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MAJOR TOPICSChinas economyAggressive urbanization plansEnergy policy including: fossil fuels and renewable energy sourcesEnvironmental degradation due to air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollutionAdverse impacts upon human health due to various forms of pollutionSolutions to solve CHINAS CATACLYSMCHINAS ECONOMYChina possesses a population greater than 1.35 billion peopleIts economy has grown by over $10 trillion, since 2001GDP growth slowed, in 2014, to 7.4 percent, the slowest, since 1990In response, PBOC has lowered interest rates, to increase economic growthAGGRESSIVE URBANIZATIONChina plans to migrate an additional 400 million people into its cities, over the next decadeUrbanization fuels Chinas domestic consumption, and continued GDP growthOver 700 million people currently live in Chinese cities COALChinas coal industry has the most fatalities, worldwideDespite the public outcry, China continues to construct many coal plantsChinas current coal capacity exceeds 4.5 billion tonsChina has banned imports of coal with high concentrations of sulphur, in an effort to reduce air pollutionCRUDE OILChinas crude oil production exceeded 4.1 million barrels per day, (bpd), in 2014China is the 2nd largest consumer of crude oil, behind the U.S.Daqing is Chinas largest oil field, which was discovered, in 1959.Chinas total crude oil demand exceeded 10 million barrels per day, (bpd), in 2014RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCESChina has invested over $250 billion, into renewable energy sources, since 2004Only Europe has invested more capital into renewable energy, than ChinaHydropower resources is the largest component of renewable energy, in ChinaWind power and solar power investments are increasing significantlyAIR POLLUTIONChina is planning to implement a variety of measures to reduce its disastrous levels of air pollutionSome measures include: eliminating older vehicles off its roads, shut down older coal plants, implement air pollution standards within its citiesHundreds of billions will be spent to reduce air pollutionWATER POLLUTIONVarious factors have led to Chinas water pollution crisisThey include: toxic waste, and raw sewage have been dumped into its rivers, fertilizer and pesticides have also seeped into its water supplyReckless and irresponsible behavior has caused much of the crisis SOIL POLLUTIONSoil pollution has been caused by a variety of factorsSome include: industrial and agricultural waste, seepage of toxic metals, and fertilizer and pesticide seepageBillions of dollars being allocated for detection and soil maintenanceEBOOK SOURCESOver 100 articles have been utilized from:ReutersBloombergThe EconomistThe Associated PressForbes

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