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  • 1. Alexis DeJager [email_address] April 23, 2010 EEX 4070 Freedom RIde

2. First Thoughts

  • When I first learned about this project I was honestly overwhelmed.
  • I had never personally worked with a person with a disability before and had no idea what to do or where to even start to come up with an idea of how to help out in the community.
  • It was helpful to talk with classmates and hear there ideas and try and brainstorm together.
  • I was very thankful that there were project ideas posted on the discussion boards because without them I probably would never have gotten started.
  • Once I saw the post about Freedom Ride I felt so much more comfortable because I knew it was something I could do.

My First Thoughts Video 3. About Freedom Ride

  • Freedom Ride, is a non-profit organization and is the only Premier Accredited NARHA facility in the Central Florida area.
  • They provide therapeutic riding to adults and children four years and older with spina bifida, developmental disabilities, autism, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, brain injury, speech-language disorders, among others.
  • When Freedom Ride first opened its stables in 1998 there was one rider and one borrowed horse. Today, Freedom Ride has 16 horses, 200+ volunteers and provides therapeutic riding for over 100 local children and adults every week.


  • Therapeutic riding uses equine-oriented activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well being of people with disabilities.
  • As participants sit atop a horse, their pelvic area, trunk and upper body move in motion to the horse. This stimulation gently relaxes taut muscles and thereby increases range of motion for the rider.
  • The movement of the trunk encourages riders to work harder to balance their upper bodies, and routine activities develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Learning new routines, sequencing and accessing short-term memory skills assist individuals who otherwise may experience difficulty with these tasks.
  • As important, being able to participate in an activity like their siblings and able-bodied friends increases self-esteem and confidence.

Therapeutic Riding 5. Meet the Horses

  • These are the horses that help bring joy and confidence to the riders.

Bella Pete Joey B.Ivan Lucky Prince Kidd Dusty Zeus Equity Titan Ginger Little Bit 6. Save Freedom Ride

  • Starting in February Freedom Ride has been the topic of discussion for the local newspapers and news stations. There has been talk about the city of Orlando not renewing their lease in August and forcing them to find some place else to relocate to. Freedom ride is the only facility of its kind in central Florida and there are over 100 riders and parents that depend on freedom ride. Below are a few links that contain both articles and videos from local news channels. I have also included the link to the petition that has been started
  • Channel13 first article with video about them wanting to kick freedom right out.
    • http://www.cfnews13.com/News/Local/2010/2/6/horse_riding_center_for_disabled_getting_the_boot.html
  • Wesh 2 video
    • http://www.wesh.com/video/22594094/index.html
  • Protest in front of the court house that I attended to show support for freedom ride! I'm on the right hang side of the screen for a short moment!!!!!
    • http://www.cfnews13.com/News/Local/2010/2/23/orlando_to_evict_39freedom_ride39.html?refresh=1
  • Help Save Freedom Ride Petition!
    • http://www.change.org/petitions/view/keep_freedom_ride_at_trotters_park
  • Latest article from the Orlando Sentinel posted on April 2 nd
    • http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-04-02/news/os-freedom-ride-council-20100401_1_sam-dunaway-city-park-lease
  • Benefit this Saturday April 24 thall proceeds go to benefit Freedom Ride
    • http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=483006960622#!/event.php?eid=362413068292&ref=share

7. Demographics Freedom Ride helps riders from age 5 all the way to adult. There are both male and female riders and they seem to be equal in attendance. The riders have many different disabilities that range from autism, down syndrome, to learning disabilities and others. I dont know exactly how many people I personally helped by volunteering there I was only able to be a sidewalker a few times, but they say that taking care of the barn and horses is just as important and much needed. I was just there to help in anyway I could and my main goal was to get people aware of the situation the city was putting freedom ride in. 8.

  • My name is Alexis DeJager
  • Im 24 years old
  • I graduated from Oviedo High in May of 04.
  • I have not always wanted to be a teacher and was very unsure if I would be good at it. It took me a very long time (5 changes) to pick this major, but now I couldnt be happier with my choice!
  • I started horse back riding when I was 9 and actually did many horse shows out at the property where freedom ride is located back when it was much larger.
  • I feel a strong connection to wanting to save freedom ride because horse back riding quite honestly saved my life at one point
  • My mother died when I was 12 and after that my life did a downward spiral. I did nothing but eat, sleep, and ride. Many a times I ran away from home to stay at the stable. It was the only place I could be me.
  • I understand the feeling you get when you are on a horse, the connection between you and the animal, the unspoken friendship and both the physical and mental need for it.

About Me Video About Me 9. A Little Extra Info

  • 6 years ago I donated my first horse Dixie to Stirrups and Strides out in Ocala. I had out grown Dixie and knew she deserved to go to a new home with great people to love and ride her.
  • My dad heard about Stirrups and Strides from one of my old riding instructors and contacted them to see what the program was about. A few weeks later they came and got her.
  • Dixie is still there and has many wonderful riders that take care of her. I have called a few times and they are always more then happy to give me and update on her.
  • Even though I know I'm more then welcome I have never gone to visit her or the facility out there. Saying goodbye the first time was hard enough, butits nice to know she's happy and even more so that she's making others as happy as she made me.

My last picture with Dixie 10.

  • I learned about Freedom Ride from the discussion board on the Teacher in Action site. I contacted Jeannie Forthuher and spoke with her about how they needed help raising awareness about the program and how it was in danger of being closed.
  • After reading the news article and watching the video I made it a goal to do my part to get my family and friends and anyone else I could think of aware of this great organization.
  • I made signs and attended the protest at city hall on February 23 rdalong with my best friend and step mom.
  • I had my family and friends go to the website to sign the petition to save freedom ride and my manager at work let me display a save freedom ride sign on our counter with the website also listed and directions on what to do.
  • When I was at the actual facility I usually arrived early in the morning to help with the daily barn chores. I helped wash buckets, clean stalls, throw hay for the horses and on occasion when a rider came I was able to help as a sidewalker.
  • I also helped take some of the pictures of the horses that are now displayed on their website. I made a goal to try and raise $150 to donate to the program and Im unfortunately only at $80 right now, but I'm not giving up and will be very excited when I hit my goal and can make the donation.

My Coworkers! Marissa and I before the Protest. My step mom and best friend before the protest. My Dog Ziggy! 11.

  • I learned a lot of useful information by taking this course and watching the weekly chats and reading through the material that was given. I have always felt and believed that my job as a teacher is to find a way to help each of my students learn to the best of their ability. I understand that whether its a person with a disability or not everyone learns differently and certain things will work for some that wont work for others. From actually doing this project I feel more comfortable and confident in working with people with disabilities. It wasnt that I was afraid before, but more that I just didnt know a lot about the different types of disabilities and how each affects a person. Im in no means an expert now and Im sure I still have a lot to learn. I was raised to accept and embrace peoples differences and after working with, and more so seeing other people who on a daily basis work with people with disabilities and talking with them it comes down to the fact that they just want to be treated with respect. They want to be given the opportunities to do things and be understood, they wants friends and to smile and be loved. They way they do things or have to have things d