


130+ membersAcross + 72 countries


65 feet vehicle50 ISO tanksTank Cleaning StationRice Bran Oil PlantIntroducing 65 feet vehicles to reduce costs for customersOperating ISO tanks as the fastest, most feasible solution for internal liquid cargo transportation in the regionSetup the only ISO tank cleaning station in PakistanSetup the first Rice Bran Oil plant in Pakistan

e2e strategy One stop shop


SourcingProductionPrePostConsumer DistributionLogisticsservices

Where we are in the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management SolutionsWarehousing & Value Added ServicesFull Truck Load & Less Than Truck LoadInternational Freight Management

Our Core Businessese2es comprehensive offer includes all logistics chain businesses and international services :

e2e Vertical Market Solutionse2e offers customized specific logistics solutions for the following industry sectors in order to help businesses become more productive, competitive and cost efficient.

Integrated logisticsSupply Chain SolutionsInternational freight forwarding

Core Service

Key clients in various sectors

Management Trainee Program

An important element of our HR Strategy is to develop leadership and management capacity throughout the organization.

Pre Hiring: How we Communicate Attributes We Look For e2e Selection Process e2e Psychometric Test - Identifying the Leader

During Program: e2e Management Trainee Program MTO Career Progression

The Leadership Process

Pre - Hiring

Our Recruitment Values

Attributes We Look ForInspiring Leaders of the Future

Your Steps to become the Future Leaders


Initial Interview

Psychometric test

Aptitude test


Final Interview

Find us at Job Fairs

e2e s approach towards finding a LeaderWE ASPIRE To Recruit:

That areLEADERSThe process of hiring a future leader involves process of trying to predict the candidate performance in future.

e2e Management Trainee ProgramCareer ProgressionWe ensure that Trainees are provided with all the relevant knowledge and skills that will then be required from them in later stages of their development. The Trainees go through series of trainings with our internal trainers, thereby gaining not only specific industry-related knowledge, but also universal soft-skills required in todays workplace.

Classroom TrainingOur Managers (including top executives) and functional experts deliver a series of exclusive presentations and workshops allowing Trainees to broaden their horizons and participate in challenging discussions about the future of our business


e2e Management Trainee ProgramCareer ProgressionOur Trainees not only receive regular and individual feedback to build their self-awareness, butare also accompanied by our HR team in the process of defining their career goals and how to achieve them.Career CounselingIt should be emphasized that focus on development is not limited to the duration of the program and goes well beyond it. Development of Management Traineesis seen from a long-term perspective. Regular follow-up meetings are held to ensure the optimal development of Trainees and the best allocation of their potential within our organization.Follow-up monitoring

According to the each candidates PI results he was placed in one of the following departments Shipping MarketingRoad Transportation & Warehousing

Each candidate has to serve 4 months in each department and then will be rotated based on their performance and companys business needs

Placement/ Training of MTO:

Office Environment

Focus on Training and Development

Focus on Having Fun!