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Sample BPO from 2013


  • 1. RESIDENTIAL BROKER PRICE OPINION Loan # REO #:InitialThis BPO is thePROPERTY ADDRESS:2nd OpinionUpdated7610 S SPALDING LAKE DRExterior OnlyDATE04/21/2013SALES REPRESENTATIVE:CHASESANDY SPRINGS, GA 30350EXAMPLESKYLIGHT E-VALUATIONSFIRM NAME:CLIENT NAME: COMPLETED BY:CALVIN ROBERTSPHONE NO.I.FAX NO.GENERAL MARKET CONDITIONS Current market condition:DepressedSlowStableEmployment conditions:DecliningStableIncreasingMarket price of this type property has:Decreased%in past%3Increasedin pastImprovingExcellentmonths 6monthsRemained stable 99Estimated percentages of owner vs. tenants in neighborhood: Normal supplyThere is aoversupply% tenantshortage of comparable listings in the neighborhood 13Approximate number of comparable units for sale in neighborhood: No. of competing listings in neighborhood that are REO or Corporate owned:3No. of boarded or blocked-up homes:II.1% owner occupant0SUBJECT MARKETABILITY 200,000Range of values in the neighborhood is $ over improvement The subject is an2,500,000 to $ under improvement90Normal marketing time in the area is:Appropriate improvement for the neighborhood.days.Are all types of financing available for the property?YesNoIf no, explainHas the property been on the market in the last 12 months?YesNoIf yes, $list price (include MLS printout)To the best of your knowledge, why did it not sell? single family detachedcondoco-opsingle family attachedUnit Type:townhousemodularIf condo or other association exists: Fee $monthlyannuallymobile homeCurrent?YesNoFee delinquent? $1,275.00The fee includes:InsuranceAssociation Contact:LandscapeTennisPoolOtherLAKE/CLUBHSPhone No.:Name:III. COMPETITIVE CLOSED SALES ITEM AddressSUBJECT 7610 S SPALDING LAKE DRSale Price$ N/APrice/Gross Living Area$ N/A Sq. Ft.VALUE ADJUSTMENTSLeasehold/Fee Simple Site Lot size View Design and Appeal Quality of ConstructionAge Condition Above Grade Room Count Gross Living Area Basement & Finished Rooms Below Grade Functional Utility Heating/Cooling Energy Efficient Items Garage/Carport Porches, Patio, Deck Fireplace(s), etc. Fence, Pool, etc. Other Net Adj. (total) Adjusted Sales Price of ComparableFannie Mae Revised 03/99$ 106.25 Sq. Ft.N/A DESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTIONSUBURBAN FEE SIMPLE 23522 RESIDENTIAL 2 STY/AVG BRK/STUCCO 29 AVERAGECONV80 $0CC SUBURBAN FEE SIMPLE 27878 RESIDENTIL 2 STY/AVG BRICK/FRM 26 AVERAGETotalBdmsBathsTotalBdmsCOMPARABLE NUMBER 2200 WOODRILL WAY .15 M SW REO/Corp $ 412,000 $122.04 Sq. Ft.10/26/12Sales or Financing Concessions Location7435 STONEYKIRK CLOSE .25 M W REO/Corp $ 415,000Proximity to SubjectSale Date & Days on MarketCOMPARABLE NUMBER 1174 +(-) Adjustment0 0 0 -3,000 0 0 0 0 0Baths11/05/12 DESCRIPTIONCONV90 $3000CC SUBURBAN FEE SIMPLE 18731 RESIDENTIAL 2 STY/AVG BRICK 31 GOOD Total3.1 9 4 3,948 Sq. Ft.9 4 3.1 0 3,906 Sq. Ft. 0UNF BSMTFIN BSMTTYPICAL CENTRAL STANDARD GAR/2/ATT PORCH/DECK /FP NONE SCR PORCHTYPICAL CENTRAL STANDARD GAR/2/ATT PORCH/PATI O/FP NONE NONEBdmsCOMPARABLE NUMBER 35010 OAK BLUFF CT .25 M NE REO/Corp $ 376,000 $ 98.25 Sq. Ft.111 +(-) Adjustment01/31/13131 +(-) AdjustmentDESCRIPTION-3,000FHA $0 CC00 0 3,000 0 0 -3,000 0 -10,000SUBURBAN FEE SIMPLE 31363 RESIDENTIL 2 STY/AVG BRICK/FRM 29 FAIR0 0 -5,000 0 0 0 0 10,000BathsTotalBdmsBaths9 5 3 3,376 Sq. Ft.0 11,4409 5 3.2 3,827 Sq. Ft.0 2,420-25,000FIN BSMT-25,000FIN BSMT-25,0000 0 0 0TYPICAL CENTRAL STANDARD GAR/2/ATT PORCH/DECK /FP NONE NONE0 0 0 0TYPICAL CENTRAL STANDARD GAR/2/ATT0 0 0 00PATIO/2FP00 3,000 $-23,560NONE NONE0 3,000 $-14,5800 0 3,000 $ -25,000 $ 390,000Page 1 of 2$388,440$361,420

2. REO#Loan #IV. MARKETING STRATEGY As-isOccupancy Status: OccupiedMinimal Lender Required RepairsRepairedVacantMost Likely Buyer:UnknownOwner occupantInvestorV. REPAIRS Itemize ALL repairs needed to bring property from its present as is condition to average marketable condition for the neighborhood. (Do not include repairs needed to bring property into a rehabbed condition, unless all comps in the area are completely rehabbed.) Do not include normal start up costs (trash-out, initial lawn maintenance, etc). Check those repairs you recommend that we perform for most successful marketing of the property. STUCCO REPAIRS BASEMENT INSULATION LIGHT FIXTURE/MISC REPAIRS$ $ $ $ $1,000 1,000 750$ $ $ $ $GRAND TOTAL FOR ALL REPAIRS $2,750 VI. COMPETITIVE LISTINGS ITEM SUBJECT 7610 S SPALDING LAKE DRCOMPARABLE NUMBER 1 7650 S SPALDING DRAddressCOMPARABLE NUMBER. 2 7570 S SPALDING LAKESAME ST REO/Corp $479,999Proximity to Subject List Price$ N/APrice/Gross Living Area$ N/A Sq.Ft.COMPARABLE NUMBER. 3 5035 SPALDING DRSAME SUB REO/Corp $ 465,0001 M E REO/Corp $ 375,000$ 146.12 Sq.Ft.VALUE ADJUSTMENTS$ 122.79 Sq.Ft.GAMLS 3284144Data and/or Verification Sources$ 112.67 Sq.Ft.GAMLS 7053284GAMLS 7082660DESCRIPTIONSales or Financing ConcessionsDESCRIPTIONDESCRIPTION+ (-)AdjustmentDESCRIPTION+(-)Adjustment+(-)AdjustmentNONE NOTED0NONE NOTED0NONE NOTED0LocationSUBURBAN219 SUBURBAN0 066 SUBURBAN0 05 SUBURBAN0 0Leasehold/Fee SimpleFEE SIMPLEFEE SIMPLE0FEE SIMPLE0FEE SIMPLE0Site Lot size23522200380182953,00049223-9,000ViewRESIDENTIALRES/TRAFFIC5,000RESIDENTIAL0RESIDENTIAL0Design and Appeal2 STY/AVG1 STY/AVG02 STY/AVG02 STY/AVG0Quality of ConstructionBRK/STUCCOSTUCCO0STUCCO0BRICK/FRM0Age293002904110,000ConditionAVERAGE-30,000EXCELLENT-30,000GOODAbove Grade Room Count Gross Living Area Basement & Finished Rooms Below GradeTotalUNF BSMTFunctional UtilityDays on MarketEXCELLENT Baths4 3.1 3,948Sq. Ft.Total9BdmsBathsTotal4 3.1 3285 Sq. Ft.BdmsBaths4 3.1 4127 Sq. Ft.Total-10,000 Baths9FIN BSMT-25,000FIN BSMT-25,000FIN BSMT-25,000TYPICALTYPICAL0TYPICAL0TYPICAL0Heating/CoolingCENTRALCENTRAL0CENTRAL0CENTRAL0Energy Efficient ItemsSTANDARDSTANDARD0STANDARD0STANDARD0Garage/Carport0GAR/2/ATT0GAR/2/ATT0PORCH/DECK/FP0PORCH/DECK/FP0PORCH/PATIO/FP0Fence, Pool, etc.GAR/2/ATT PORCH/DECK/F P NONEGAR/2/ATTNONE0NONE0ING POOL-10,000OtherSCR PORCHNONE3,000NONE3,000NONE3,00009Bdms0 13,260Porches, Patio, Deck Fireplace(s), etc.9Bdms3,5805 2.5 3054 Sq. Ft.0 17,880Net Adj. (total)$-33,740$-45,420$-23,120Adjusted Sales Price of Comparable$446,259$419,580$351,880VII. THE MARKET VALUE (The value must fall within the indicated value of the Competitive Closed Sales).AS IS (sale in 90-120 days) REPAIRED (sale in 90-120 days) 30 DAY QUICK SALE VALUEAnticipated Sales Price $ 387,000 $ 392,000 $ 365,000Suggested List Price $ 389,900 $ 394,900 $ 369,900COMMENTS (Include specific positives/negatives, special concerns, encroachments, easements, water rights, environmental concerns, flood zones, etc. Attach addendum if additional space is needed.)The subject is a brick/stucco 2 story home on an unfinished basement. It is located in a well established and highly desirable neighborhood. It is located 15 miles northeast of the city of Atlanta in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody neighborhood. It is located near several major thoroughfares which make for a quick commute to Atlanta for employment and entertainment opportunities. The subject's immediate market area is popular with move up professional buyers. There are several golf courses nearby and a major indoor/outdoor shopping mall is within 4 miles of the subject. The subject has an active HOA with several amenities. The house conforms well to the other homes in the immediate market area. The home has been well maintained with a few needed deferred maintenance repairs. The upstairs bedroom was converted to a laundry room. This will be desirable for a great many buyers. However, it could be converted back with minimal effort. Therefore, the house could have a functional utility of a 5 bedroom home. All of the comparables utilized are in the same immediate market area as the subject. However, sale #1 and #3 held the most weight in the final analysis. Listing #1 and #2 are located in the same subdivision as the subject. However, they appear to be overpriced compared to other listings in the neighborhood. Limiting conditions: Calvin Roberts is a licensed appraiser and broker. However, this report is not an appraisal. All USPAP conditions 3. have not been met. This is a broker's opinion of price. The report creator is released of all liability. Signature:Date:Calvin RobertsAddress:Fannie MaePage 2 of 204/22/2013 4. DIGITAL PHOTO ADDENDUM Asset # Address:Contact: 7610 S SPALDING LAKE DR, SANDY SPRINGS, GA 30050 Save a blank copy to your computer first. Then copy/paste your digital photos on this form.FURNACEATTICFRONTSTREET SCENESTREET SCENEREARSIDEAC UNIT 5. DIGITAL PHOTO ADDENDUM Asset #Contact:Address: Save a blank copy to your computer first. Then copy/paste your digital photos on this form.REARSIDEENTRANCEDINING ROOMFRONT LIVING ROOM/DENBATHROOMBATHROOMBEDROOM 6. DIGITAL PHOTO ADDENDUM Asset #Contact:Address: Save a blank copy to your computer first. Then copy/paste your digital photos on this form.LIGHT FIXTUREFAMILY ROOMFAMILY ROOMKITCHENBREAKFAST ROOMHALLWAYBACK STAIRWAYLAUNDRY ROOM 7. DIGITAL PHOTO ADDENDUM Asset #Contact:Address: Save a blank copy to your computer first. Then copy/paste your digital photos on this form.LAUNDRY ROOMBATHROOMBEDROOM USED AS OFFICEMASTER BEDROOMMASTER BATHROOMBASEMENTMASTER BATHROOMBASEMENT 8. DIGITAL PHOTO ADDENDUM Asset #Contact:Address: Save a blank copy to your computer first. Then copy/paste your digital photos on this form.WATER HEATERFURNACECIRCUIT BREAKERBASEMENT 9. DIGITAL PHOTO ADDENDUM Asset # Address:Contact: 7610 S SPALDING LAKE DR, SANDY SPRINGS, GA 30050 Save a blank copy to your computer first. Then copy/paste your digital photos on this form.SALE 1SALE 2SALE 3ACTIVE 1ACTIVE 2ACTIVE 3 10. 4/22/13Georgia MLS Pro PlusGeorgia MLS No.:3284144 List Date: 09/14/2012 Property Type: Si ngl e Fa mi l y Deta ched List Price: $474,999 Address: 7650 S Spa l di ng Dr Off Market: Sa ndy Spri ngs , GA Projected Close: 30350 Closed Date: Subdivision: Spa l di ng La ke Sold Price: MLS Area: 131 Days On Market:219 Status: Acti ve Own Condition:PROPERT