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<p>Sl.No</p> <p>BPO Companies Name in INDIA</p> <p>Company Location</p> <p>Ahmedabad 1 24x7bpo Ahmedabad 2 3D Rendering India Ahmedabad 3 Adiance BPO Technologies Ahmedabad 4 AINSTIEN TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. Ahmedabad 5 Analytix solutions Ahmedabad 6 ARE Infotech Ahmedabad 7 AutoCAD Drafting India Ahmedabad 8 Azure Knowledge Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad 9 CAD Outsourcing Services Ahmedabad 10 Clareo Recruitment Solutions Ahmedabad 11 Cosmic Communication Ahmedabad 12 Daemon Information Systems Ahmedabad 13 Data Entry India Ahmedabad 14 Data Entry Outsourcing Ahmedabad 15 Data Entry Services India Ahmedabad 16 Data Entrys India Ahmedabad 17 Data Fied BPO Ahmedabad 18 ebrain Services Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad 19 Empower BPO Ahmedabad 20 eServitium Ahmedabad 21 Extension Solutions Ahmedabad 22 Eyecircus Studio Pvt. Ltd Ahmedabad 23 Gateway Group of Companies Ahmedabad 24 Hi-Tech CAD Services Ahmedabad 25 Hi-Tech Export Ahmedabad 26 Hitech Infosoft Ahmedabad 27 iCall India Ltd. Ahmedabad 28 ICallBiz Ahmedabad 29 IwAay Consultant Ahmedabad 30 KPO Guru Ahmedabad 31 kunalcadservices Ahmedabad 32 M2b Technologies Private Limited Ahmedabad 33 Ma Foi Outsourcing Solutions Limited Ahmedabad 34 Matrix ITES Ahmedabad 35 Mechanical 3D Modelling Ahmedabad 36 MEP Design Services Ahmedabad 37 Motif, Inc. Ahmedabad 38 MphasiS BBPO Ahmedabad 39 Munimjee Ahmedabad 40 Nirmal Datacomm Private Limited Ahmedabad 41 Offshore Medical Billing Ahmedabad</p> <p>42 Organ Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad 43 Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services Ahmedabad 44 Outsourcing Call Center Services Ahmedabad 45 Outsourcing Transcription Services Ahmedabad 46 Pollux Softech Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad 47 Saral Software Solutions Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad 48 Scanning and Indexing Ahmedabad 49 Structural Drafting Design Ahmedabad 50 Sunbelt Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, India Ahmedabad 51 T &amp; T Solutions Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad 52 Takniki Communications (India) Ahmedabad 53 Unisoft Accounting Services Ahmedabad 54 Unisoft Datatech Ahmedabad 55 Versatile Solutions Ahmedabad 56 Vision India Ahmedabad 57 V-Soft Solutions (India) Private Limited Ahmedabad 58 Word Processing India Ahmedabad 59 xml conversion services Ahmedabad 60 Yantram BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad</p> <p>61 Creative Yogi Bangalore 62 iBAS Consulting Bangalore 63 Imperium Technolgoies Bangalore 64 Medisol services private limited Bangalore 65 Mystifly Bangalore 66 SHANDILYA SOFTECH PVT. LTD Bangalore 67 24/7 Customer Bangalore 68 Achala Juridiques Bangalore 69 ACMECeeYess Softech Pvt. Ltd Bangalore 70 Adaarsh Technologies Bangalore 71 Adarsh Solutions Pvt. Ltd Bangalore 72 Adith Multilingual Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 73 Amicorp Management India Private Limited Bangalore 74 Andromeda Marketing P ltd Bangalore 75 Anlage Infotech (India) Pvt Ltd Bangalore 76 APT Technologies India Pvt. Ltd Bangalore 77 Aranis Business Process Services Ltd., Bangalore 78 Ascent Consulting Services Pvt Ltd Bangalore 79 Atlas Legal Bangalore 80 Azilon Corporation Bangalore 81 B2K Corp [Bytes to Knowledge] Bangalore 82 BestPraktizes India Bangalore 83 Bizprout Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Bangalore 84 BK ONE Corporate Training Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore</p> <p>85 Business Accounting Services Inc Bangalore 86 Cambridge Bangalore 87 Candor Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 88 CBay Systems Bangalore 89 Cessna Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore 90 Cognizant Technology Solutions Bangalore 91 Compuware Corporation Bangalore 92 Consystent info tech Bangalore 93 Convergys Bangalore 94 Corp Research Consulting Bangalore 95 Corporate Connect BPO (P) Ltd Bangalore 96 Cosmic Internet Technologies Solutions Pvt. Ltd Bangalore 97 Creative Mediapulse Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 98 Crestcom Consultant Pvt Ltd., Bangalore 99 Crossdomain Bangalore 100 Cross-Tab Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 101 CRP Technologies [India] Pvt Ltd Bangalore 102 Customer First Bangalore 103 Cybelink Systems, Inc. Bangalore 104 Daksh eServices Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 105 Decipher Intime Transcriptions Private Limited Bangalore 106 DreaMarT Interactive Bangalore 107 Drishti Bangalore 108 e4e Bangalore 109 Easiprocess Bangalore 110 Elogic Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore 111 Elsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 112 Endeavour Info Consulting Services (P) Ltd. Bangalore 113 ePeople HR Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 114 EPITOME CONSULTING &amp; INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED Bangalore 115 FarBPO, LLC Bangalore 116 Firstsource Bangalore 117 Fomax Information Technologies Pvt. Bangalore Ltd. 118 Fortune Infotech td Bangalore 119 Gleam Info Services Pvt. Ltd Bangalore 120 Globalitstaffing Bangalore 121 GLOPORE IMS Bangalore 122 Granada Information Solutions Bangalore 123 Greenpoint Services Bangalore 124 Griha Software Technologies P Ltd Bangalore 125 HCL Technologies BPO Services Bangalore 126 HealthOffice (India) Pvt Ltd Bangalore 127 Heartland Bangalore 128 Hewitt Outsourcing Services (India) Bangalore 129 HTMT Global Solutions Bangalore</p> <p>130 i2iEnterprise Ltd. Bangalore 131 i-Data NTTF Integrated Services (Pvt.)Bangalore Ltd 132 iFactor Multimedia Technologies Pvt. Ltd Bangalore 133 iGate Bangalore 134 IMAA Bangalore 135 Immaculate Intractions India Limited Bangalore 136 Indecomm Global Services Bangalore 137 Infoscript Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 138 Infosys BPO Bangalore 139 Intelenet Global Services Ltd Bangalore 140 Inter World Contact Center Bangalore 141 InterWorld Contact Center Bangalore 142 inTouch Analytics Pvt Ltd Bangalore 143 Invensis Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore 144 i-SmartCAD Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore 145 iTech Workshop Bangalore 146 JSoft Solutions Ltd Bangalore 147 Junosource Processing Private Limited Bangalore 148 Katalyst Bangalore 149 KCS-BPO Bangalore 150 Kinfotech Pvt Ltd Bangalore 151 KTwo Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 152 KYEROS SYNERGIZING SOLUTIONS PVT LTD Bangalore 153 LogicaCMG pvt limited Bangalore 154 Ma Foi Outsourcing Solutions Limited Bangalore 155 Macmillan Ad Studio Bangalore 156 Macmillan Information Processing Services (MIPS) Bangalore 157 Macro Infotech Pvt Ltd Bangalore 158 Mainstay Teleservices (P) Ltd Bangalore 159 Manjushree Infotech Bangalore 160 Manthan Services Bangalore 161 Markelytics Internatinal Bangalore 162 Marlabs Inc Bangalore 163 Medsoft India Pvt Ltd Bangalore 164 Molecular Connections Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 165 MphasiS BBPO Bangalore 166 Mysoft International Pvt Ltd Bangalore 167 Nebula Consulting Bangalore 168 Nesara Meditrans Pvt Ltd Bangalore 169 NICE APAC Ltd. Bangalore 170 Nirmal Datacomm Private Limited Bangalore 171 Nirvana Business Solutions Bangalore 172 O.M.S. Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 173 Ocwen Financial Solutions Private Ltd. Bangalore 174 OfficeTiger, an RR Donnelley Company Bangalore</p> <p>175 OMCAD SYSTEMS INDIA INC Bangalore 176 Osource (India) P. Ltd. Bangalore 177 Outsource Partners International, Inc. Bangalore 178 Phoenix Global Solutions Bangalore 179 Pradot Technologies Private Limited Bangalore 180 Prestige Health Administrator (P) Limited Bangalore 181 PrivoCorp Bangalore 182 Process Global, Inc Bangalore 183 ProcessMind Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 184 Prodat It Solutions (India) Private Limited Bangalore 185 Prognosys e Services Bangalore 186 ProLease India Pvt Ltd Bangalore 187 PROMYX Bangalore 188 Quest Informatics (p) Ltd Bangalore 189 Quintant Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 190 RK Information Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore 191 Samtrack Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 192 Satyam BPO Limited Bangalore 193 SBS (INDIA) PVT LTD Bangalore 194 Scandent Group Bangalore 195 Spheris Bangalore 196 Sri Sai Infotech Bangalore 197 StaffLeader Bangalore 198 Steering Jobs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 199 Sykes Bangalore 200 Team Life Care Info Tech Pvt Ltd Bangalore 201 Tejas Infoscripts Pvt Ltd Bangalore 202 Telnet Telecom India Pvt Ltd. Bangalore 203 Tholons Bangalore 204 Topsys Solutions Pvt Ltd Bangalore 205 TransWorks Information Services Ltd. Bangalore 206 United Sourcing, INC. Bangalore 207 ValueBound Bangalore 208 Vee Insure Bangalore 209 Vee Technologies Bangalore 210 Vennar Soft, Inc Bangalore 211 Vista Infotech Bangalore 212 Viteos Bangalore 213 VoiceMentor Softwares and Solutions Bangalore Pvt. Ltd. 214 Volen Software Services (P) Ltd Bangalore 215 Webshastra Pvt Ltd Bangalore 216 Xtelesis Datacom Pvt Ltd Bangalore 217 Zuegma Software Tech Pvt Ltd Bangalore</p> <p>218 Mercury InfoTech Chandigarh 219 Arpan Infotech Private Limited Chandigarh 220 Bayinfocomm Pvt. Ltd Chandigarh 221 Cyber Dyne Chandigarh 222 Daksh eServices Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh 223 E2E Serwiz Solutions Ltd ( Tata Sons Subsidiary ) Chandigarh 224 i2iEnterprise Ltd. Chandigarh 225 Nestor &amp; Mianwal Network Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh 226 RedHorns Software Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh 227 Universal Cyber Infoway Ltd - Kalldesk Chandigarh 228 WizServe Chandigarh</p> <p>229 DSM Soft (P) Ltd. Chennai 230 Goip Global Services Pvt. Ltd Chennai 231 INFINIEON INDIA Chennai 232 INNOVATIVE MEDTEL SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Chennai 233 Inspiration Global Services Chennai 234 24/7 Customer Chennai 235 ABP Solutions Chennai 236 ABPOC System Chennai 237 Accel LTD Chennai 238 ACCENT eServe Chennai 239 AEL Data Chennai 240 Aestrosoft Technologies pte ltd Chennai 241 Afxisi Technology Services (P) Ltd Chennai 242 Ajuba Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd Chennai 243 Allsec Technologies Limited Chennai 244 AllZone Management Solutions Chennai 245 Amtexsystems Chennai 246 Andromeda Marketing P ltd Chennai 247 A-ONE Biz Solutions Chennai 248 Arinos Infosulotions (P) Ltd Chennai 249 Arumuga Info Systems Chennai 250 Astron Chennai 251 Beeway Solutions India Pvt Ltd Chennai 252 Beyontec Solutions Chennai 253 BK ONE Corporate Training Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 254 Blessings Infotech Chennai 255 Brigade Chennai 256 Camarilla Infotech Private Limited Chennai 257 Cameo Corporate Services Ltd, Chennai 258 Carisma Solutions Chennai 259 Ceequence Technologies Chennai 260 Charon Tec Pvt Ltd Chennai</p> <p>261 ChennaiBeats Chennai 262 Client Outsource Chennai 263 Cognizant Technology Solutions Chennai 264 collaboratz Chennai 265 COMPITSS INC., Chennai 266 Congruent Solutions Chennai 267 Contus Support Chennai 268 Cosmic Global Limited, Chennai 269 Crestcom Consultant Pvt Ltd., Chennai 270 Crossdomain Chennai 271 CRP Technologies [India] Pvt Ltd Chennai 272 Customer First Chennai 273 Data Q &amp; S INDIA Pvt Ltd Chennai 274 Datamatics Technologies Limited Chennai 275 DCS BPO Private Limited Chennai 276 Decatrend Technologies Chennai 277 Dexterity KPO Services Chennai 278 Dot. World Technologies Chennai 279 Dynamic Software Solutions Chennai 280 e24 Technologies Chennai 281 ECARE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Chennai 282 eFunds Corporation Chennai 283 Einsoft Solution Chennai 284 Enhanced Customer Care Chennai 285 EpiSource Pvt Ltd Chennai 286 Equus Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd Chennai 287 Evian Technologies Private Limited Chennai 288 FPG Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 289 Future Tekh Chennai 290 Genius Digital Solutions Chennai 291 Geo Surveys Pvt Ltd Chennai 292 Great9 Infoservices Private Limited Chennai 293 HCL Technologies BPO Services Chennai 294 Hewitt Outsourcing Services (India) Chennai 295 HLA Information Technologies Pvt LtdChennai 296 Hofinsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd Chennai 297 HTMT Global Solutions Chennai 298 i2iEnterprise Ltd. Chennai 299 IMAX Solutions Chennai 300 InfoSearch BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 301 Infotronics Pvt. Ltd Chennai 302 innovaQ Technologies Chennai 303 Inspire Solutions Private Limited Chennai 304 Insuranceisland Chennai 305 Intelenet Global Services Ltd Chennai</p> <p>306 InterGlobe Technologies Chennai 307 iPLUS Knowledge Solutions Private Limited Chennai 308 iPrompt Infotech Chennai 309 ISGN Chennai 310 i-Spectra Solutions Chennai 311 I-TEK Services Chennai 312 Jadian Technologies Chennai 313 Lancesoft India Pvt. Ltd Chennai 314 Legal Outsource Solutions, Inc Chennai 315 Lemurian Technologies Chennai 316 Litigation Outsourcing Solutions, Inc Chennai 317 Ma Foi Outsourcing Solutions Limited Chennai 318 Macmillan Information Processing Services (MIPS) Chennai 319 MANAM Consultancy Services Pty Ltd Chennai 320 Medusind Solutions Chennai 321 Mobius Knowledge Services Private Limited Chennai 322 Move Offshore Call Center Chennai 323 Move Offshore Group Chennai 324 NECTA TECHNOLOGY (P) Limited Chennai 325 Nextwave Multimedia Chennai 326 Nirmal Datacomm Private Limited Chennai 327 Niyati Technologies Chennai 328 NPS Technology Pvt Ltd Chennai 329 Nutpamtechnology Private Ltd Chennai 330 OfficeTiger Chennai 331 OfficeTiger, an RR Donnelley Company Chennai 332 OKS Group Chennai 333 Olympus Infotech Pvt Ltd Chennai 334 Opel I Soft Chennai 335 Orbit Info Tech Chennai 336 Outsourzing Worldwide Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 337 Oysterr Chennai 338 Ozone Technologies Chennai 339 Patni Computer Systems Industries Ltd. Chennai 340 PEGASUS INFOSOFT LTED Chennai 341 Perfect Data care solutions Chennai 342 Prodigy Infotech Chennai Pvt.Ltd Chennai 343 ProLease India Pvt Ltd Chennai 344 Quadrant Data Solutions Inc. Chennai 345 Quality Time Data Services Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 346 Quatrro Legal Solutions Chennai 347 Quscient Business Services Chennai 348 R.R. Infotech Limited Chennai 349 Rathna Technologies Chennai 350 Research Publishing Services Chennai</p> <p>351 Revons IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd Chennai 352 Right Angle Management Solutions Chennai 353 S.V.INFOTEC Chennai 354 Salamandra Info Solutions Chennai 355 Samtrack Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 356 Satyam BPO Limited Chennai 357 Scandent Group Chennai 358 Scope e-Knowledge Center Pvt Ltd Chennai 359 SHRIRAM VALUE SERVICES PVT. LTD Chennai 360 Slash Support Chennai 361 Smile Outsourcing Chennai 362 Softinfotech, Inc. Chennai 363 softtouch it solution Chennai 364 SPARK Technologies Chennai 365 Subhashree Infotech Chennai 366 Summit HR Worldwide Chennai 367 Sun Infotek Chennai 368 Sundaram Business Services Chennai 369 SUNSEN Chennai 370 Susee Information Systems Private Limited Chennai 371 Sutherland Global Services Chennai 372 talent MAXIMUS India Pvt Limited Chennai 373 Tandem Consulting Pvt Ltd Chennai 374 Techindia Infoway Private limited., Chennai 375 Tech-Net Scientific e-Publishing Services Chennai 376 Tera Link Systems Pvt Ltd Chennai 377 Three Star Trading Company Chennai 378 Thymus Solutions Ltd (TSL) Chennai 379 Tranquilmoney, Inc. Chennai 380 Transcriptionstar Chennai 381 Trivent Systems Chennai 382 TRS Forms &amp; Services Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 383 Vaarisoft technologies Chennai 384 VCSinfotech Chennai 385 Versatile Techno Solution Private Limited Chennai 386 Vesta Informatics Pvt Ltd Chennai 387 Vision Healthsource Chennai 388 Voice Box Chennai 389 Webden Chennai Coimbatore 390 JIFF SERVICES Coimbatore 391 ACTIVE Management Solutions CBE P Coimbatore Limited 392 Ally Technologies Coimbatore 393 Amba Outsourcing Coimbatore</p> <p>394 Apex IT World Coimbatore 395 Ascender Digital Technologies Coimbatore 396 bpovista Coimbatore 397 CAP Digisoft Solutions Pvt Ltd Coimbatore 398 COMPITSS INC., Coimbatore 399 CRP Technologies [India] Pvt Ltd Coimbatore 400 Customer First Coimbatore 401 G.K.Management S...</p>