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<ul><li> 1. How can I find books in the SSA catalog? <br />Learn how to use the online catalog!<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Go to the SSA library Edline page<br />Click on MORE CONTENTS to find the SSA Edline Library page. <br /> 3. Click on the library link to get to the SSA Library Edline page. <br /> 4. Use the Catalog LinkYou use the online catalog to find books in the library.<br />Click on the catalog link.<br /> 5. The catalog link takes you to this page<br />Click on the St. Scholastica Academy link<br /> 6. Youre almost there!<br />Click on the catalog tab.<br /> 7. Welcome to the online catalog!<br />Enter search terms here<br />You can search by keyword, book title, author, or subject. <br /> 8. What you need to locate a book<br />This is the call number or address of the book. Write this number down and go to the 300s section ofthe nonfiction books to locate this title.<br />Fiction books will have this type of address: <br /> ROW<br />FIC<br /> 9. What you need to find books<br />This lets you know if the book is available<br />Summary of the book<br />AUTHOR<br />TITLE<br /> 10. The cool way to search for books<br />Destiny Quest is a visual search tool. Click on the link to go there and see what you find!<br /> 11. Destiny Quest<br />Use Find to search for books.You can also see a Top 10 list of most checked out books and new books in our library. <br /> 12. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU NOW KNOW HOW TO FIND BOOKS IN OUR LIBRARY!<br />VISIT THE LIBRARY IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!<br /></p>