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Bling H20 branding manual. Bling is the worlds most luxurious water known for it's pretty face and perfect taste! The Bling Brand guide was developed by the N2U Creative Marketing Group-Marc Brogdon-Project Manager, Sean Watson-Creative Director.


  • 2. BLING DEFINED OUR HISTORY & FEATURES We l c o m e t o t h e l i f e . HOW WE SELL OUR LOGO OUR PHOTOGRAPHY ADVERTISING & PROMOTION SAMPLE LOGO PLACEMENT2 3 BLING H2O 2011 Brand Guide We l c o m e t o t h e l i f e .
  • 3. BLING DEFINED The imaginary sound when light hits a precious stone. The emotion one feels when experiencing exquisite taste. The emotion one feels when experiencing exquisite taste. The sound of our aftertaste. Sipping pure prestige. Pure luxury in a bottle.4 5 BLING H2O 2011 Brand Guide We l c o m e t o t h e l i f e .
  • 5. OUR HISTORY FEATURES Bling H2O was introduced to the world by Hollywood Creative Executive and visionary, Kevin G. Boyd. Inspired by all things Nestled in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee the spring luxury, Kevin saw his world of red carpets and flashing lights and flows at 2.5 million gallons per day at a constant temperature of envisioned a product line that could exist in that space. 58dF from an aquifer that lies 2 2.5 thousand feet below the surface. Bling goes through a purfication process that includes A minimalist at heart, Boyds first introduced a bottled water charcoal, ozone, ultraviolet treatment and microfiltration. surrounded by packaging of incredible design and style. A Haute water bottle so beautiful that it could stand alone on the Glob- Its not just a pretty face. Its also a perfect taste! al red carpets of the world. By doing so, he actually created a brand new category, Luxury Bottled Water.8 9 BLING H2O 2011 Brand Guide We l c o m e t o t h e l i f e .
  • 6. HOW WE SELL How we describe our pretty taste At first taste you will notice there is a light consistency to Bling H2O, which is smoothly followed up with a slight sweetness throughout with no aftertaste. The savory journey leaves the palate refreshed and satisfied. Our naturally occurring PH bal- anced water goes through a 9 stage refining process, micron filtration and is then internationally certified by the NSF to en- sure our award winning taste, matches our award winning face. Bling H2O is often served room temperature yet wonderful served chilled as standalone beverage or as the perfect comple- ment to your preferred meal or cocktail.10 11 BLING H2O 2011 Brand Guide We l c o m e t o t h e l i f e .
  • 7. AWARDS PRESS & PUBLICITY What they are saying about Bling H20? Featured in Gush Magazine Bling H2O has a limited edition bottle available in two sizes, that are frosted and have genuine Swarovski Crystals that spell out the waters name. Bling H2O is to bottled water what Rolls Royce is to automobiles; a premium product with premium packaging that mer- 2010 its a premium price. Bling is a stand-alone beverage as well as the perfect compliment to your favorite cocktail. (Baller Status)It has been featured at the Grammys, VMAs and BET Awards and has been sampled by Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton (and Tinkerbell), Mariah Carey and Shaquille ONeal, just to name a few. Prices range from $24.00 to $40.00, thats right for a bottle of water. Bling H2O also has an apparel/accessory line featuring Swarovski Crystals. Featured in Luxist by Nicole Westin Ordinary bottled water is for ordinary people, but for those who really have a taste for the ner things, Bling H2O could be the perfect thirst-quencher. The water comes corked in a 750ml, frosted glass bottle that is studded generously with Swarovski Crystals and is far more impressive than anything youd nd in the regular supermarket. It is designed to be a fashion statement and, although the bottle is fairly large, you can tell more about someone carrying one of these around than about someone with a bottle of Arrowhead water -