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<p> SAP Workflow Customization Settings (How to do)This document details the basic workflow customization that needs to be done in any SAP system before activating theworkflow definitions.Go to transaction SWU. !"or this demo# we have used an $%% &amp;.' ()$S system*The descri+tion or the hel+ for each of the above ste+s are available on the right side of the screen.Configure RFC DestinationThis can be done automatically or manually. (f done automatically# as mentioned on the right side frame# the logical ,"%destination W-,."/-W0/-%A/0111 is created 2if not available3. 111 is the client number. Also the user W"45AT%6 isalso created if not already available.The advantage of e7ecuting the above ste+ manually is we can maintain another user and +assword as re8uired.Select the ste+ 9%onfigure ,"% destination: and click on ";.(f you ha++en to get the following +o+u+# click on .There are chances that you might encounter the following errorCTo resolve this# you need to maintain the default +rinter in your user +rofile of W"45AT%6 or change the +rinter to a valid one. Go to SWUD and enter W"45AT%6. ?avigate to tab 9)efaults:.(n the above screenshot# the out+ut device is maintained as /P'D which is not valid. 6ere ( am modifying the same to /-%/. Also the check bo7 9-ut+ut immediately: is marked E1F.Save your entries.?ow let us go back to transaction SWU and the ste+ 9Schedule 5ackground Gob for =issed )eadlines:. %lick on "&gt;.</p>