campaigning decent work the belgian experience. overview towards a decent work campaign 2008-2010: a...

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  • Campaigning Decent WorkThe Belgian Experience

  • OverviewTowards a Decent Work Campaign2008-2010: A Decent Work CampaignSome good resultsFollow upLessons learnt

  • 1. Towards a DW CampaignCore business TUs and some NGOsInternational campaign DWDLTwo years of preparationUnique synergy between TUs and broader North-South movement

  • 1. Towards a DW Campaign

  • 2. 2008-2010: a DW campaign

  • 2. A DW Campaign

  • 3. Some good results

  • 3. Some good results167.269 signaturesDW in code of conducts and CBAsLarge media/press coveragePolitical support and engagements:DW on the agenda!Parlementary Resolution on DWDW as condition for trade and investment agreements (e.g. BIT Colombia)?

  • 4. Follow upPolicy Working Group on DW continuesMember-driven: focus on 2 topics:Labour rights in FTAs and BITsLabour rights in supply chainsLobby activitiesDE: visibility and public action on WDDWDomestic work (media and policy, 2011)Youth Employment (facebook action, 2012)

  • 5. Lessons learntInnovative theme towards public, policy makers,N-S interconnectednessNew public: workers: identification!!Synergy between TUs and NGOsDW as development strategy: TU core business recognized by NGOsNeed concrete demands and examples for DE

  • 5. Lessons learntHeavy consultation processTUs and Development education?a win-win?own interestcrisis as opportunity?bring the same messagegood example: domestic work convention


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