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  • Mailing Address: Carter Productions 1116 Lake Lansing Rd. Lansing, Michigan 48906

    Phone: 517.243.5172 Web:

    Dear Bride & Groom

    Your wedding may be one of the most involved events you will ever plan in your life – caterers, musicians, dresses,

    tuxedos, invitations, the limo, hotel reservations, the hall, the flowers, the people…whew. There’s one way that you can

    take some of the *whew* out of your special day: let Carter Productions DJ Service handle the entertainment at your reception. We’re honored that you are taking the time to consider hiring us. Let me tell you a little about our company, and why I think we’re some of the best DJ’s around.

    My name is Michael Carter, and I started Carter Productions because I love to entertain, and I love music. Entertaining at weddings and other special events is not just a hobby or a side job; it’s my passion. I absolutely love what I do and hope

    to still be doing it years from now. I strive to provide you with quality entertainment. I believe there are four elements which have to be taken seriously in order to make your event successful:

    Music Selection: Don’t want your guests to hear “Sorry, we don’t have that one” we have approximately 500,000 songs

    that we carry with us to every show. They’re updated weekly, they’re all original copies, and it has taken us many years we’ve been in business to compile them. If we still don’t have the music you need, we’ll get it for you.

    Professional Service: We take our job very seriously and handle it with the utmost of professionalism. You can be sure

    we will be organized and ready for your special day. The last thing you need on your wedding day is a disorganized Disc Jockey who plays the wrong song at the wrong time. Our goal is to take the worries and guesswork out of choosing your entertainment. Carter Productions is committed to working with you in planning your reception.

    Disc Jockey Personality: All of our Disc Jockeys are hand-picked and professionally trained. Our Disc Jockeys know

    how to pump up a crowd and make sure everyone is having a great time. One of our specialties is performing weddings

    and making sure your reception is one that’s filled with the best of memories.

    The Best Sound and Lighting Equipment: We only use the best equipment at Carter Productions. High sound quality

    and lighting play an important role in setting the overall tone of your reception.

    As you plan your special day, remember that entertainment is the most important element to a successful reception. No

    other single element will affect how you and your guests remember your wedding day than the fun and magical

    atmosphere a DJ can create.

    I invite you to speak with me personally to go over in detail what makes Carter Productions so unique. Call anytime or

    make an appointment to view our music list or previous customer referrals and inspect the equipment we use. I'm sure

    you'll agree, as hundreds of other satisfied customers have that Carter Productions offers an unsurpassed level of

    entertainment excellence.

    Thank you once again for inquiring about Carter Productions. We look forward to entertaining you and your guest!

    Michael Carte Owner/Production Manager

    Westing Studio Text Box

    Westing Studio Typewritten Text Email: [email protected] tel:517-243-5172

  • Mailing Address: Carter Productions 1116 Lake Lansing Rd. Lansing, Michigan 48906

    Phone: 517.243.5172


    Contact and Hall Information

    Client Information

    First Name: __________________________________ Last Name: ___________________________________

    First Name: __________________________________ Last Name: ___________________________________

    Address: ______________________________________________ City: _______________________________

    State / Province: ________________________________________ Zip / Postal Code: ____________________

    Day Phone: _________________________________ Evening Phone: _________________________________

    Fax Number: ________________________________ E-Mail: _______________________________________

    Emergency Contact Name: ___________________________________________________________________

    Day Phone: __________________________________ Evening Phone: ________________________________

    Hall / Venue Information

    Hall / Venue Name: _________________________________________________________________________

    Contact Name: __________________________________________ Hall / Venue Phone: __________________

    Hall / Venue Address________________________________________________________________________

    City: ___________________________________State: _________________________ Zip Code: ___________

    Event Room Location: _______________________________________________________________________

    Cross Streets: ______________________________________________________________________________

    Other Information: __________________________________________________________________________



    Westing Studio Typewritten Text Email: [email protected] tel:517-243-5172

  • Mailing Address: Carter Productions 1116 Lake Lansing Rd. Lansing, Michigan 48906

    Phone: 517.243.5172


    Wedding Party Lineup

    Would you like the D.J. to introduce the wedding party with the arrival of the bride & Groom? Yes____No____

    Groom’s Name: ______________________________ Bride’s Name: ______________________________

    Groomsmen Bridesmaids

    1.___________________________________________ 1.___________________________________________

    Best Man Maid of Honor

    2.___________________________________________ 2.___________________________________________

    3.___________________________________________ 3.___________________________________________

    4.___________________________________________ 4.___________________________________________

    5.___________________________________________ 5.___________________________________________

    6.___________________________________________ 6.___________________________________________

    Ring Bearer: ___________________________________ Flower Girl: _________________________________

    Father of the Bride: _________________________________________________________________________

    Mother of the Bride: _________________________________________________________________________

    Stepfather of the Bride: ______________________________________________________________________

    Stepmother of the Bride: _____________________________________________________________________

    Father of the Groom: ________________________________________________________________________

    Mother of the Groom: _______________________________________________________________________

    Stepfather of the Groom: _____________________________________________________________________

    Stepmother of the Groom: ____________________________________________________________________

    Usher: _______________________________________ Usher: ______________________________________

    Usher: _______________________________________ Usher: ______________________________________

    Westing Studio Typewritten Text Email: [email protected] tel:517-243-5172

  • Mailing Address: Carter Productions 1116 Lake Lansing Rd. Lansing, Michigan 48906

    Phone: 517.243.5172


    Order of Events and Preferences

    Reception Schedule

    Your Disc Jockey would like to start setting up at least two hours prior to the start or your reception.

    Please have someone available to let your D.J. into the hall / Venue. Please have a 6’ or 8’ foot table placed

    where you would like the D.J. to perform.

    Event Date:________ Starting time of reception: __________ Ending time of reception: ___________ Time hall close’s: __________

    What time will your guest arrive? ____________ What time will the bride & groom arrive? ___________

    What time will dinner be served for your guest? ___________

    The Following is a list of items that may take place at your reception. Please Number the order of events.

    Prayer #______ Dinner / Buffet #______ Toast Bride & Groom #______ Cutting the Cake #______

    Bride & Groom Dance #______ Wedding Party Dance#_______ Father / Bride Dance: #_______

    Mother & Groom Dance #______ Parent’s Dance #______ Dollar Dance #______ Bouquet Toss #______

    Garter Toss #______ Other Request #______ (please use line’s below for details)

    Would you like the D.J. table to match the rest of your décor?

    If yes, please provide skirting for the DJ tab