can you come to my party?

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Unit 5. Can you come to my party?. Section B Period(1a-2c). Revision. Can you come to my party? can 情态动词 , 这里用来提出邀请,意思是“能”。 情态动词, 后面跟动词原形 。主语是第三人称单 数也如此。. I have to go to see a doctor. have to “ 必须,不得不”,着重于客观因素所致。 否定为 : do not have to. Pairwork. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Section B Period(1a-2c)Unit 5

  • Can you come to my party? can , I have to go to see a doctor.have to : do not have toRevision

  • A: What are you going to do tomorrow?B: Im going to A: What are you going to do the day after tomorrow?B: Well, Im Pairwork

  • Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

  • Write the dates for this week on the calendar.1a



  • todayyesterdaythe day before yesterdaytomorrowthe day after tomorrow

  • 1btodayyesterdaytomorrowthe day after tomorrowWrite these words below the correct dates on the calendar.



  • What day is it today?Today is 1c

  • Whats todayWhat was yesterdayWhats tomorrow?Whats the day after tomorrow? It was Its Thursday the 12th.

  • 2a ListeningCan Vince play tennis with Andy? Mark Yes or No. Yes or No

  • 2b L i s t e n i n gMatch Vinces activities with the days.cbaab

    Vinces Activities Days__ Play soccer a. todayb. tomorrowc. the day after tomorrow

    __Go to the doctor__Study for the test__Have a piano lesson__Babysit his sister

  • PairworkHi, Vince, can you play tennis with me?



    Sorry, I cant. I

  • A: Hi, Vince?V: Yeah, hi, Andy!A: Vince, can you play tennis with me?V: Uh, when?A: Today.V: Uh, no, sorry, I cant. I have to go to the doctor and study for a test today.

  • A: How about tomorrow?V: Sorry, tomorrow Im playing soccer and I have a piano lesson.A: Oh. Well, what are you doing the day after tomorrow?V: I have to babysit my sister.A: Oh, I see.V; Im sorry, Andy. Im really busy this week!

  • Homework You want to invite your partner to a movie this week. See her schedule and make date.

    From Monday to Friday: go to schoolMonday evening: do homeworkThursday evening: help her parentsTuesday evening: study for the math testFriday evening: visit her uncleWednesday evening: do homeworkSaturday evening: do homeworkSunday: free

  • Do the other exercises in this part.

  • Bye !