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Official newsletter of the Cameron High School Alumni Association, Inc.


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    Blue & Gold Dinner/Ball 6

    The official newsletter of the Cameron High Alumni Association, Inc., Nashville, Tennessee SEPTEMBER 2012

    NASHVILLEThe Cameron High Alumni

    Association, Inc. presents the 27th Annual

    Blue & Gold Weekend, Friday, Novem-

    ber 23 Saturday, November 24. This

    years theme is Celebrating Legacies

    Past and Present. The Annual Praise &

    Worship Service will be at Tabernacle

    Baptist Church 1224 12th Ave., S., Friday,

    November 23. Former Pastor Richard Hunt

    (deceased) was a member of the Class of

    62, which will be celebrating its 50th Re-

    union this year. Admission is free, but we

    will collect a love offering.

    Mrs. Ola G. Hudson and Mr. Leonard

    Morton, former faculty at Cameron High

    School, are the special honorees for the

    Saturday morning Blue & Gold Brunch.

    Both have enjoyed illustrious careers en-

    hancing and touching the lives of so many

    former students whom they taught as well

    as all who walked the halls at Cameron

    High School. Please join us from 9:30 a.m.

    12 Noon as we pay tribute to these

    exceptional educators and mentors.

    The brunch will be in the large gymnasium.

    Tickets are $13 per person and can be

    purchased at the door. Proceeds from all

    weekend events will benefit the O.R. Jack-

    son Scholarship Fund. Mr. Jackson served

    Blue & Gold Scholarship Ball is set for Nov. 24

    The Class of 1971, one of three classes honored, boogied the night away at last years Parade of Classes.

    Ola Hudson Leonard Morton

    To perpetuate the memory of

    Cameron High School, our

    Alma Mater, by fostering

    unity, fellowship and support

    among our membership.

    To raise funds to provide

    educational and financial

    assistance to deserving

    young men and women

    through the O.R. Jackson

    Scholarship Foundation,

    named in memory of our

    legendary and beloved prin-

    cipal and chief mentor.

    To perpetuate goodwill

    among those whose lives we


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  • As I continue to work with the Cameron High Alumni Association, I have begun to see the organization in a broader sense than I had before. Many have been at this longer that I have, some for over 26 years. I am amazed at the camaraderie that I see among the alumni, our former teachers and many of our supporters. Many work at this so tirelessly and give of their time so unselfishly, with such character and goodwill. It is pleasing when you

    see this among individuals.

    Years ago, I would run into Harry Beamon. Harry didnt waste an opportunity to invite me to get involved in the Alumni Association. He would call me every year. He was not intimidating, but pleasant with a bunch of patience. He would just ask! At the time, I was shortsighted and selfish. I was not motivated to get out of my comfort zone. Of course, I voiced all kinds of excuses; my business, my church, this and that was taking up all of my time. They were just excuses! I just didnt want to do it and really did not feel the importance at that time. Until I thought about the scrip-

    ture that says, To whom much is given, much is required.

    Life is short and fleeting! The funerals just keep coming. Every one of them feels like a class reunion. Over the past 18 months, many of our Alumni have passed away. Some Alumni have been sick and some have been in need. Whats amazing is that time and time again this Alumni Association has banned together in support of our own. Yes, we have our little disagreements, but when it comes down to crunch

    time, the Cameron Alumni family has been solid.

    If you really look at your life, it is conclusive that our parents and former teachers and principals have had a positive ef-

    fect on our lives. So, why not do this for someone else!

    Our young people are in need of scholarships, now more that ever. We can help them succeed. Many of our recipients have gone on to do great things and we have been a part of their legacy. We have

    no choice but to continue to help.

    This is a new era, but Dr. Martin Luther Kings dream is not quite complete. Many families are still struggling in so many ways trying to further their childrens education. But we have so many cheerful giv-ers: Alumni who year after year, event after event give their money and time to see this great legacy continue. Your participation in the events that we sponsor during the year is so crucial to our existence. We thank you so very


    We continue to have great leadership. Our President, Charles Watkins, must be commended. His commitment to this organization is extraordinary. But we need your insight as we set the foundation for this family for years to come.

    Life is so short, but together we can make a difference!

    The Alumni meet every second Tuesday of every month in the Alumni Room at Cameron at 6:00 p.m. If you have not been to a meeting lately, you are invited. Mark you calen-dars now and set aside a couple of hours to commune with

    your family.

    George E. McLaurine, Vice-President

    Cameron High Alumni Association

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    We Are More Than an Association, Were Family!We Are More Than an Association, Were Family!We Are More Than an Association, Were Family!

    George McLaurine

    U.S. Presidential Election is November 6!

    If you need help registering to vote, need to update your information, or youre not sure if you are already registered,

    go to . The U.S. Presidential election (November 6) is only a few weeks away. We have no

    excuse for not participating in the process. If you need information on early voting in Tennessee, visit http:// Find out how to vote by mail (absentee) at


    According to the States Election website: To vote early, a person must appear in person at either the county election

    commission office or at a satellite voting location opened by the county election commission. For each election, early vot-

    ing begins 20 days before the election and ends 5 days before the election. Although closed from voting on holidays, a

    person may vote early on any Saturday that falls during this time frame.

    Vote early, by mail or at the polls! BUT REMEMBER: If you dont vote, you have no right to complain!

  • Results of the election:

    President: Charles Watkins

    Vice President: George McLaurine

    2nd Vice President: Gloria Pillow

    Chief Financial Officer: William Taylor

    Treasurer: Mildred Mannings

    Bookkeeper: Barbara Coure

    Recording Secretary: Shirley Johnson

    Asst. Recording Secretary: Almedia Blackman

    Chaplain : Minister Jennifer Dobbins

    Assistant Chaplain: Gene Green

    Historian : Morgan Branch

    Parliamentarian: Jacqueline Brown

    Public Relations Officer: Amelia Scruggs

    November Events Chairs Praise & Worship Co-Chairs: Shirley Johnson and Eula Hendricks Brunch Chair: Morgan Branch Blue & Gold Dinner/Ball Co-Chairs: JoAnn Washington and Ruby Robinson

    Highlights of June 12 Meeting

    The Cameron High Alumni Association met in the Archive Room for the General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. The meeting was called to or-der by the President, Charles E. Watkins. Devotion was prayer by Jennifer Dobbins. The minutes were read and received by a motion from Jennifer Dobbins, seconded by Gloria Pillow, and the

    majority agreed.

    Treasurers Report: Mildred Mannings

    Beginning Balance: $6,657.63

    Total Deposits: $50.00

    Total Income: $6,707.63

    Spring Fling: George McLaurine

    At the Gate $1,762.00

    Vendors $375.00

    Donations $431.00

    Total Income $2,568.00

    Total Expenses $2,137.85

    Total Profit $430.15

    George expressed that it was a first class event. He received

    excellent reviews from the vendors. Special thanks to the commit-

    tee for their loyalty and sacrifice. The only negative factor: The

    event was not published in the media as promised.

    Newsletter: Gloria Pillow

    Information is needed for the newsletter, including names and photos of the scholarship recipients.

    Old Business:

    Blue and Gold Weekend: This Years Theme: Celebrating Legacies, Past and Present.

    Brunch Chairperson: Morgan Branch

    Ronnie Johnson will oversee contract for the caterer and the DJ.

    Raffle: Carrie Washington

    A $300 Gift Card will be raffled ($3.00 per ticket).

    Scholarship Committee Report: Peggy Gooch any questions re-garding the criteria and the handling of scholarships should be directed toward the committee that oversees the scholarships. A time change at this meeting was set for 6:00 p.m., beginning in September and October.

    Election of Officers