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  • 1. THE BRAND BINGWinner of NMA Digital Effectiveness Awards 2011, Best B2B campaign- Web search engine from Microsoft- In Google-dominated market (!)- Positioned as decision engine Mike Berry Associates 2010
  • 2. Bling Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 3. THE BRAND BINGSHOW OF HANDS PLEASE:Who has used Bing?Who is using Bing regularly?What would make you change to Bing? Mike Berry Associates 2010
  • 4. THE BRIEFMicrosoft wanted to raise awareness of Bing within large digital media agencies and show its true potential as an advertising platform (PPC) Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 5. THE BRIEFMarket is dominated massively by Google; Bing was even not on the radar of agency media planners;Although Bing has several features that are superior to Google Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 6. OBJECTIVESTo entertain the audience while highlighting the commercial benefits of Bing, including - Demonstrating its differentiating features - Stimulating the personal use of Bing among agency media professionals - Showcasing the use of MS Silverlight technology Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 7. THE CHALLENGE Dave Harris, Wunderman Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 8. THE SOLUTIONDirect emails got media people involved;UK media agency staff were encouraged to register and answer weeklyquestions over 2 months, for the chance to win some superbBling - Over 7,400 employees from over 100 agencies were targeted Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 9. CREATIVE SOLUTIONSo the starting point was to highlight key features of theBing search experience in a fun and engaging wayMicrosoft created a funny animalcharacter: a pug dog namedPeachesBrits love funny animals inAdvertising(?!) Mike Berry Associates 2010
  • 10. IN THEIR OWN WORDSOK BUT WHY A PUG DOG?VIDEO:Dave HarrisExecutive Creative Director,Wunderman Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 11. THE SOLUTIONA QUIZ: BLING ITFinding answers involved searching on Bing Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 12. THE SOLUTION- The campaign site was the hub for people to see the progress of the competition - A league table/ leaderboard for agencies and individuals- Microsoft Advertisings Twitter page placed clues on how to earn more Bling It points - For example setting your browser default to Bing(!?) Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 13. THE SOLUTIONPRIZESSwarovski-crystallized netbooks and phones (= Bing Bling!) Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 14. CASE FILM Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 15. RESULTSThe campaign received 49% click-through rate from the initial email (target was 35%)39% of these signed upResponse rates to weekly email questions ranged from 45% to 95% Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 16. RESULTS3 times more people registered via referrals than by email invitationsEach participant visited the site 10 times and referred an average of 5 peopleOverall, 50% were more likely to recommend Bing to their clients Mike Berry Associates 2010
  • 17. RESULTS8 weeks of fierce competition between 30 media groups Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 18. RESULTSCampaign generated 693 product trialsBased on a budget of 60,000, this totalled 86.50 per trial Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 19. OPINIONThis competition was not only a great way to explore some less obvious features of Bing and their implications for agencies, but was also great fun! Stacy Oakley, Online Account Director at atom42 Mike Berry Associates 2011
  • 20. KEY LEARNINGS- Be relevant to and respect your target audience- Attitude, humour, Brits love funny animals in advertising- Competition, gamification- Educational element. Media agency people could use Bing knowledge in their day-to-day job (=real benefit in B2B) Mike Berry Associates 2011