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Autumn 2015 What's On guide for Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds. Celebrate 10 years of great theatre in Leeds City Centre. Includes, theatre, comedy, film and family shows.


<ul><li><p>Sept Dec 2015</p></li><li><p>2 Box Office: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Welcome to the Carriageworks Theatre</p><p>Im delighted that this November will see the Carriageworks celebrate its tenth anniversary.To mark what has been a wonderful decade for the theatre, there will be a week long celebrationto which all of Leeds is invited and pages 22 and 23 set out how you can get involved. </p><p>For half term in October the Family Arts Festival returns to provide entertainment for all ages.Let the internationally renowned Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers (24 Oct) dazzle your senses and be tantalised with home-town heroes Tutti Frutti with Snow Child (30 Oct). Proper Job Theatre tempt the night with their theatrical spectacle Nosferatu (23 Oct). Edinburgh hit Every Brilliant Thing(29 Sept), shows us in an entirely different light and, of course, dont miss our comedy season including shining star Lucy Beaumont (17 Oct) or the literary powerhouse Mark Billingham inThe Other Half (1 Oct) alongside My Darling Clementine.</p><p>Its a busy Autumn for all at the Carriageworks, dont miss out on the fun!</p><p>Councillor Judith BlakeLeader of Council and Executive Member for Economy and Culture</p><p></p><p> Leeds Civic Arts GuildLeeds Civic Arts Guild is an association of various amateur drama, music and opera companies who meet and perform regularly at the Carriageworks Theatre including:Cosmopolitan Players Leeds Amateur Operatic Society Leeds Arts Centre Leeds Childrens Theatre Leeds Gilbert &amp; Sullivan Society Leeds Insurance Dramatic &amp; Operatic Society Leeds Writers Circle Leeds Youth Opera Morley Amateur Operatic Society Shatterproof S.T.A.R.S St Marys Youth Theatre West Riding Opera. </p><p>Leeds Civic Arts Guild productions are highlighted with this logo:</p><p>For more information and enquiries about joining visit </p><p>Leeds Civic Arts Guild has an ever growing membership and you can take part too. Everyone is welcome, from old hands to complete novices. This might be the opportunity youve always wanted to tread the boards and become the star of the show! Or you could experience the thrill of being backstage by getting involved in lighting, sound and set building.</p><p>Join us on Sat 5 Sept for the annual Guild Awards Night. Celebrate all the hard work of our member societies over the past year and get a glimpse of whats coming up. </p><p> Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter (Carriageworks Theatre) (Carriagewrx)</p></li><li><p></p><p>Fri 21 Aug Thur 10 Sept Millennium Square </p><p>The Leeds International Piano Competition in association with Besbrode Pianos proudly presents Me &amp; My Piano; a new and exciting public art installation coming to the city of Leeds this summer. Placed around the city, all the pianos are decorated by local arts organisations and community groups, and freely available for you to play. Carriageworks Theatre are decorating one to celebrate the upcoming 10th anniversary and putting it out on Millennium Square. Visit to download your piano map and start planning your musical route through the city.</p></li><li><p>4 Box Office: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Wed 16 Sat 19 SeptMain Auditorium: 7pm, 2pm Sat matinee Tickets: 13 (10 concession)Family ticket: 40</p><p>LIDOS present</p><p>A Night atthe OscarsLIDOS presents an evening of music, song and dance from some of your favourite film musicals including Billy Elliott, Footloose, Guys and Dolls, Mamma Mia, Singing in the Rain and Sister Act.Join us for Opening Night where you will hopefully feel the Electricity; after all this will be much better than whatever is on the Telly!We promise to Make em Laugh and Spread the Love Around and youll leave saying Oh, What a Night! and Beggin for more.</p><p>Wed 16 Sat 19 SeptUpstairs @ the Carriageworks: 7:45pm Tickets: 10.50 (8.50 concession)</p><p> Leeds Art Theatre present</p><p> Futureproof Dont you see? Thats the hook! Thats the thing the townies will want to see. The differenceWelcome to Robert Rileys Odditorium;a travelling freak show that boasts mermaids, conjoined twins, and the worlds fattest man. Now the good times are over; advances in science have made these natural marvels into abominations and no one wants to see the show.Theyre poor, directionless and theyve just had to eat the horse; but Robert Riley is not put down so easily. If they dont want to look at the freak show any more, hell give them miracles...the miracle of change.</p></li><li><p></p><p> Snowline Media Ltd present</p><p> Ocean Film Festival World Tour</p><p>Wed 23 SeptMain Auditorium: 7pm Tickets: 12.50 (11 concession)</p><p>The Ocean Film Festival showcases the worlds most amazing ocean films from above and below the waters surface letting you immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean without getting your feet wet!Brought to you by the producers of the Banff Film Festival UK Tour, this extraordinary collection of short films documents the beauty and power of the ocean. Celebrate the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the seas salt spray, who chase the crests of waves and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue.</p><p>Inspiring and thought-provoking, The Ocean Film Festival takes you on a journey across the globe, showcasing the huge waves of Australia, diving with sharks off the coast of Africa and heading north to the far reaches of the Arctic Circle.Visit for more details.Photo Chris Burkard</p></li><li><p>6 Box Office: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Thur 1 OctMain Auditorium: 7:30pm Tickets: 12.50 (10.50 concession)</p><p>SVN present</p><p>The Other HalfMark Billingham &amp; My Darling Clementine</p><p>A rundown Memphis bar. Lust, murder and domestic horror. That long and difficult search for The Other Half.The third event in our Northern Accent series, features award-winning crime writer Mark Billingham and leading country duo My Darling Clementine who have come together to present a dark and glorious mix of song and story. A unique collaboration between the leading lights of crime fiction and country music.A show to die</p></li><li><p></p><p>Tues 29 Sept Main Auditorium: 7:30pm Tickets: 12.50 (10.50 concession)</p><p> Paines Plough and Pentabus Theatre Company present</p><p> Every Brilliant Thing By Duncan Macmillanwith Jonny Donahoe</p><p>Youre six years old. Mums in hospital.Dad says shes done something stupid.She finds it hard to be happy. So you start to make a list of everything thats brilliant about the world. Everything thats worth living for.1. Ice cream2. Kung Fu movies3. Burning things4. Laughing so hard you shoot milk out your nose5. Construction cranes6. MeYou leave it on her pillow. You know shes read it because shes corrected your spelling. Soon, the list will take on a life of its own.A new play about depression and the lengthswe will go to for those we love.#EveryBrilliantThing</p></li><li><p>8 Box Office: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Sat 3 OctMain Auditorium: 3pm Tickets: 9.50 (8.50 concession), 6 (no concession)Family ticket: 34Age 5+</p><p>Fri 2 OctMain Auditorium: 7:30pm Tickets: 12.50 (10.50 concession)</p><p> Fol Espoir present</p><p> Instructions for American Servicemen in BritainIts 1942 and a horde of Yankee servicemenhave just arrived in England where the localsspeak a strange dialect, boil all their food,and talk endlessly about the weather.The Americans see the Brits as a strangerace. Judge for yourself in a night ofjoyous laughter and downrightsilliness as a crack team ofexperts attempt to explainthe rules of British life.</p><p> Science Mania Ltd present</p><p> Science Blast The Great Scientists Part 1Professor Kaos presents his brand newfamily show Science Blast the show thatlikes to blow stuff up!Meet 9 of the worlds top scientists, see theirdiscoveries and vote on who you think is thegreatest. Experience lasers, lights, experimentsand explosions in a family show where we wantYOU to get involved.Warning The show includes flashing lights, loud noises and cheese sandwiches!</p></li><li><p></p><p>Fri 9 OctWhole Venue: 6pm 10pm</p><p> Leeds City Council present</p><p> Light Night Experience Art in the Dark!Light Night invites you to comeand explore Leeds with your family and friends as the city centre comes alive with spectacular light shows, installations, performances and exhibitions. Have fun and explore spaces youve never been to before, or see some familiar places in a very different way.Carriageworks Theatre will be hosting a range of events and activities, so pop along duringthe evening to explore the venue. As darkness falls, come and experience the city in a new light!</p></li><li><p>10 Box Office: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Wed 7 OctUpstairs @ the Carriageworks: 7:45pm Tickets: 10.50 (8.50 concession)</p><p>Wed 7 OctMain Auditorium: 7:30pm Tickets: 12.50 (10.50 concession)</p><p>Jeffrey Holland (Hi-de-Hi, You Rang MLord) stars in this one-man show about friendship, memories and a couple of remarkable lives. Set in the bedroom of a sick Oliver Hardy, the show takes place during Laurels visit to the dying man. Recounting their past success as the comedy double act Laurel and Hardy, this is a humorous and touching look at one of the great cinematic partnerships of the last century.</p><p> Spellbinding and magically,timelessly funnyTHE STAGE</p><p> Simple, smart and sublimely performedBROADWAYBABY.COM</p><p></p><p> Madeline Shann present</p><p> Little TerrorsLittle Terrors is a look at our unpredictable worldthrough the eyes of someone who is afraid ofeverything from clowns to climate change androllercoasters to robot uprising. This one-womanshow uses dance, comedy, storytelling and anymeans necessary to explain why life is terrifying.A funny, poignant and ultimately hopeful look atour relationship with our fears and how the cowardlycan find courage.</p><p> A treat. Just the sort of thing that audiences are crying out forTOM RODEN, NEW ART CLUB</p><p> A convincing and sincere performance; her movement strong and comedic characterisation faultlessTHE PUBLIC REVIEWS</p><p> KPS Productions &amp; The Finishing Touch Company present</p><p> And this is my friend Mr LaurelBy Gail Louw and Jeffrey Holland</p></li><li><p></p><p>Sat 10 OctMain Auditorium: 8pm Tickets: 17.50</p><p>Avalon present</p><p> Jenny Eclair: How To Be A Middle Aged Woman (Without Going Insane)Professional grumpy old woman, Splash survivor, amateur soup maker and novice knitter; Jenny Eclair is younger than Madonna but eats crisps and likes wine.Semi-bearded and suffering from outbreaks of gout and hysteria, Eclair puts middle age under the microscope and decides whether to laugh, cry or buy a dachshund! You are most welcome to join her, just button your cardi up properly and wipe that lipstick off your teeth.</p><p> Ruthlessly funnyTHE TIMES</p></li><li><p>12 Box Office: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Tues 13 Fri 16 Octand Thur 5 Sat 7 NovMain Auditorium: 7pm Tickets: 9 (7 concession) 6 groups of 20+</p><p>Carriageworks Theatre is thrilled to welcome local talent to the stage as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. Each night four schools will perform four different Shakespeare plays. Come and celebrate the achievements of our local school children whilst enjoying a wonderful evening of entertainment. See Shakespeare performed as youve never seen it before!The Shakespeare Schools Festival is the UKs largest youth drama festival and enables over 1,000 primary, secondary, and special schools to stage abridged Shakespeare productions in their local professional theatre. 35,000 young people will take to stages across the UK.</p><p> What a fantastic evening! Lots of amazing new talent in our community. Enjoyed every minute of it!AUDIENCE MEMBER, WEST LONDON, 2014</p><p>Details of participating schools and the plays they are performing can be obtainedfrom the Box Office.</p></li><li><p></p><p>Tues 13 Sat 17 OctUpstairs @ the Carriageworks: 7:45, 2:45 Sat matineeTickets: 13</p><p> Leeds Gilbert &amp; Sullivan Societypresent</p><p> The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling BeeA group of youngsters gather at the Putnam County Spelling Bee, each desperate to win. Over-achiever Marcys bored of success; burgeoning activist Logainne wants to impress her gay dads; Leaf believes hes not smart enough to be there; former champ Chip is distracted by puberty; William is hyperallergic and shy Olives best friend is the dictionary. Join this unlikely group of quirky heroes as they compete at the Bee, sharing their dreams and struggles along the way. Contains adult themes.</p><p>Sat 17 OctMain Auditorium: 8pm Tickets: 12</p><p>Avalon present</p><p> Lucy Beaumont:We Can Twerk it OutBBC New Comedy Award winner,Chortle Best Newcomer and star of BBC 3sLive at the Electric, Lucy Beaumont presentsher hugely anticipated debut show.Spend an hour in Lucys universe withher unique blend of surreal, offbeathumour and big belly laughs.Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award2014 Best Newcomer Nominee</p><p> Shes got the timing of Les Dawson... an absolute naturalJOHNNY VEGAS</p><p></p></li><li><p>14 Box Office: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Wed 21 Sat 24 OctUpstairs @ the Carriageworks: 7:45pm Tickets: 11 (9 concession)</p><p>Cosmopolitan Players present</p><p>Walk On, Walk OnWalk On, Walk On, by Leeds writer Willis Hall, takes place during the course of a match towards the end of the 1976 football season. It is a match of vital importance for the somewhat uninspired record of a West Yorkshire Third Division club and it also affects the lives and fortunes of several of the people connected with it.By the end of the afternoon and of the match more than the future of the club itself has been decided.</p></li><li><p></p><p>Fri 23 Oct Main Auditorium: 7:30pm Tickets: 12.50 (10.50 concession)</p><p>Its one hour before dawn On the blood dark sea the ship is barely moving Theres a sail as torn as a shattered shirt Something is aboard the shipWith a mixture of breathtaking illusions and trickery, an original musical score and a libretto from the acclaimed poet Ian McMillan, this production, from award winning Proper Job Theatre, promises to live long in the memory. Nosferatu tells the dark and mysterious tale of the sailors in Bram Stokers novel Dracula, as they journey from Varna to Whitby with an unknown cargo. simply be advised that this is fantastic theatreTHE LIST</p><p> Proper Job Theatre Company present</p><p> Nosferatu</p></li><li><p>16 Box Office: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Sat 24 OctMain Auditorium: 7:30pm Tickets: 18 (16 concession) 10 under 16s</p><p> Mugenkyo Taiko DrummersThundering rhythms on huge taiko drums, mysterious masked choreography with inventive lighting, muscular synchronisation timed to perfection, post-apocalyptic martial imagery and infectious belly laugh humour all in a spellbinding display of sheer athleticism. Feel the energy and experience the power of this unique performance.As the most successful touring taiko drum group on this continent, Mugenkyo celebrate their 21st year on the road, creating a contemporary look and sound, fusing the traditional spirit of taiko with a modern stage performance that has captivated audiences everywhere</p><p> Just when you think it could not get any more powerful, it doubles in intensity. This show is not one to be missedEDINBURGH EVENING NEWS</p><p></p></li><li><p></p><p>A...</p></li></ul>