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Service flow of Airtel

CRM STRATEGIES & TOOLSof Vodafone and Airtel Presented by:Sarthak Omer

Company overview- Airtel

Airtel was establishes in 1985, Bharti Airtel has been a pioneering force in the Telecom sector.Airtel comes from Bharti Airtel limited, Indias largest integrated and the first telecom service provider with a footprint in all the 23 telecom circles.The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into four individual strategic units Mobile service, Airtel Telemedia services, enterprise services & digital TV services.

Services Provided by Airtel


Airtel CRM represents a business strategy that involves focusing knowledge, business processes and organizational structure around customer.

This business strategy is an information technology infrastructure consist of data warehouses, decision engines and integrated.

Why CRM in Airtel

In a telecom services company like Bharti, Airtel is considered a product. It is vital for the company to manage the expectations of their customers and provide them with innovative products and services in a manner which makes them loyal,. To achieve this, Bharti needed to have the appropriate means. To better serve their customers they needed a tool. It is this need that made them to opt for a CRM (customer relationship management) solution.


Currently Airtel is using I-CRM platform. As part of their vision, they intend to provide Airtel services anywhere and at any time. I-CRM allows a company to define the value of a process, and improve it.Before choosing its CRM tool, Bharti evaluated many options. It considered factors like: 1) Proper workflow automation2) Facilitation of knowledge sharing3) Integration with the billing system.


What Is Airtel Loyalty Program?

It is a reward program from Airtel aimed at recognizing and appreciating all Airtel Ghana customers for every amount spent on the consumption of any Airtel product or service.

VodafoneVodafone Group plcis a Britishmultinationaltelecommunicationscompany headquartered inLondonand with its registered office inNewbury, Berkshire.It is the world's 2nd-largest mobile telecommunications company measured by both subscribers and 2013 revenues (behindChina Mobile), and had 434 million subscribers as of 31 March 2014.It has approximately 185 million customers.

Vodafone Strategy in India

CRM of Vodafone

Solutions that work the way you do for guaranteed successImprovement in reporting, complete call information and client satisfaction.Speeding up of the handling of requests, question and complaints at a various departments.It would improve customer service handling and build the cross-selling of products and services, helping the operator reduce customer churn and increase ARPU.

Building Vodafones CRM Vodafone ads play a great role in building up CRM. The ads in which the pug, two friends, Zoozoos, etc have made a mark on the customers. The Vodafone outlets help their customers in dealing with the problems by attending to every customer and by providing them with info or solution

Conclusion & SuggestionsThey must hire salesperson with good skills and they should be trained properly.Vodafone should no call the customers for irrelevant offers and just should just give a notification about bill payment instead of calling and asking all the details.Taking feedback not only from external customers but also the internal customers i.e., the employees.Proper training to the customer care executive in terms of providing proper information.Upgrading internet services and also reducing its cost.Keep regular track of data for further leads.