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  1. 1. 9 BLINGTHERAPY LifeByB. com
  2. 2. i_-J1 (V; . :*~ . .:, :i. ,,, _l, i . ..l;
  3. 3. but whenever it's stormy outside I like to focus on things that make me happy LifeByB. com

4. A few of my favorite things: Cu pca kesLifeByB. com 5. 2. Looking down towards my feet and seeing Charlotte O| ympias Kitty ats stare back at me;LifeByB. com 6. 3.The Grey coat you see below (my mom had bought it for me in NYC 4 years ago);LE2?LifeByB. com 7. 4. Stripes; LifeByB. com 8. 5. Dancing in my living room while David Bowies Queen Bitch" is playing in the background. C Steve Gwmnelli I ' Bowiewondemoy ld. comLifeByB. com 9. Take all ofthe above and throw in a new piece ofJewe| ry,and you won't hear a U2? squeak out of me!Particularly if said jewelry is a perfect pair of Earrings. . LifeByB. com 10. "Bling-therapy is the new black. " LifeByB. com 11. /Lars/ QLook inside my beautiful world.My world of style,fashion,food,beauty,travel and design - LifeByB. comVISIT ONLINELifeByB. com