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  • Chapter 1: Present SimpleGrammarStepping Stones 4gt

  • Present SimpleDit gebruik je om een feit of gewoonte te beschrijven. Let op woorden als often, always en never.

    She often walks to school. I always jog in the morning. It never snows in September. They play tennis every Friday evening.

    Je maakt de Present Simple vragend met do of does) Je maakt de Present Simple ontkennend met dont of doesnt.

    Does she walk to school? She doesnt walk to school. Do you jog in the morning? You dont jog in the morning.

  • Now show what you know!(gebruik de Present Simple) 1. I never ______ without my favourite suitcase. (to travel)2. He ______ nobody knows where he is hiding! (to think)3. She ______ to school every day. (to walk)4. She never ______ my questions. (to answer)5. Usually, we ______ washing the dishes. (to put off)6. The sun always ______ in France. (to shine)7. In the weekend I ______ usually free. (to be) 8. ______ Peter ______ in Canada? (to live) 9. I ______ ______ my grandmother every week. (to visit, not)10. ______ we ______ this exercise? (to like)


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