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<ul><li><p>Chapter 1: Present SimpleGrammarStepping Stones 4gt</p></li><li><p>Present SimpleDit gebruik je om een feit of gewoonte te beschrijven. Let op woorden als often, always en never. </p><p> She often walks to school. I always jog in the morning. It never snows in September. They play tennis every Friday evening.</p><p>Je maakt de Present Simple vragend met do of does) Je maakt de Present Simple ontkennend met dont of doesnt.</p><p> Does she walk to school? She doesnt walk to school. Do you jog in the morning? You dont jog in the morning.</p></li><li><p>Now show what you know!(gebruik de Present Simple) 1. I never ______ without my favourite suitcase. (to travel)2. He ______ nobody knows where he is hiding! (to think)3. She ______ to school every day. (to walk)4. She never ______ my questions. (to answer)5. Usually, we ______ washing the dishes. (to put off)6. The sun always ______ in France. (to shine)7. In the weekend I ______ usually free. (to be) 8. ______ Peter ______ in Canada? (to live) 9. I ______ ______ my grandmother every week. (to visit, not)10. ______ we ______ this exercise? (to like) </p></li></ul>