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<ul><li><p>Celebrity Players </p><p>Mike Alstott </p><p>Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, 1996-2007 </p><p>Kevin Carter </p><p>Played for the St. Louis Rams, the Tennessee Titans, the Miami Dolphins </p><p>and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL. </p><p>Corey Ivy </p><p>Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, 2001-2004 </p><p>Also played with: New England Patriots, St. Louis Rams, Baltimore Ravens, </p><p>Pittsburg Steelers </p><p>William Floyd </p><p>Former NFL Fullback- 94-98 w/ San Francisco 49ers, 99-01 w/ Carolina </p><p>Panthers </p></li><li><p>Martin Gramatica </p><p>Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, 1999-2003, Also played with Colts, Patriots, </p><p>Cowboys and Saints </p><p>Gary Sheffield MLB Outfielder, Played with 8 ball clubs, 9x All Star, </p><p>World Series Champion- 1997 with Florida Marlins </p><p>Reidel Anthony Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, 1997-2001: </p><p>Wide receiver UF Tampa Bay Bucs </p><p>Drew Weatherford </p><p>Tampa Bay Storm- 2010, College: FSU </p><p> WWE Star Titus ONeill </p></li><li><p>Former Buc, NY Giant, San Diego Charger, Carolina Panther; Current Free </p><p>Agency </p><p>Mark Jones </p><p> Mike Pearson Played for Jaguars, Titans </p><p>Terrence Barber - UF </p><p>Mark Royals - Tampa Bay Storm </p><p>Jorge Diaz Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, 1996-1999 </p><p> 2000- Dallas Cowboys. </p><p>Ray Snell Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer guard </p><p>Terrence Barber </p><p>Travis Brooks </p><p>Michael Brown </p><p>Rob Bass </p></li></ul>