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Curriculum | SAP Business Workflow


<ul><li><p>SAP Business Workow</p><p>Have questions? Visit the Help Center </p><p>Search for courses...</p><p>The SAP NetWeaver integration platform oers components for integrating SAP systems and</p><p>systems from other manufacturers in the area of Process Integration. Integration includes not</p><p>only the exchange of data, but also the integration of processes that can run locally within a</p><p>system but can also be dened for multiple systems. SAP is providing the Business Workow</p><p>for controlling local processes in a system. Business Workow is based on clearly dened</p><p>business objects and enables the inclusion of employees when business processes are</p><p>processed. Since release SAP R/3 4.6, Business Workow has been able to work with the</p><p>Internet as the communication structure and Web-based applications for transferring</p><p>information. The workows that already exist can, of course, continue to run and be modied.</p><p>Please log on or register to download this curriculum</p><p>map.</p><p>Related CurriculaSAP Process Integration</p><p>SAP Business Rule Management</p><p>Curriculum | SAP Business Workflow</p><p>1 of 1 17/01/2016, 10:09 AM</p></li></ul>