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SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 1 Brand Guidelines & Specifications

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  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 1

    Brand Guidelines & Specifications

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 2

    IntroductionThis document defines the core elements that make up the SurveyMonkey brand and

    illustrates how to apply them to all SurveyMonkey materials for a consistent brand

    experience among employees, partners and customers.

    Let this document guide the development of everything from presentations and marketing

    collateral, to events, corporate communications and product demonstrations. It should

    even serve as a reminder of who we are and how to do business the SurveyMonkey way.

    Think of it as a spiritual guide for your inner primate.

    And please remember that the SurveyMonkey brand is in the hands of each and every

    one of you. Every email you send to a customer, every piece of code that goes into the

    product, in essence, everything you do creates a brand impression. So handle the brand

    with care, and do your job with pride so that our customers experience the very best of

    all of us in the SurveyMonkey brand.


    Brand Essence ............................................................ 3

    Naming & Writing Guidelines ................................ 8

    Logo & Logo Lock-ups ...........................................15

    Color Palette ..............................................................33

    Photography & Illustration Style ........................35

    Corporate Fonts .......................................................43

    Brand Architecture ..................................................48

    Partner Guidelines ....................................................51

    International Portrait Photo Guidelines ...........52

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 3

    Brand Essence

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 4

    Our MissionHelp people make better decisions.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 5

    Brand PromiseAt its heart, a survey is a conversation between people. Knowing that, we believe

    that nothing should stand between our customers and the information they need

    to make better decisions or simply go to bed smarter. That’s why we’re committed

    to creating the best survey tools possible.

    We build sound methodology and years of experience into our solutions, so

    customers can be confident that their results are up to the highest standards.

    Not only will they go to bed smarter, but they’ll rest assured knowing their data

    is safe with us. And just in case they’re up at 3 a.m., our customer service team

    is available around the clock to make sure their experience is a smooth one.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 6

    Brand Attributes The following brand attributes represent the SurveyMonkey personality. They are the foundation of who we are and the driving force behind

    all we do. Embody these characteristics in all you do. And let them guide your decision-making to ensure every choice you make is in keeping

    with the brand. They are great criteria for measuring promotional opportunities, partnerships, feature sets, web design, etc. Attributes to the

    left are most known with our customers. We want to maintain these characteristics while driving awareness of our lesser known attributes.

    Friendly SurveyMonkey is the kind of company you want to have for a friend. We’re approach-

    able, respectful and surprisingly accommodating.

    We put our customers’ needs first and work hard

    to make our products as user-friendly as possible.

    Quick We only move at one speed and that means our customers get the information they

    need faster than they ever thought possible. Our

    self-serve product is intuitive; our surveys load

    quickly; and our customer service response time

    is the best in the industry. We’ll even respond in

    the middle of the night if we have to.

    Easy Simplicity is paramount in everything we do. Our self-serve tool is so intuitive, anyone can

    use it. From choosing a plan to creating a survey

    and analyzing results, the experience is simple

    and straightforward. No matter how complex

    the project, we offer customers an easy way to

    have meaningful conversations with those who

    matter most.

    Trustworthy We understand that trust has to be earned, and that’s why we strive to build

    our customers’ trust in everything we do. We are

    honest and transparent in our business practices,

    and our pricing is fair. Our tools are reliable,

    our data is secure, and we are fiercely protective

    of our customers’ private information. We are

    everything a dependable and professional

    partner should be.

    Helpful We help people all over the world make smarter decisions. Everything from our

    intuitive products and survey templates to re-

    search tips, panels and more is designed to make

    it easy for our customers to get the answers they

    need. And if they’re stumped, we offer round-

    the-clock customer support.

    Smart It’s not just our intelligence, but how we apply it that counts. We’ve turned our research

    and survey knowledge into a self-serve product

    that is as simple as it is powerful. Our advanced

    reporting and analytics make even the research-

    ers drool. And sometimes, just sometimes, our

    cleverness comes out in other ways, like in our

    charming wit.

    Innovative The innovative spirit of the original monkey lives within us all. We put years of

    experience into our products, yet we’re

    constantly evolving. A day doesn’t go by without

    putting our ears to the ground, our tails in the

    air…seeking out newer, better ways to offer the

    very best, most advanced tools. We’re resource-

    ful, modern monkeys with deep roots in survey


    More Known Less Known

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 7

    UsageWe should attempt to use the tagline when

    possible to help build our brand story. It can

    be a great conversation starter, as well as a

    heck of a closer. Some recommended uses are

    as follows:

    • Your email signature

    • Marketing materials, where space permits

    • Emails and newsletters to customers

    • Business cards

    • Corporate stationery

    • Our website, blog & social media profiles

    • Press releases

    • Tchotchkes or branded merchandise

    Our Tagline

    The best decisions start hereTM

    Our tagline embodies the spirit of our mission in five small, but mighty, words.

    It differentiates us from the competition and positions us as the starting point for better

    decision-making. We’re more than just a pretty survey tool, and our tagline reinforces this.

    There are a few instances where the tagline

    used with the logo may be omitted. General

    rules for omission are below.

    Space limitation

    An example of space limitation due to size

    is communication pieces such as online

    advertising where space for the logo and

    tagline may not work.

    Large format usage

    An example of large format usage is large

    scale branded signage or posters where

    the logo is used as a header or by itself.

    Logo used with text

    For visual examples see pages 26 and 32.

    In this instance the logo is already associated

    with a web address or copy title. In cases

    like these it is best to leave off the logo for

    clearer communication.

    FormattingThe tagline can be used in conjunction with

    the SurveyMonkey logo, as outlined on page

    20, or on its own.

    The tagline should always be written in

    sentence case without a period at the end.

    Always use a trademark symbol (TM) at the

    end of the tagline in the first and/or most

    prominent placement of the tagline in any

    given document, object or online experience.

    TM should be in superscript, as shown above.

    The tagline should only be written using

    the Gotham font family, and preferably in

    SurveyMonkey green or gray. See page 17

    for color values.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 8

    Naming & Writing Guidelines

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 9

    Naming GuidelinesAs the brand evolves, there will always be opportunities to name product packages,

    features, blogs and other elements of the SurveyMonkey offering. The following guidelines

    will help direct the naming process. For more on this topic, see the brand architecture

    section on page 49.

    1. The SurveyMonkey name is already loaded with enough character and personality, so

    product names should be straightforward,

    descriptive and utilitarian. The names can

    still express the SurveyMonkey personality,

    but people should understand what the

    name means without an explanation.

    2. Names should not be cutesy, a pun or a play off a monkey stereotype or cliché.

    3. The name should not manipulate the SurveyMonkey name in any way.

    4. Names compounded with Monkey should generally be avoided.

    Example: Customer ServiceYes: Customer Support Center

    No: The Answer Lounge

    Example: Business offeringYes: Professional Plan

    No: Monkey Business

    Example: Nighttime supportNo: SurveyMoonkey

    Example: Email management toolNo: MailMonkey

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 10

    Describing SurveyMonkeyHow do we write (or talk) about SurveyMonkey?

    NO YES

    Consolidate Combine

    Corporation Company

    Customer service Support

    Debug Fix

    Demographic Target audience

    Expensive Premium

    Intelligent Smart

    Interface Design (or Template)

    Monkeys Customers

    Questionnaire Survey

    Paid Professional (or Pro)

    Pricing Plan

    Software Tool (or Service)

    Subscription Account

    Survey designs Themes

    Survey takers Respondents

    Take a tour See how it works

    Task Analysis User Testing

    Uncomplicated Easy to use

    PositiveSmart, clever, curious, resourceful, helpful, secure, efficient

    NegativeCheeky, dumb, pesky, mischievous, unprofessional, childish, silly

    Key messages when talking about our brand:

    • SurveyMonkey is used by 99% of the Fortune 500.

    • SurveyMonkey is the world’s largest survey company.

    • We have over XX* million registered users.

    • Over XX* million survey responses are collected every month.

    • XXX,000* surveys are conducted a month.

    • We have over XX* million site visitors every month.

    • Our surveys are used in 190+ countries. You can create surveys in 55 languages.

    *use the most recent data

    How to explain what SurveyMonkey is:

    • SurveyMonkey is an easy and free tool to create surveys online.

    • SurveyMonkey helps you gain valuable insights to make better decisions.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 11

    The SurveyMonkey Tone of VoiceOur voice represents the SurveyMonkey brand and values in action. It is expressed in every

    word choice we make, so it’s important that we maintain a consistent tone when speaking

    to our customers and partners. Follow the guidelines below to ensure your materials are in

    keeping with the SurveyMonkey brand.

    Reflect the personality: Friendly, quick, trustworthy, helpful, smart and innovative.

    Strive for a 1-on-1 conversation. Whenever possible, use a direct, personal

    approach so that our copy feels like we

    (SurveyMonkey) are speaking to another

    individual (customer, partner or individual).

    For the most part, we do not want our copy to

    feel like it is a speech directed at an audience.

    This means referring to SurveyMonkey

    primarily in the first person as we, and not

    the third. There are obvious exceptions to this

    rule (e.g. speaking engagements, some press

    or investor materials, generic statements not

    intended as a dialogue, etc.).

    Wrong: SurveyMonkey empowers

    organizations to get answers fast.

    Right: At SurveyMonkey, we help you get

    answers to your questions in record time.

    Exude cool confidence. This means that we should validate and demon-

    strate, but not try too hard to prove ourselves.

    We want to sound secure and capable, not

    arrogant or insecure. So do not compare our-

    selves with the competition or appear overeager.

    Wrong: Our competitors claim to be number

    one, but we really are.

    Right: We are the world’s leading survey tool.

    Never be defensive. Don’t make excuses for our weaknesses.

    We can be honest about them if the situation

    requires (e.g., If we mess up, we should own

    up to it.), but in general we should focus on

    the things we do well.

    Wrong: We may not have all the features of

    our competitors, but we are easier to use.

    Right: We have lots of great features and

    are easy to use.

    Be honest. Speak truthfully and do not exaggerate or

    over-promise. Set expectations appropriately

    and make sure all statements are

    demonstratively true.

    Be respectfully friendly. Our tone is generally casual and conversational,

    but always respectful. Remember that we are

    a global company and some cultures are more

    formal than others.

    Wrong: If you can afford it, fork over the money

    for a paid plan. That way you aren’t stuck with

    only 100 responses per survey.

    Right: We have four convenient plans to fit your

    needs. Our basic plan is always free, or you can

    upgrade based on the type of survey and level

    of support you’re looking for.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 12

    How to Communicate in the SurveyMonkey VoiceSure, we each have our own unique personalities, but it’s important to keep in mind that we’re all

    representatives of the SurveyMonkey brand. So when talking to customers and partners, be sure to

    keep these things in mind.

    Make things less formal and more conversational.

    Email intro suggestions Wrong:

    Dear Mr. Jones,

    Thank you for your inquiry. The answer to your question can be found in

    the Help Center on the SurveyMonkey website in the Tutorials section.


    Hi John,

    Thanks for your question. We just happen to have a section in our Help

    Center that talks about exactly what you’re looking for.

    Email closing suggestions Wrong:

    I hope this response has resolved your issues. Please do not hesitate to

    contact us again should you need further assistance.




    I hope this solves your issue, John. If not, feel free to send me an email.



    Saying sorry Sometimes a friendly apology can do wonders when a customer reports

    a site glitch or isn’t finding what they need. Keep in mind that if the issue

    is escalated, it’s better to be more straightforward.

    Examples of how to say sorry:

    • We’re sorry.

    • Sorry about that.

    • So sorry.

    Fun ways to incorporate monkeys and monkey terms into your copy Saying goodbye: Monkey hugs

    Speaking on behalf of SurveyMonkey: Simian says

    Talking about ourselves:

    • The Monkey’s favorite ice cream flavor? Chunky Monkey, of course.

    • Sound methodology, a primate’s best friend.

    • Bugs on trees? Monkeys like. Bugs on the site? Not so much.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 13


    • Abbreviations such as LMK, LOL and ROFL are to be used only on

    Twitter where space is limited to 140 characters.

    • Use hashtags whenever appropriate.

    Examples include: #SurveyMonkey, #Survey or #Monkey.

    • Try to keep tweets shorter than 140 characters. Shorter tweets have

    higher engagement rates and are easier to retweet..


    When replying to customer posts, keep things friendly and positive.

    Maintain a conversational tone and add some SurveyMonkey personality

    to your replies.

    It’s usually best to reply with the customer’s name.

    • Hi Stacy. Thanks for all the kind words.

    • Stacy - thanks for all the kind words.

    • Thanks for all the kind words, Stacy.

    This is a great opportunity to turn up the fun when talking about

    Monkeys (us).

    • The Monkeys got a special treat for lunch, pizza!

    • We had a team meeting today with all the Monkeys in attendance.

    Asking customers to take action


    Read this article You should find what

    you’re looking for.


    We have an article on our blog that addresses exactly what you’re looking

    for. Check it out here: If you have any

    questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

    Requesting info


    Hey, I need your account number and the name of your survey.


    I’d love to help. To get started, can I get your account number and

    the name of your survey?

    Social Media

    How we communicate on social media platforms is equally as important

    as how we communicate on other channels. Therefore, always be sure to

    check your copy for spelling, grammar and tone of voice before posting.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 14

    Shoot the breeze a little to keep things conversational.

    • Happy Friday, everyone.

    • It’s December and 75 degrees out. Ice cream break!

    • Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a safe holiday.

    Avoid dry, formal conversations.

    Wrong: In order for you to resolve this issue, you will need to visit our

    Help Center.

    Right: Chris - We have just the tutorial you’re looking for. It can be found

    in our Help Center.

    Wrong: Jane - Wish you good luck for your project! Have a nice week!

    Right: Jane - Thanks for using SurveyMonkey, and good luck with your

    project. Have fun!

    Wrong: Tom - We prefer emails than phone so please contact us at

    [email protected] You should get a fast response, or just let

    us know what you need here. In the meantime, check our Help Center


    Right: Hi Tom - For the fastest response, send us an email at

    [email protected], or just let us know what you need here.

    In the meantime, check out our Help Center at

    Some final pointers…

    Be concise. Focus on the customer benefit.

    Wrong: Creating a survey is not complicated, and there’s

    no charge to use it.

    Right: SurveyMonkey is easy to use. And it’s free.

    Avoid negative references to monkeys.

    Wrong: There’s no monkeying around—people love us.

    Right: Millions of people trust SurveyMonkey, including

    99% of the Fortune 100.

    Do not refer to SurveyMonkey as software.

    Wrong: SurveyMonkey is the best software for online surveys.

    Right: SurveyMonkey is an online tool that lets you create

    surveys with ease.

    Wrong: George - We are not aware of this issue. Please clear cache

    and cookies. If this doesn’t work, you can also contact us at

    [email protected]

    Right: George - Thanks for your message. We aren’t aware of this issue.

    Try clearing your cache and cookies. If this doesn't work, email us at

    [email protected]

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 15

    Logo & Logo Lock-ups

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 16

    The Logo The company logo is the most visible component of the SurveyMonkey brand. It’s the

    face we show the world and the stamp we place on everything we do. The strength of the

    logo is dependent on the consistency of its use, so please follow these guidelines carefully

    when applying the logo to websites, blogs, marketing materials, advertising, presentations,

    tchotchkes, etc.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 17

    Logo Usage With No TaglineWhen placing the SurveyMonkey logo, always

    make sure that the logo is placed on a white or

    light background when using the configuration

    of green icon and gray logotype. The ® is part

    of the logo and must always be used, unless

    international usage requires a TM. Contact

    marketing if you have a question about the

    proper usage. Also, be sure the colors are

    correct. See below for the correct logo colors.

    Clear SpaceClear space should be equal to the “o” in the

    logo being used. Clear space should be mea-

    sured from the furthest points of the logo as

    shown: the top of the ‘S’, the bottom of the ‘y’,

    the left of the ear and the right of the ‘y’.

    Alternate LogosIf required, single-color logos may be used.

    Please opt for the SurveyMonkey green or gray

    if possible. For printing in black and white only,

    a one-color black and white logo can be used.

    When the logo is reversed, default to all white

    for the logo unless the logo is being featured

    on the SurveyMonkey gray, in which case the

    SurveyMonkey green may be used for the icon.

    PMS 383c

    hex #A9BD38

    c26 m3 y93 k17

    PMS 418c

    hex #5B5A4B

    c33 m23 y34 k68

    Alternative Logos

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 18

    Vertical Logo StackA stacked logo can be used in the rare

    instance when horizontal space is limited,

    such as when the logo is placed alongside

    other logos as on a partner page.

    To guarantee the most consistent brand

    recognition, use the vertical logo stack only

    when the normal logo configuration is too

    hard to read, or disproportionately smaller

    than other partner logos.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 19

    When animating the logo, do not split the logo type

    “SurveyMonkey” into two separate objects.

    Do not use the logo without the ® mark.

    How NOT to Use the LogoFollow the approved logo usages on pages

    16-18. When using the logo, it must not be

    changed in any way from these approved


    The examples to the right are intended

    to address common misuses of the logo,

    including treatment when animating the

    logo (animation examples at the bottom).

    This is not a definitive list, but more

    of a guide for general incorrect usages.

    Do not use the logotype only by deleting the icon.

    Do not change the logotype of our logo to another font

    such as our corporate font Gotham, as shown below.

    Do not disproportionately scale the logo in any way.

    Do not change the size of the icon. Approved logos

    address readability issues.

    Do not stack or add space between the words

    Survey and Monkey.


    Do not change the scale of the icon in proportion

    to the logotype in the vertical stacked logo.

    Do not change the vertical stack logo shown on the

    previous page.

    In static and animated usages of the logo, do not

    add a drop shadow to any portion of the logo.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 20

    Logo Usage With TaglineUse only the approved logo files with embed-

    ded taglines. Do not alter or move the tagline

    in any way. When placing the SurveyMonkey

    logo with a tagline embedded, always make

    sure that the logo is horizontal and level. Also,

    be sure the colors are correct. The ® is part of

    the logo and must always be used.

    Clear SpaceClear space around the logo should be equal

    in size to the “o” in the logo being used. Clear

    space should be measured from the furthest

    points of the logo as shown: the top of the ‘S’,

    the bottom of the ‘T’ in the tagline, the left of

    the ear and the right of the ‘y’.

    Please note: Do not use the ® as the starting

    point of the clear space measurement.

    Preferred Tagline Size

    Minimum width of logo using the preferred tagline

    is 2 inches (50.8 mm). Pixel size is 640 x 90.

    Alternate Tagline Size

    For smaller logo sizes below 2 inches (50.8 mm),

    the tagline is enlarged to fit the width of the logo.

    The tagline is 75% of the logo color, so that the logo

    is the focus. The minimum width of the logo using

    the alternate tagline is 1.625 inches (41.3 mm).

    The tagline should not be used below this size.

    minimum width 2”, 50.8 mm or 144 pixels

    minimum width 1.625”, 41.3 mm or 118 pixels

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 21

    How NOT to Use the TaglineOnly use the approved tagline lock-up outlined

    on page 20. When using the tagline, it must

    not be changed in any way.

    The examples to the right are intended to

    address common missues of the tagline.

    This is not a definitive list, but more of a guide

    for general incorrect usages.

    The best decisions start here

    Do not place the tagline to the side of the logo.

    Do not use the tagline lock-up that is intended for smaller sizes

    below 2 inches, 50.8 mm or 144 pixels for larger sizes.

    Do not change the color of the standard tagline size.

    Do not change the font or placement of the tagline below the logo.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 22

    Recruitment TaglineFor recruiting efforts, SurveyMonkey has a special

    tagline to address potential new hires.

    Use this logo lock-up for recruitment purposes only

    (e.g., career fairs, speaker events, etc.).

    Recruitment lock-up on a white or light background

    The "(and careers)" tagline addition is a 65% tint of the

    SurveyMonkey gray.

    Recruitment lock-up used on a darker color background

    When the logo is used on a dark background, the logo

    and traditional portion of the tagline are reversed out in

    white. The “and careers” is set to 35% of the background


    When reversing the logo from a dark gray, the

    SurveyMonkey logo icon is the SurveyMonkey green.

    For all other darker colored backgrounds, the logo icon

    is white like the logo type.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 23

    SurveyMonkey Property Logo Lock-upThe SurveyMonkey brand allows for a consistent

    treatment for properties. The properties consist of

    business units or technologies that require a more

    specific sub-brand. Each SurveyMonkey property

    has its own logo, but all are treated in the same

    consistent manner for a stronger brand.

    Property lock-up against a white background

    The property name itself is an 80% tint of the

    SurveyMonkey gray. This allows for the SurveyMonkey

    brand to have the highest prominence, while still

    having a clearly readable property name.

    Property lock-up used on a darker color background

    When the logo is used on a dark background, the brand

    name is reversed out in white. The property name is set

    to 25% of the background color. This tint achieves the

    same goal of allowing for the SurveyMonkey brand to

    have the highest visual prominence.

    When reversing the logo from a dark gray, the

    SurveyMonkey logo icon is the SurveyMonkey green.

    For all other darker colored backgrounds, the logo

    icon is white like the other logo type.


    All SurveyMonkey property lock-ups must originate

    from the marketing department. Contact Bennett

    Porter at: [email protected]

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 24

    SurveyMonkey Property Logo Lock-up Vertical Stack

    For rare instances where horizontal space is limited,

    such as a vertical online ad, there is a stacked

    option of the lock-up.

    And for extremely small sizes, such as when

    appearing with other company logos, use the

    vertical lock-up at the bottom.

    Each SurveyMonkey product has its own logo. The

    property name itself is tinted regardless of back-

    ground, so that it does not compete with the logo.

    Property lock-up against a white background

    The property name itself is an 80% tint of the

    SurveyMonkey gray. This allows for the

    SurveyMonkey brand to have the highest

    prominence, while still having a clearly readable

    property name.

    Property lock-up used on a darker color background

    When the logo is used on a dark background, the

    brand name is reversed out in white. The property

    name is set to 25% of the background color. This tint

    achieves the same goal of allowing for the

    SurveyMonkey brand to have the highest visual


  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 25

    Wrong Ways to Treat the SurveyMonkey Property Logo Lock-up

    The following are some examples of incorrect uses

    of the property logo lock-up. Keep to the provided

    logo design format, and avoid redesigning the

    logos on your own.


    Do not center the property name with the horizontal logo.

    Do not use the property name with the icon only.

    Do not change the property color to 100% of the logo type color.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 26

    SurveyMonkey URL Lock-upUse this logo lock-up for all instances when

    you want to include the URL. Do not modify

    this logo lock-up. A good check to make sure

    the URL is placed correctly is to have the

    distance between the bottom of the “y” within

    the logo equal to the height of the “y” in the

    URL. To keep the visual focus of the logo while

    keeping the URL readable, the URL is a 65%

    tint of the SurveyMonkey gray (PMS 418c).

    When using the SurveyMonkey green or gray

    as a background color, use a 30% screen of

    the background color per the URL lock-ups

    shown below.

    URL lock-up on SurveyMonkey background colors:

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 27


    The Icon Unique and playful, the SurveyMonkey icon captures the essence

    of our brand. When using the icon, be sure to make it a part of the

    communication focus.

    Do use:

    As a watermark.

    As a social media badge.

    As part of a campaign where we mention SurveyMonkey or the


    In proximity to the logo.

    Do not use:

    When the communication is not important, such as part of a

    document footer or as an icon for bulleted lists.

    Usage ExamplesWatermark Campaign Example Social Media Badge


    About Vintage Futbol Washington D.C.-based Vintage Futbol

    is an up-and-coming, soccer-inspired

    clothing and lifestyle brand. When

    company founder and creative director

    Khoi Phan first moved to New York City to

    pursue a career in design, he spent his free

    time playing for a soccer league in Chinatown. Motivated by

    the passion his teammates felt for the game, Phan envisioned

    a clothing line that embodied the spirit of the game and the

    people who love it. In a matter of months, he created the

    brand, found a business partner, and acquired startup capital.

    Fueled by great design ideas and a staff of eight devoted

    soccer fans, Vintage Futbol was officially launched in April 2010.

    The question every new startup has —how do we get started?

    Before the company could

    begin production, some

    important questions needed

    to be answered. The Vintage

    Futbol team knew their ideal

    customers were people like

    themselves—adults between

    the ages of 18-30 who’d grown

    up playing soccer. But they needed to find out more specific

    information about the purchasing habits and clothing

    preferences of this particular market.

    Vintage Futbol had a short amount of time to get answers and

    a limited budget to conduct their initial research. The team

    was already familiar with SurveyMonkey, an inexpensive,

    flexible tool and had set up

    a survey that asked specific

    questions about the design

    of their product. After a few

    rounds of edits, they were

    ready to start distributing

    the survey: first, amongst

    themselves, then to friends

    and family, and finally to old

    schoolmates, on facebook,

    Twitter and other sources.

    Market research on a shoestring budget—is it really possible? Recognizing they needed more extensive feedback than just

    their families and friends could provide, the Vintage Futbol

    team acknowledged that conducting market research had

    become critical to the launch of their business.

    “Getting feedback from our facebook friends wasn’t going to

    give us the confidence we needed to commit all of our time,

    and to convince funders to support our efforts,” said Phan.

    Selecting a target Audience— just how specific can we get?Working with their SurveyMonkey Audience account manager,

    the Vintage Futbol team selected a targeted Audience with

    these specific traits:

    Americans geographically dispersed across the country

    Aged 18-30

    A mix of males and females

    Since SurveyMonkey Audience knew the basic demographic

    information of each Audience member who answered the

    Vintage Futbol survey, the collected data was supplemented

    with a variety of information about the respondents’ location,

    income levels, technology usage, and exact ages, among many

    other key details—allowing for more sophisticated analysis of

    their purchasing decisions.

    Confident with SurveyMonkey Audience’s pre-established

    demographic information, the Vintage Futbol team was able

    to focus on specific questions about potential design ideas

    to figure out which logos, colors, and styles their target

    audience preferred. Additionally, they were able to get

    answers to the following market research questions about

    this particular consumer group:

    What makes a brand special enough to pay a premium

    for branded clothing?

    Which of Vintage Futbol’s design concepts resonated

    with teenagers, young adults, males, females?

    Which “premium lifestyle brands” are most identifiable

    and how can Vintage Futbol learn from them?

    Where should Vintage Futbol price its products—does

    too low a price undermine the goal of being a “premium

    brand”? Does too high a price give a false impression

    of pretension?

    to purchase or learn more, please contact: [email protected] | Online Form | Copyright© 2011 SurveyMonkey


    “Basically, we had a lot of questions we needed answered before we tried to enter an incredibly competitive market.”

    “We couldn’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to an agency for research, so when we discovered Survey-Monkey Audience, we knew it was exactly what we needed.”

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 28

    Logo Icon UsageThe logo should always remain locked up,

    containing both the name and icon; however,

    for advertising and marketing purposes, the

    icon may be used as a branding feature.

    As such, the icon must always be accompanied

    by the full logo lock-up or SurveyMonkey

    name. See page 17 for the full logo treatment.

    Clear SpaceClear space around the icon should be equal

    to the ear circle in the logo being used. Clear

    space should be measured from the furthest

    points of the logo as shown.

    Color Options


    White logo icon on

    green background


    Green logo icon on

    gray background


    Green logo icon on

    green background as a

    watermark background



    Green logo icon on

    white background

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 29

    Cropping the IconThe monkey icon may be cropped, but only

    by a physical entity (e.g., a paper’s edge,

    garment seam, box side, wall, graphic element,

    etc.). Also, the cropped icon must always be

    discernible as the SurveyMonkey logo.

    Assure that both one full ear and the hair

    are not cropped out. As a general rule, keep

    three-quarters of the icon visible.

    When cropping the bottom of the icon, follow

    these general rules.

    For smaller usages such as the social media

    badge, do not crop the bottom of the icon.

    The icon is more difficult to recognize with

    bottom cropping at a small size. For larger

    uses, such as a watermark, the icon is

    recognizable with a bottom crop per the

    visual rule to the right.

    Color Palette

    Crop here to include hairlineCrop past ear

    Crop above hair
































    Larger usage of the icon Smaller usage of the icon

    Crop no higher than this line


    SurveyMonkey Overview  September 15th

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 30


    Online Icon Usage for Social MediaTo ensure a consistent brand recognition

    across all social media experiences in the U.S.

    and internationally, be sure to use one of the

    approved social media badges.

    To Note

    All SurveyMonkey social media icons must

    originate from the marketing department.

    Contact Bennett Porter at:

    [email protected]

    if you need a new or country-specific social

    media icon.

    Correct Cropping Guide

    Color Guide


    Use light green

    icon on green


    Option 1

    Use when background

    color is too dark for

    preferred version

    Option 2

    Use only on a

    green background


    Changing shade of

    green for the icon is

    not permitted


    Showing all hair and

    full ear, with room for

    country abbreviations.


    Cropped too tight,

    loses hairline and

    hard to recognize


    Showing all hair

    and full ear


    Missing ears, hard

    to recognize

    Preferred Country Specific Not Allowed

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 31

    Embellishment of the Icon

    Embellishment of the icon is only allowed for

    internal communications. Employees know the

    brand well. Embellishment can add a sense of

    fun (one of our brand attributes) for events and

    communications. An embellished logo can be

    used on the following communications:

    SurveyMonkey blog postings, SurveyMonkey

    intranet, any internal printed piece and internal

    emails. Please keep embellishments to the icon

    only without creating a monkey body, hands

    or tail. The embellishment should be focused

    on the concept not actually recreating a monkey.

    A little added personality goes a long way.

    However, the icon should never be embellished

    for any outside communications.

    For two reasons:

    1) Consistent brand recognition.

    2) Undermining the credibility

    of what we do.

    There is a lot of science behind what we do, and

    any embellishment to the logo or icon erodes

    the brand's credibility.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 32

    speaker series speaker series

    Topic Title of Videobenefit statement relating to video

    SurveyMonkey Video Entrance and ExitBelow are frames from our video entrance and exit template. This pre-existing animated template

    ensures that all of our demonstration, interview and similar videos have a consistent brand

    standard. For the animated template, contact Bennett Porter at: [email protected]

    [email protected]

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 33

    Color Palette

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 34

    PMS 383c hex #A9BD38c26 m3 y93 k17

    PMS 384c hex #829600c53 m27 y100 k6

    PMS 397c hex #CED429c10 m0 y98 k15

    PMS 611c hex #D4CB3Cc0 m1 y92 k11

    PMS 378c hex #54611Fc34 m0 y100 k60

    hex #494A32c62 m52 y78 k46

    PMS 418chex #5B5A4Bc33 m23 y34 k68

    PMS 7406c hex #E9C500c0 m18 y100 k0

    PMS 7405c hex #F1D627c0 m10 y99 k0

    PMS 115c hex #F8E049c0 m9 y80 k0

    PMS 418c hex # c33 m23 y34 k68

    PMS 7474c hex #44968Ec98 m7 y30 k30

    PMS 290c hex #C3DDEA c25 m2 y0 k0

    PMS 7460c hex #0093B8c100 m0 y0 k5

    PMS 7469c hex #005B83c100 m20 y0 k40

    PMS 675c hex #C41188c17 m100 y0 k3

    PMS 7492c hex #D3E4A0 c17 m1 y45 k3

    PMS 416c hex #83847Ac22 m14 y24 k45

    PMS 632c hex #33BDBFc93 m2 y13 k6

    PMS 1665c hex #DB5420c0 m68 y100 k0

    PMS 7426c hex #C80850c0 m100 y45 k18

    PMS 610c hex #EAE971c3 m2 y62 k5

    PMS 414c hex #9998AFc13 m8 y16 k26

    PMS 144c hex #F8B01Dc0 m42 y95 k0

    PMS 413c hex #C6C6BCc8 m5 y12 k15

    hex #666666c0 m0 y0 k74

    hex #CCCCCCc0 m0 y0 k23

    hex #999999c0 m0 y0 k12

    hex #eaeaeac0 m0 y0 k10

    hex #f3f3f3c0 m0 y0 k5

    Though green (PMS 383c) and gray (PMS 418c)

    are the principal colors of the SurveyMonkey

    logo, the full palette is much more extensive.

    The primary palette should dominate the

    design of all SurveyMonkey materials. The

    secondary palette should be used sparingly,

    as a spark or focal point when necessary, but

    should never dominate the design.

    It is not required to use all the colors in a given

    design. Nor is it prohibited to use a color that is

    not in the palette. It is, however, important that

    colors from our palette dominate the overall

    design to ensure a consistent brand look and

    feel across all materials.

    When darker or lighter colors are needed for

    backgrounds or more legible text, it is accept-

    able to use percentages of the palette colors.

    Printing With Green InkWhen printing on uncoated paper stock, please

    substitute PMS 383c with PMS 583u for a better

    match of PMS 383c.

    Photography & Il-lustration Style

    Primary Palette

    Secondary Palette

    Neutral Palette

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 35

    Photography & Illustration Style

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 36


    With Survey Monkey Text Analysis!

    The eASy way to graphically display, organize, and analyze open-ended responses.

    Remember taking your very first survey?

    Remember taking your very first survey?




    DO YOU:

    Photography & IllustrationOverall Tone and Style

    The images we use on our website, in our presentations and throughout our collateral are among the most prominent

    expressions of our brand identity. As such, they should connect with our audience in a very authentic way, and reflect

    back to them their thoughts, opinions and values.

    Our combination of photography and illustration captures both sides of our personality. The hand-drawn style of our

    illustrations pays tribute to the traditional pen and paper survey. It’s a unique look that quickly communicates what

    we do and who we are.

    Friendly • Quick • Easy • Trustworthy • Helpful • Smart • Innovative

    Most of all, our visual communications should always be clear and consistent.

    Love Knowing


    Upgrade Now

    Get more questions, more customization...

    Upgrade to a Pro account for $24 per month.

    and mind-blowing analytics.

    Get more questions, more customization...

    Upgrade Now

    Upgrade to a Pro account for as low as $17/month.

    and mind-blowing analytics.

    Get more questions, more customization...

    Upgrade Now

    Upgrade to a Pro account for as low as $17/month.

    and mind-blowing analytics.

    Get more questions, more customization...

    Upgrade Now

    Upgrade to a Pro account for $24 per month.

    and mind-blowing analytics.

    Get more questions, more customization...

    There are two copy versions of this ad.So two ads, same creative, but the pricing line is di�erent . That is the only di�erence, just the copy line

    Below, 2nd row, are the two static versions for Gif and jpg.

    Animation Notes.

    Conversation bubbles rapidly animate Each one fades in and grows . Bubble grow a

    bit beyond size and back down to �nal size.

    This is actual photo that is in ZIP �le with the stroy board

    static ads

    �nal copy line 1 �nal copy line 2

    box animates in like bubble

    2nd box fades in and animates into place.Next, gray bar with price moves up into final plce here. button appears last.

    When creating your imagery, don’t try to say too many things at once.

    Keep it simple and let the image do most of the talking.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 37

    emphasizing an emotion

    It was a pretty big deal.

    completing a story


    Our hand-drawn illustrations add vitality and energy to our visual communications. By combining photography and

    illustration, we can communicate a unique and memorable brand impression that conveys strong emotion and personality.

    Illustrations remind customers that surveys help facilitate meaningful conversations between humans. The goal of adding

    these types of drawings is to complete a story or illustrate a person’s internal thoughts.

    Create smart surveys with ease. 33 million people share their thoughts every month.





    muy de acuerdo

    every day





    Ja, natürlich.


    strongly agree


    focusing on

    a message

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 38

    Huge insights market potential Total Addressable Market (TAM)

    $18B Traditional Market Research

    $30B Total market

    Source: ESOMAR, Gartner, Forrester

    $6B Online Market Research

    $2B HR/Performance Mgmt Tools

    $4B Other tools (forms, quizzes, event planning)

    a.Head over to the Analyze Results tab

    to view the Response


    b.Click “view all pages.”

    1. Let’s See Text Analysis in action!

    Helpful Tip

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consec

    tetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam ullam

    corper neque id mi. Ut laoreet leo sit

    amet orci nam ac metus id dui accu

    msan tinci dunt. Etiam mauris turpis

    sollicitudin ac, convallis atet, massa.




    Even communications of a more technical nature can incorporate our hand-drawn style. By adding illustrations

    to information that can be a bit more serious, you’re creating an approachable, friendly connection between the

    customer and SurveyMonkey. Illustrations can be used to show emphasis, draw attention to a callout or highlight

    added content such as a user tip.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 39

    IllustrationOverall Style

    Our illustrations should feel personal and look as though they were done by hand, not computer generated. Just as

    our customers create surveys to make a connection with others, our illustrations should also connect with customers

    with our hand-drawn approach. Exceptions are illustrations of our product that are more technical in nature. Clip art is

    cold, impersonal and exactly the opposite effect we’re going for.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 40

    Things to Avoid

    Our hand-drawn illustration style adds vitality and energy to our visual communications. It’s important to keep

    our illustrations on brand, consistent and engaging. Below are some examples of the types of illustrations you

    should avoid.

    Other things to avoid include illustrations of people, cartoonish characters and complex diagrams.

    Don’t scale illustrations so much

    that they look artificially altered.

    Our goal is for a personal touch,

    and artificially scaling a

    hand-drawn illustration is no

    longer personal.

    Don’t use/create illustrations that

    look like a professional created it.

    They should be technically

    sound, but not overly fussy or

    complicated with shading.

    For marketing purposes, avoid illustra-

    tions that look computer generated.

    Exceptions to this rule are illustrations

    that appear deeper within the tool when

    users are starting to get technical.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 41

    Conversation Bubble Do’s and Don’ts

    Since we’re a company that’s all about sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions, the conversation bubble is a big

    deal to us. The bubble is most often used to represent what our customers have to say, or to give voice to a

    concept or idea.


    Use a conversation bubble that’s hand drawn with some

    dimension. Below are some examples of SurveyMonkey

    conversation bubbles.


    Use a thought bubble (with bubbles leading to the thought)

    to communicate a statement, whether it is from someone at

    SurveyMonkey or is customer feedback. Only use a thought

    bubble for something that’s clearly an internal thought.

    “I would give allmy fame (and bananas)

    ”.elafotoparof- Henry V

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 42

    PhotographyOverall Image Tone and Style

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right picture says everything. Photography is

    quite possibly the best way to make a visual connection with our customers. When choosing the

    photos you want to use, make sure they’re Monkey-appropriate.

    Be...Friendly, Helpful, Creative, Accessible, Trustworthy,

    Simple, Compelling, Attractive, Authentic

    Don’t Be...Uninspired, Common, Too Literal,

    Too Conceptual, Staged, Fake, Techy

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 43

    Corporate Fonts

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 44

    Corporate FontsGotham

    Our corporate font is Gotham. This sans-serif font was chosen

    for its readability, straightforward shapes and visual likeness to

    the SurveyMonkey brand personality.

    Gotham should be used for all print materials and web graphics.

    It is suitable for both text and display settings.

    To ensure a consistent appearance, electronic materials should

    be saved as PDFs before they are sent out. If this is not possible,

    the font should be embedded, or our alternate, Arial, should be

    used instead.

    Gotham Book

    Gotham Medium

    Gotham Bold

    Gotham Light



    O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()



    O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()



    O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()



    O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 45


    Our accent font when using illustration is Bokka Solid. This hand-drawn font was chosen for its

    unique personal feel. Used as an accent, Bokka adds to the SurveyMonkey brand personality.

    Bokka should be used when emphasizing a point or adding character to a communications piece.

    Bokka should NOT be used as the primary typeface of a communications piece or as body copy.

    Using Bokka in this manner will not only be difficult to read, but is also too playful and not

    appropriate for the SurveyMonkey brand.

    Bokka Solid abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDeFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXyZ O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()

    Employee Satisfaction Survey

    DO yOU:

    LOVe Me

    LOVe Me NOT

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 46

    Corporate FontsArial

    Arial is a web-safe, Microsoft-friendly font that is complementary

    to Gotham. It is the SurveyMonkey alternate and should be

    used in emails, web-based HTML content, survey product and

    editable Word documents that will be sent to recipients outside

    of the office.

    Gill Sans MT

    Gill Sans MT is a natural fit for our brand, and should be used

    for all presentations created in PowerPoint.

    Gill Sans MT Regular

    Gill Sans MT Bold

    Gill Sans MT Italic


    Arial Bold

    Arial Italic

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ O123456789 [email protected]#$%^&*()

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 47

    Recommended UsageIn general, body text should be set in Gotham Book at 9 points or larger. The Medium and

    Light versions of the font can be used as accents, but in general, the main font styles to

    use are as follows:

    • Body text - Gotham Book

    • Emphasis - Gotham Medium or Gotham Book Italic

    • Headlines - Gotham Medium or Gotham Bold

    Sample Body Text Sample of Gotham Book set at 9 points.

    Sample Headline Sample of Gotham Bold set at 10 points.

    Sample Subhead Sample of Gotham Medium set at 9 points.

    A Note About Gray and BlackNever use black for text or headlines. Always

    use a dark gray that allows for ample legibility.

    If you are designing in a program that allows

    you to specify the exact gray, use #494A32.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 48

    Brand Architecture

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 49

    Brand Architecture The brand architecture ensures that we stay clear and consistent when referring to

    current and new sub-brands that are part of the SurveyMonkey company. Identify key

    questions to ask and how to categorize our sub-brands.

    Endorsed brands and technologies

    Does the brand have valuable pre-existing name recognition and/or SEO equity?

    To maintain equity in the marketplace, customer-facing brands that rank high in organic searches and are top of mind with customers in their categories will remain

    independent but will include the SurveyMonkey lock-up to clarify the relationship.

    Endorsement Line

    For clarity and simplicity, it is recommended that the tagline for each individual brand

    be removed and replaced with the official SurveyMonkey endorsement line:

    The examples to the right show the endorsement line in an approved lock-up with

    each brand.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 50

    SurveyMonkey Properties (part of the SurveyMonkey corporate/umbrella brand)

    Is this an entirely new property or product?

    Used across the company, these consumer-facing properties are an extension of the

    SurveyMonkey brand. Since the SurveyMonkey name is full of personality, the prop-

    erty name should be more descriptive and straightforward to balance the brand with

    the product or group. These properties may also be used in conjunction with product

    descriptions or sub-brands.

    Individual Product Brand

    Does brand perception among a minority of users require an independent relationship

    from SurveyMonkey?

    In instances where the SurveyMonkey brand is not an asset to an audience, a sepa-

    rate brand is needed. No endorsement is given since the endorsement is not an asset.

    Individual product brands must complement the SurveyMonkey brand, have sufficient

    marketing resources and must maximize the overall SurveyMonkey market share to be

    considered as an individual product brand.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 51

    Partner GuidelinesThe logo should always remain locked up, containing

    both the name and icon; however, for advertising and

    marketing purposes, the icon may be used as an artistic

    feature. As such, the icon must always be accompanied

    by the full logo or SurveyMonkey name.

    Clear SpaceClear space around the icon should be equal to the ear

    circle in the logo being used. Clear space should be

    measured from the furthest points of the logo as shown.

    Color UsageThe SurveyMonkey green and gray (shown below) must

    be used at all times. When the logo is used on a dark

    background, the brand name is reversed out in white.

    When the logo is used on a white background the brand

    name is reversed out in gray.

    Vertical StackFor instances where horizontal space is limited such as a

    vertical ad, use the stacked option of the lock-up.

    Tagline SizeThe minimum width of the tagline is indicated to the right.

    Horizontal Logo with Spacing Rules and Color Options

    Vertical Stacked Logo with Spacing

    Tagline Size

    minimum width 2”, 50.8 mm or 144 pixels

    minimum width 1.625”, 41.3 mm or 118 pixels

    PMS 383c hex #A9BD38c26 m3 y93 k17

    PMS 418chex #5B5A4Bc33 m23 y34 k68

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 52

    International Portrait Photography

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 53

    International portrait photo guidelines When creating photography for the SurveyMonkey home page, consider the following guidelines:

    Convey personality in your photographs.

    It’s important to capture the right expression of your subject. First impressions are critical, and the personality

    communicated through your photos is what site visitors will react to first.

    The person photographed should convey the following attributes: Positive, confident, approachable, relaxed,

    trustworthy and authentic. In order for these attributes to resonate with the viewer, they must appear real and

    natural, not contrived.

    The expression of the person photographed should not be: overly serious, disingenuous (fake smile) or pensive.

    Follow these simple photographic style tips.

    Below are some basic rules to follow to ensure that the photo you take for a testimonial works well with other photos

    in the home page rotation and is consistent with all SurveyMonkey local-language sites.

    1. The subject should be facing the camera, so that they are engaging the site visitor. The focus should be on the

    face of the subject, with the background and possibly even shoulders going out of focus.

    2. Keep the camera eye level with the subject. The viewer should not be looking down or up at the person.

    3. Keep the background simple. The background should show some context but should be simple, low contrast and

    with a soft focus. Avoid backgrounds that have strong contrasting colors, objects in sharp focus or busy patterns.

    4. When cropping the subject, include a little space above the head and crop at chest level, so that the focus is

    on the face.

    5. A cropped photo should include ample space to the right of the person. The general rule is to have the space on

    the right side of the person be two times the width of the person.

  • SurveyMonkey Brand Guidelines 54


    Great energy. The person has

    context, but the background

    is simple with a soft focus.

    Emotion fits the attributes. The

    viewer is level with the subject,

    and the background is simple.

    The subject is fully engaged with

    the viewer. The background is

    identifiable but out of focus.

    Great emotion and use of

    selective focus. Lets the viewer

    focus on the person instead of

    the background.

    Great photo of a subject, but

    the background is too busy.

    Technically good, but the

    subject is overly serious.

    The subject should be facing

    the camera to be engaging.

    Props are distracting.

    The subject is good, but the

    background has no environment

    or context.

    Photographic Examples

    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” An old cliché but true. Here are some visual examples of photography do’s and don’ts: