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The Carriageworks Autumn 2011 Season Brochure


<ul><li><p>September December 2011</p><p>Box O ce: 0113 224</p></li><li><p>32 FamilyWelcome Box O ce: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Welcome to The CarriageworksThis season is packed with big shows and special discoveries to tell your friends about. Autumn means panto, and this year we have a Christmas cracker ofa show, with a new version of classic tale Beauty and the Beast.Read more on pages 6 7.</p><p>Autumn also sees the return of Freshly Picked, featuring new and award-winning work from theatre-makers busy inventing the future of performance, including David Hughes Dance, Little Bulb Theatre and more. Therell be special activitiesto accompany the season, so check the web for details and look out forthe symbol:</p><p>Disabled parking available on Cookridge Street alongside Leeds City Museum.</p><p>Shows for all ages, including a chance to catch up with Harry in Potted Potter (10 Sept) and a host of half-term treats, including Hare and Tortoise (25 Oct), How the Koala Learnt to Hug (26 Oct), Stig of the Dump (27 Oct) and Robin and the Big Freeze (28 Oct).</p><p>Family pg 3 7</p><p>Loads of Freshly Picked shows, including a showcase from Birminghams terrifi c BE Festival (17 Sept) and Translunar Paradise (23 Sept) from the award-winning Theatre ad Infi nitum. Plus one of our Edinburgh highlights of last year, Youre Not Like the Other Girls Chrissy (4 Oct).</p><p>Performance pg 8 20</p><p>On Stage Theatre Arts Academy are back with a new production of Snow White (30 Sept 1 Oct). We also mark World Mental Health Day (8 Oct) with a special day of events taking over the whole venue, while Shakespeare Schools Festival (11 13 Nov) makes a welcome return visit.</p><p>Participatory Arts pg 28 30</p><p>A plethora of delights from the various amateur companies who perform regularly at The Carriageworks. From musicals to serious drama, theres something for everyone. Which will you be seeing?</p><p>Leeds Civic Arts Guild pg 23 27</p><p>Children welcome.For more info see page 29.</p><p>This season we welcome the hilarious Tony Hawks (6 Oct), with his new stand-up show. Tony is known from a wealth of TV and radio shows and for his bestselling books Round Ireland with a Fridge and Playing the Moldovans at Tennis.</p><p>Comedy pg 21 22</p><p>Cover photograph Little Bulb Theatre presentsOperation Greenfi eld page 17.</p><p>Seabright Productions presents</p><p>Potted Potter:The UnauthorisedHarry ExperienceAll seven Harry Potter books in seventy minutes. Watch CBBCs Dan and Je take on the ultimate challenge, with the help of endless costumes, brilliant songs, ridiculous props, and a generous helping of Hogwarts magic. This fantastically funny show features all your favourite characters, a special appearance from a very frightening fi re-breathing dragon, and even a game of Quidditch involving the audience!Dan and Je are best known for their TV appearances on CBBC and Blue Peter.</p><p>tutti frutti and York Theatre Royal present</p><p>Hare and TortoiseStop watch is set; we hear the tick, tick, tick.Ready? Steady? Geared up, raring to go, Hare is in training at the starting line, alert... waiting...Old clock chimes; we hear the tick and the tock. Slowly does it, taking it easy, Tortoise is planning winter hibernation, poised with pen and paper, pondering... resting zzzz.Meet two competing friends in this new fantastic adaptation of Aesops fable; a story about racing, opposites, time and friendship. From sun-shining spring to snow-falling winter, tutti frutti brings you this much loved story brimming with ideas, characters, live music and wonderful physicality.</p><p>Sat 10 SeptemberMain Auditorium: 3pmTickets: 9.50, 7.50 (concessions 1 o ) Family ticket: 32Suitable for ages 6+</p><p>Tues 25 OctoberMain Auditorium: 12.30pm &amp; 3pm Tickets: 8.50, 6.50 (concessions 1 o )Family ticket: 28Suitable for children aged 3+ and their families</p><p>HALF TERMSHOW:</p><p>VISIT TROPICALWORLD &amp; GET A15% DISCOUNT</p><p>To claim, show Box O ce yourTropical World ticket/receipt.</p></li><li><p>54 FamilyFamily Box O ce: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Mind the Gap presentsClive Kings</p><p>Stig of the DumpRetold by Mike Kenny</p><p>An enchanting tale of a unique friendship: Stig wears rabbit-skins, has his own language and uses empty tin cans for a chimney. In his world the outsider is king, nothing is wasted and a dump is fi lled with endless delights. Barney has scu ed shoes, grazed knees and dirty fi ngernails. In his world anything is possible, the mundane becomes magical and the sky is as big as his imagination.Join Stig and Barney as puppetry and performance turn rubbish into something real, change scrap into scenery and make garbage gorgeous!</p><p>Unpacked Theatre presents</p><p>Robin and theBig FreezeWith suitcases and satnavs the birds are getting ready to leave town. Robin remains; hes got lots to do like tweeting at anyone who comes near his patch and posing for Christmas cards. But the snow is on its way and lots of it...A festive feast of a show with fantastic puppets, live music, and birdwatching for everyone who is going away for Christmas or staying at home!From the company that brought youJumping Mouse.</p><p>...a snowy delight TOTAL THEATRE</p><p>Thur 27 OctoberMain Auditorium: 2.30pm &amp; 7.30pmTickets: 11.50, 9.50 (concessions 1 o )Groups O er: 1 free ticket for every 10 booked.Leaders and Carers freeSuitable for ages 8+</p><p>Fri 28 OctoberMain Auditorium: 12 noon &amp; 2.30pmTickets: 8, (6 concessions)Family ticket: 24Suitable for families and anyone aged 4+</p><p>By Steven Lee</p><p>Writtenespecially forparents to enjoy with their children, thisisa charming tale about the magic of family and, of course,the importance of a nice warm hug!The book is adapted from the short story by Steven Lee(The Witchs Bogey, Bink and the Hairy Fairy) and featuresa host of wild characters, including Natascha The Witch,Karen the Koala and the Reggae Beavers. The Showfeatures some great stories, sing along songs,superb games and fi rst-class hugging.Steven will be available to sign copies of How TheKoala Learnt To Hug and Other Australian Fairytales,which will be on sale at a specially reducedCarriageworks rate after the show.</p><p> A perfect introduction to theatrefor children, full of audienceparticipation and feel-good factorSHEFFIELD STAR</p><p>Wed 26 OctoberMain Auditorium: 2.30pmTickets: 8.50, 6.50 (concessions 1 o )Family ticket: 28Suitable for ages 4+</p><p>The Peoples Theatre Company presents </p><p> How the Koala Learnt to Hug</p><p>Thur 27 October 7.30pm</p><p>Hosted by Tony VinoTop comedians from the UK comedy circuit clean up their act. See page 21.</p><p>BOOK FORANY HALF TERM</p><p>SHOW &amp; GET10% OFF PANTO</p><p>TICKETSGreen and Gold performances</p><p>only. Must be booked atthe same time.</p><p>Cannot be bookedretrospectively.</p><p>GREATKIDS</p><p>COMPETITIONSSee page 31.</p></li><li><p>76 FamilyFamily Box O ce: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Friday 2 December 2011 Saturday 7 January 2012Leeds City Council and Paul Holman Associates presents</p><p>Director &amp;ChoreographerDAVID SAMUEL</p><p>Musical DirectorALEX WEATHERILL</p><p>Green PerformancesAdults: 15.50 &amp; 14Concessions: 14 &amp; 12.50Level 3 Side Balconies: 10Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children): 50Groups 10+: 12Groups 20+: 12 + every 11th ticket free</p><p>Gold PerformancesAdults: 16 &amp; 14.50Concessions: 14.50 &amp; 13Level 3 Side Balconies: 10.50Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children): 52Groups 10+: 12Groups 20+: 12 + every 11th ticket free</p><p>Red PerformancesAll seats: 10Level 3 Side Balconies: 9</p><p>Saver &amp; Schools PerformancesAll seats: 8.50Every 11th ticket free for teachers</p><p>December Morning Afternoon EveningFri 02 2.00pm 4.30pmSat 03 2.00pm 7.00pmSun 04 1.00pm 4.30pmMon 05 NO PERFORMANCESTue 06 10.15am 2.00pmWed 07 10.15am 2.00pmThur 08 12.30pm 6.00pmFri 09 12.30pm 6.00pmSat 10 2.00pm 7.00pmSun 11 1.00pm 4.30pmMon 12 NO PERFORMANCESTue 13 10.15am 2.00pmWed 14 10.15am 2.00pmThur 15 10.15am 2.00pmFri 16 7.00pm*Sat 17 11.00am 2.30pm 7.00pmSun 18 1.00pm 4.30pmMon 19 NO PERFORMANCESTue 20 2.00pm 7.00pmWed 21 2.00pm 7.00pmThur 22 2.00pm 7.00pmFri 23 2.00pm 7.00pmSat 24 11.00am 2.30pmSun 25 NO PERFORMANCESMon 26 1.00pm 4.30pmTue 27 2.00pm 7.00pmWed 28 2.00pm 7.00pmThur 29 2.00pm 7.00pmFri 30 2.00pm 7.00pmSat 31 11.00am 2.30pmJanuary Morning Afternoon EveningSun 01 NO PERFORMANCESMon 02 1.00pm 4.30pmTue 03 NO PERFORMANCESWed 04 12.30pm 6.00pmThur 05 12.30pm 6.00pmFri 06 12.30pm 7.00pmSat 07 11.00am 2.30pm 7.00pm</p><p>DESIGN THE BEASTS MASK &amp; WINA CLASS TICKET TO THE SHOWThe angry Witch Hazel has put a curse on the Prince and turned him into a beast. She needs your help to design a horrible mask to hide his handsome Prince face! Make your entry from any safe material you like (papier mache, felt, etc). The winner will be displayed at the theatre throughout panto season.Send us your entries by Monday 28 November 2011. Email or go to the web site for more details.</p><p>* British Sign Language performance Friday 16 December, 7pm</p><p>Schools Competition</p><p>International Singing StarReturning by populardemand CBBCs</p><p>Paul Leno</p><p>AbigailWelford</p><p>The icing on the cake is our truly talented professional cast. Returning for another season of pantomime madness and mayhem is the loveable Leeds favourite Jez Edwards, playing Pierre. And of course panto wouldnt be panto without a villain and Denise Nolan as Witch Hazel has all the spells and sorcery to put the Count of Cristi Monto into a complete head spin that turns him into a mean and moody Beast.</p><p>Will he ever ditch the bad attitude and fi nd happiness? Maybe with the love of Beauty, our Beast could be tamed in time for a happy-ever-after ending</p><p>BenPalmer</p><p>With an action-packed, bang-up-to-datescript, high energy choreography, dazzling </p><p>costumes full of glitz and glamour, and a generous supply of laugh-out-loud comedy with plenty of audience participation, Beauty and the Beast</p><p>is the must-see show this Christmas!</p><p>International Singing Star</p><p>Denise Nolan</p><p>demand CBBCs</p><p>JezEdwards</p><p>Special appearance by Father Christmasat performances on Christmas Eve</p></li><li><p>BE FESTIVAL is Birminghams new internationaltheatre festival, bringing together the most daringand delightful performances from across Europe.Best of BE FESTIVAL o ers the chance to see threeaward-winning favourites from the 2011 programme. Each show is 30 minutes long, and can be enjoyedand understood by speakers of all languages.This triple bill is complimented by lively discussion, delicious food, and a celebratory atmosphere. This is a unique opportunity to see work that has never touredthe UK before, so BE part of it!</p><p></p><p>Sat 17 SeptemberMain Auditorium: 7.30pmTickets: 11.50, 9.50 (concessions 2 o )</p><p>Daniel Bye presents</p><p>The Price of Everything How much is beauty worth?What will people pay for an air guitar on eBay?And can I have a glass of milk?These urgent questions and others are answered inThe Price of Everything, a performance lecture about value. Daniel Byes whistlestop tour of bizarre facts and impassioned arguments is occasionally shambolic and often opinionated but always a joy to watch.Comic, provocative, and possibly a tiny bit sad, this show is a must if youve ever wondered about the di erence between the price of an object and its value.And you get a free glass of milk.</p><p>Thur 15 &amp; Fri 16 Septemberupstairs@thecarriageworks: 7.45pmTickets: 9 (7 concessions)</p><p>Proper Job Theatre Company presents</p><p>The Great Gatsby The story of the American Dream re-imagined for the post-credit crunch era. Adapted from the 20th century American classic byF Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby examines issues of class divide, social corruption and the pursuit of wealth. As we fi nd ourselves struggling to come to terms with the impact of the credit crunch, the old truth still remains: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.In this version Proper Job does what it does best, giving the story an unrivalled beautyand physicality. The result is a visceral experience, which communicates across language, age and culture.</p><p>Wed 14 SeptemberMain Auditorium: 1.30pm &amp; 7pmTickets: 11.50, 9.50 (concessions 1 o )Schools O er: 11.50, 10 including transport (terms and conditions apply)</p><p>98 PerformancePerformance Box O ce: 0113 224 3801</p><p>Produced by BE FESTIVAL</p><p>Photograph by Cody Bratt &amp; Matt Nuzzaco</p></li><li><p>Theatre ad Infi nitum presents</p><p>Translunar Paradise a place where time stands stillStage Award winner (2009) and Total Theatre Award Nominee (2010) Theatre Ad Infi nitum invites you on a journey of life, death, and enduring love. After his wife passes away, William escapes to a paradise of fantasy and past memories, a place far from the reality of his grief. Returning from beyond the grave, Rose revisits her widowed companion to perform one last act of love: to help him let go.From the company that brought you Odyssey and The Big Smoke.WINNER: THE BE FESTIVAL DEVELOPMENT AWARD</p><p> Ad Infi nitum have moved to thefront of the pack THE GUARDIAN </p><p>Tiny House Productions presents</p><p>NormalOn 24 May 1930, Peter Krten allowed himself to be arrested by the Dsseldorf police. He confessed to 79 o ences, including theft, arson, assault, rape and murder. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. But before his legacy came to an end he committed one fi nal atrocity.Anthony Neilsons claustrophobic drama delves into the life of Peter Krten, the Dsseldorf Ripper, and traces the uneasy relationships developed between Krten and Wehner, his emotionally stunted defence lawyer, who develops an uneasy empathy for the bloodier recesses of his clients mind. Contains strong language and scenes thatsome may fi nd upsetting.</p><p>Fri 23 Septemberupstairs@thecarriageworks: 7.45pmTickets: 9 (7 concessions)</p><p>Wed 28 September Sat 1 Octoberupstairs@thecarriageworks: 7.45pmTickets: 10 (8 concessions)Suitable for ages 16+</p><p>Chloe Bezer presents</p><p>My GrandfathersGrand Pianoand</p><p>Journey of Songs This double bill brings together two delightful performances from Chloe Bezer. These autobiographical and nostalgic pieces are brought to life using a mix of live performance, music, fi lm and visual art.My Grandfathers Grand Piano revisits holidays spent with her Grandparents as a child, while Journey of Songs a collaboration with Jess Swainson (visual art) and Matt Tullett (fi lm and projection) is built around a series of original compositions written and performed on cello.</p><p>Thur 22 Septemberupstairs@thecarriageworks: 7.45pmTickets: 9 (7 concessions)</p><p>Amerrycan Theatre presents </p><p>My Name is BillAn Afternoon with an AlcoholicWith a raft of fi ve-star reviews at the Edinburgh Festival, My Name is Bill is a gutsy story about the most extraordinary loser youll ever meet. A crack storyteller. A brilliant investment banker. And a raging alcoholic in search of redemption. He has one important decision left to make. His life and a million lost souls hang in the balance. This moving one-man show reveals what happens on the day Bill hits rock bottom, turns down a drink and creates Alcoholics Anonymous.</p><p> Fascinating and touchingTHE SCOTSMAN</p><p>Tues 20 &amp; Wed 21 September upstairs@thecarriageworks: 7.45pmTickets: 9 (7 concessions)</p><p>1110 PerformancePerformance Box O ce: 0113 224 3801</p></li><li><p>China Plate...</p></li></ul>