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  1. 1. Festivals In China.
  2. 2. New Year Festival.
    • The New Year Festival, is the most important festival in China. It is also called The Spring Festival. People decorate their homes with flowers andon the windows there are different paintings from birds. They start with the New Full Moon. It is the 1 stFull Moon of the year. The New Year festival ends after 15 days.
    • 3. At the New Year Festival, people should meet together with their families. They should all be together in this special day of the year!!
  3. 4. New Year Festival.
    • China is the country that invented fireworks, so during New Year the sky is full of fireworks. Different colors, shapes, sizes, everywhere there are fireworks. The atmosphere is full of fireworksduring New Year.
    • 5. This is a picture of the Fire Dance. The Fire Dance is a dance that is formed during New Year. People are holding dragons and they are shaking the dragons, so it can look as if they were dancing. There are many big parades formed with dragon dancers.
  4. 6. Lantern Festival.
    • The Lantern Festival is 15 days after New Year. It is a very important and famous festival. During the Lantern Festival, people and small children hold lanterns. People are forming garden parties in their homes, and the sky is full of fireworks.
    • 7. The people are also dancing the Folk Dance. This is a traditional dance, the dancers are dressing up in their traditional clothes and they are dancing.
  5. 8. Mid-Autumn Festival.
    • The Mid-Autumn festival is also called as Moon Festival. The Chinese people celebrate it at the end of August. It is the second most important festival for the Chinese people. The Festival is 15 days long. It is an important holiday. The Chinese people celebrate this festival because at that day there is the largest moon from the whole year.
  6. 9. Mid-Autumn Festival.
    • The farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season on this day. All the families gather together to admire the mid-autumn moon. The people make moon cookies they are cookies in a shape of the moon. They eat them during the festival. In the festival people are dressed in different traditional costumes and they are dancing.
  7. 10. Dragon Boat Festival.
    • The Dragon Boat Festival is a very interesting festival. Dragon Boats are canoes that are brightly painted and decorated. They have the shape of a dragon and they can fitin total 80 people inside.In a race there are 5-10 canoes, the canoe that finishes first is the winer.
  8. 11. Water Splashing Festival.
    • One Day after the Dragon Boat Festival, there is the Water Splashing Festival. Men, women, old and young people are all carrying buckets of water on the streets and they are throwing the water to each other. They say that the person who will get sprayed the most with water, will be the luckiest in the year.
  9. 12. Peacock Dance Festival.
    • This festival is one day after the Water Splash Festival. In this Festival, the women are dressed up in a long dress that has the colors of a peacock. They perform a dance which is called the peacock dance
  10. 13. Grape Festival.
    • The grape festival is on August. In China there is a big festival, they have a grape-eating competition. The person that finishes the first eating a plate of grapes is the winer.
  11. 14. Kite Festival.
    • The Kite Festival is on 20 thApril. Many people bring kites with different color, shape, there are also some kites that are models of the Chinese mythology. They are having a kite competition. The person that has the most strong and beautiful kite wins!!
  12. 15. Sand Sculpture Festival.
    • The Sand Sculpture Festival is on July. People make different kinds of statues, and they have a competition who has the best statue. The statue must be made only from sand!!
  13. 16. Goddess Mazu Festival.
    • The Chinese people believe that Goddess Mazu, had the ability to save many fishermen from sea typhoons and bad weather. There is a big temple build for her. The festival is at 4 thof October. People go and pray there every year.
  14. 17. Confucius Festival.
    • The Confucius Festival is celebrated on October 10th. It is honored to the philosopher Confucius. People go and pray at the temple of Confucius every year.
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    • The End.