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1. Defeat Dyslexia Emily, Etta and Lola St Marylebone School 2. About Us WHO: A team of inspiring human beans. WHAT: An app to help struggling learners. WHEN: To be released in June. WHY: Our team knows the struggle, and wants to help HOW: By releasing an app making dyslexia easier to manage 3. Our App As a team, we want to effectively help young people struggling with dyslexia. As the majority of our team is dyslexic, we know the struggle people can face. Our team is hard-working and motivated and we will strive to gain as much as we can out our experience in the Apps for Good process. 4. The Problem We Are Solving We know that getting young children to work can be hard a fun app will get them away from the boring textbooks and on to the app where learning is fun. 5. Our Users We have a wide range of users. Although our app is for children it is the parents after all who would have to buy the app. We know our users well. Children need engaging throughout the courses but as they start to grow up we will use different methods to help them learn. Parents will receive weekly emails on childsprogress 6. Survey feedback 7. How We Are Different From Our Competitors Our app is different from all the other learning apps out there. Firstly, we provide a personal learning environment where the child is taught using dyslexic techniques that will help with their learning. Secondly, we have a friendly character who can help along the way designed by you who will give you tips and tricks. 8. Our Apps Design 9. home screen test settings lessons test screens score 80%-score 80%+ finished lesson lesson screens Screen Map 10. Home screen and test screen example 11. Learning tasks homepage and reading example task 12. Writing and spelling task example screens At the beging of the app younger children are given the option to design a character to help them as they proceed through the levels, all they need to do is press the question mark button to get a tip from their personalised friend. 13. Our marketing strategies We will use schools to promote our app, advertising in school newsletters and billboards in order to attract our target audience. As well as that, we are hoping that users of the app will send it to others who know/have dyslexia so that our app can be the beneficial to the most amount of people. 14. Feasibility Our product will cost 1.99 every year as a yearly contract. This is because we need the support for professionals who would take part in research to produce the best learning techniques and lessons for all our students. However although we do charge this amount it is so much cheaper than different books etcetera, but will be so much more personal to your childs learning difficulties. 15. We are very passionate about are app idea and we hope you will see the massive impact this could have on people everywhere. Thank you! Dyslexia sequences dates coordination problems handwriting difficulties memory Motor Control difficulty copying reading losing place in text moving or overlapping in text needing to re-read cant remember what words look like difficulty hearing sounds similar sounds causing confusion find background noise distracting problems note taking cant find the right word organisational problems difficulty getting ideas on paper difficulty with telling the time left/right confusion gets lost easily spelling listening Writing Spatial/ temporal phone numbers alphabet times tables