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A free guide for growing your business using LinkedIn


<ul><li> 1. Ride the wave of business growth How to avoid the 7Mistakes of LinkedInand succeed with theworlds biggest onlineBusiness Community</li></ul> <p> 2. Ride the wave of business growth A freereport fromCatherine atThe Bizlinks 3. Ride the wave of business growth1. Not taking this amazing platform seriously!Linkedin is the worlds biggest businesscommunity ever created. It can provide apathway to just about anybody inbusiness, any time for free. If you are juststarting out in business, an established salesperson, a CEO or a hardened business ownerkey decision makers in your market. Thecommunity has now grown to over 150millionmembers with 45% of those major decisionmakers for their companies. No matter whatmarket you are in there are 1000s of peopleon their right now that need your services 4. Ride the wave of business growth How to avoid this mistake!Dont just set up a basic profile and dabble develop a clear strategyCommit to 30 mins per day of focusedproactive workMake Linkedin a core part of your businessstrategy in most cases Linkedin can help youachieve your short and long term objectives.Do not just create an online CV! 5. Ride the wave of business growth 2. Not setting GoalsCreating a Linkedin profile and having apresence without any meaningful goalswill merely create extra work and givelittle value in return.Linkedin is an activity just like everythingelse and it should be aligned with yourover all business strategy, tactics, goalsand targets.Think about specific goals which set cleardirection 6. Ride the wave of business growthThe goals you set for Linkedin should inmost cases be set around generating Salesas Linkedin is one of the most effectiveways to find and develop new clients andcustomers. Dont think that you cannotmake money by being Social you justneed to do it in the right way.An example of defining your goals, strategyand tactics 7. Ride the wave of business growthAn example of defining your goals, strategy andtacticsGoal: Increase sales by x (defined amount)Strategy: Target (e.g. Marketing Directors) viaadvanced searching, use first line network forintroductions, making connection andarranging phone conversations / one 2 onemeetings.Tactics: Create a strong and value driven profilerelevant to the targetBuild network of contacts with routes to targetsOn connection offer a free 30min phone sessionon (e.g. 3 great tips for digital marketing) onceconnection has been made.Repeat process until 5 conversations are madeper day 8. Ride the wave of business growth3. A Dull or boring profile Your Linkedin profile is critical to your success so dont think listing your experience like a CV will cut it as it wont CVs are boring and people dont like to read them. You success depends on youre key influencers taking an interest in your profile. You MUST have the following: Clear value and (Whats In It For Me) WIIFM quickly and clearly Chrystal clear Evidence that supports your value Specific to the people you want to engage 9. Ride the wave of business growthThe people you want to engage only really careabout themselves and their own world, defineyour value first before your job titles etc. Forexample stating that you can find talent staffthat can sell is more engaging then saying yourea Recruitment Manager.Keep it simple and focus on the following 4 keysareas:Profile picture invest in a professional picturethis is not Facebook!Professional headline (see below)Summary short punchy and packed withpassion!Recommendations 20-25 quality ones thatback up your value statement 10. Ride the wave of business growth4. A small network of contactsYour Linkedin network works like this1st Level (your network) &gt; 2nd Level (your 1st Levelsconnections) &gt; 3rd Level (2nd levels connections). It isimportant to build a decent sized LinkedIn network (300+)is important for the following reasons:More opportunities and better resultsOn average each Linkedin member has around 250connections; when you connect you their network is addedto your 2nd level network giving your new people you canreach via one introduction.The larger you network the more effective you can be in thecommunityA large network means you can help more people, get moreintroductions and be viewed with more value within thecommunity its as simple as that! 11. Ride the wave of business growth 12. Ride the wave of business growth5. Not engaging with new contactsLinkedin is an amazing platform for findingcontacts, and making connections. Once theinitial contact has been made LinkedIns job iseffectively done. The rest is down to you tothen build the relationship ideally by pickingup the phone and making a call to introduceyourself.It is important however NOT to sell I have lostcount of the amount of people who haveconnected with me, and then fired a genericcut and pasted sales message at me! Playingthis numbers game on Linkedin will not work. 13. Ride the wave of business growthThe key to making a successful first contact on Linkedin is to begenuine and helpful ask yourself what could you give the people youconnect with that would be of genuine value? Free advice is always agood approach, another very effective first engagement approach is tobe a good networkerThank you for accepting your invitation to join my networkfirst of all please let me know the type of people you arelooking for and I will see if I have any contacts on my network I can help you withThis works particularly well for contacts that need clientsthemselves, if you repeat this you will soon learn whichcontacts are more valuable to you and actively seek them onand offline at networking events.The key to being a success is to use Linkedin to help otherpeople get what they want, as the saying goes givers gain so dont playthe numbers game and sell directly to those you connect with. 14. Ride the wave of business growth6. Not Integrating LinkedIn with other BusinessactivitiesThe potential of Linkedin as a tool for findingclients and customers becomes even morepowerful when combined in a strategic waywith other business activities.3 examples of using Linkedin to maximiseother business activitiesTwitter is very effective at finding top peopleand getting initial dialogue started, Linkedin isfar more effective and developing arelationship used together they complementeach other very well 15. Ride the wave of business growthAfter attending a networking event if youhave a handful of business cards you canconnect with them on Linkedin check themout, find out who they know and decide onthe most suitable people to engage furtherLinkedin can help you increase sales, buildbrand awareness, strengthen your keybusiness relationships, increase webtraffic, improve customer service, anddevelop new ideas. The key is to thinkoutside the box and see where and howLinkedin can help in most cases it can in abig way so use your imagination and betenacious. 16. Ride the wave of business growthThe core features of Linkedin includeAdvanced search Search the whole communityfor specific contacts Groups thousands of groupsspecific to types business and activityHomepage updates your community postingtheir recent activityAnswers database thousand of questions on alltypes of businessCompany pages in-site into companies, theiremployees, activity etc 17. Ride the wave of business growth7. Not seeking support and adviceHow to avoid this contact me for information on coaching programs available.</p>