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Communication process by Derek Hendrikz covers intent of message, processing of results, objectives, influence of change, empowerment of people, processes, mantain relationships and assumptions.


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2. Copyright 2014 Derek Hendrikz Consulting 3. The purpose of communication is to effectively bring about change, maintain a situation or solve a problem via verbal or non- verbal expression. 4. 5. 6. Basic Communications Process 7. Communication Objectives 8. 9. 10. 11. assumptions about communication 12. 1. That communication always begins with intent. 2. Communication can take place consciously or unconsciously. 3. The defining factors of any communication are always individually or collectively held beliefs and values. 4. Communication is an act of expression, which can be verbal or non-verbal. 13. 7. The outcome of communication is always to empower people or processes, to influence change or to maintain relationships. 8. Communication to influence is a negotiation process which needs the other party to say yes. 9. Communication to empower and maintain is a facilitated process which must result in individual or collective growth.