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  • 1. You are entering now a magicworld......

2. in one single moment.... 3. .you will be a witness ofsomething very special! 4. you are witness of .... 5. an incredible illusion. 6. the illusion of my sharp eyes 7. This is a normal program, butyou will see that 8. ....I can read your mindthrough this screen! 9. Here below you will see6 different playing cards. Take one card inyour mind.Only ONE card.Do not touch the cardand DONT click with your mouse.Now I am able to readthe card in your mind. 10. Take a strong look into my cat eyes andconcentrate yourself into the card youhave chosen. 11. I cannot see which card you have chosen, but I do know exactly which card you have in mind! 12. Watch it! Your card has gone now!!! 13. Surprised ? 14. See You ! 15. Send this message to others to surprise them. 16. With many greetings from me, the magic cat.


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