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  • 1. BLINGNGUYENa designer portfolio
  • 2. Contact meblingdeneige@gmail.com01234617125HCM city, VietnamILLUSTRATION WEB DESIGN BRANDING IDENTITY
  • 4. CORPORATE #1ROAMINGDATA ONFLIGHTClient: MobifoneThe job:Conceptualizing, making layoutand photo manipulating to make aprint ad for the new Mobifoneservice: Roaming data on ight.The target is business men withgood nancial status so it mustcreate a sense of professionalismand high class.The nal artwork is then appliedon leaets and published on thenewspapers.
  • 5. CORPORATE #2SIGN UPFOR ADSClient: MobifoneThe job:Creating a print ad for the newMobifones offer: Get 45.000 VNDin your account by signing up forreceiving Mobifones ads.The target is for people who areinterested in promotion anddiscounts. The message isstraightforward and eye-catching.The nal artwork is then appliedon leaets and banners ondifferent websites.
  • 6. CORPORATE #3SCBLEAFLETClient: SCB BankThe job:Working closely with thecopywriter and account team tomake a promotional leaet forSCB bank.The leaet follows SCB brandingguideline. Many options regardingto the cover images are providedto create a sense of positiveattitude and welcoming feeling.
  • 7. CORPORATE #4MERINOPACKAGEClient: Merino IcecreamThe job:Creating different options for thenew packaging of Merino X.The keywords are colorful, youngand fresh. Attention is required forvector graphics to enhance thestriking effect.
  • 9. FREELANCE #1HOANGONGBRANDINGClient: Hoang Ong IMEXThe job:Creating the logo and thebranding identity includingletterhead, business card,enveloppe and powerpointtemplate for a local companyspecializing in seafood trading.
  • 10. FREELANCE #2LALUMIEREBRANDINGClient: La LumiereThe job:Creating the logo and thebranding identity includingletterhead, business card andmenu for a new local coffee andlounge.The concept is based on themodular structure of the interiordesign. The tone is elegant, yetimpressive and modern.
  • 11. FREELANCE #2VOTE4NATUREPOSTERClient: Vote4Nature Org.The job:Delivering the message topromote the protection for natureand wildl animals in VN. The deignwon 2nd in the poster contest andwas published in TuoiTre news
  • 12. FREELANCE #2THERELIGIONOF MEClient: The Religion of Me bandThe job:Making an album art for analternative rock band, The single iscalled Meditate.The work involves hand drawingand photo manipulating.
  • 14. PERSONAL #1THE PATCHSCHOOLPROJECTClient: School projectThe job:Making a campaign that promotesthe elderly care in VN.The work starts from creating thekey visuals, and a detailedmockup and website design.
  • 15. PERSONAL #2VARIOUSVECTORWORKClient: PersonalThe job:Various illustrations for differentcommissions on digital art forums.
  • 16. PERSONAL #3BUNTSHIRTClient: PersonalThe job:A fun vector project of hownoodles actually are.
  • 17. PERSONAL #4VARIOUS3DWORKClient: School projectThe job:Modelling, texturing, setting uplightning, animating... in bothrealistic way and cartoonish way.The used program is 3dsMax.
  • 18. WEB
  • 19. WEB #1MOBIFONEWEBSITEClient: Mobifone
  • 20. WEB #2NATURESECRETSClient: Nature Secrets
  • 21. WEB #3GLOBALLIVESClient: School project
  • 22. WEB #4BONVOYAGEClient: School project
  • 23. SELFPORTFOLIOWEB #5Client: Personal
  • 24. WEB #6THE PATCHPROJECTClient: School project