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  • Jon Burgerman
  • British artist Jon Burgerman's mantra is" pens are my friends ".He's taken the traditional tool of the toddler and forged a career out of creating beautiful doodles out of felt tip pens .
  • Hewas born August8/1979in Nottingham, UK. He studied art foundation inEngland. and thenFine ArtatNottingham Trent University.Burgerman has worked on artwork for a race - track onSony 'sWipEout Pure PlayStation Portablevideo game and the book,Hello Duudle , made withDanishartist Sune Ehlers .He has produced designs for exhibition at theScience Museumin London, theGame Onexhibition, and an exhibition about theLarge Hadron Collider.He has collaborated withMedia MoleculeonDLCforLittleBigPlanet.In 2009, Burgerman teamed up with ustwo, a London based company, to create aniPhoneapplication calledInkstrumental.


  • He design the new graphic style and his style. His artworks is different from another graphic designer.There is a British sense of self-deprecation, humour and anxiety in his work.

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  • I like his style because its has the good imagination in the picture that he design, its colorful and look so cool picture !!!!

7. Do you think graphic design would be the same without the designer? In my opinion if the world have only one designer he or she will be design the same style . For today we have many graphic designers our world or everything has more immagination more colourful and more idea . I can say" more idea more design ". 8.


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