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Booklet illustrating an old portable typewriter in the style of a sales leaflet or manual.


  • parvadi

  • shift keyshift locktype arm un-jammerline-space selectcarriage/line space return

    from the top

  • back-spacemargin release

    escapement clutch paper table release

    margin buttons

  • crumb-trayslotted dowel platecarriage shift connectionl-h spoolreturn arm retaining spiggot

    under the hood

  • right case catchserial number [A-06128]

    r-h spoolribbon reverse lever

    ribbon juggler (vibrator)

  • on the page

  • AntAresA class M supergiant star, with a radius of approximately 800 times that of the sun; if it were placed in the center of our solar system, its outer surface would lie between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Antares is approximately 600 light-years from our solar system. Its visual luminosity is about 10,000 times that of the sun, but because the star radiates a considerable part of its energy in the infrared part of the spectrum, the bolometric luminosity equals roughly 65,000 times that of the sun. the mass of the star is calculated to be 15 to 18 solar masses. Its large size and relatively small mass give Antares a very low average density.

    the best time to view Antares is on or around May 31 of each year, when the star is at opposition to the sun. At this time, Antares rises at dusk and sets at dawn, and is thus in view all night.

    PArvA (adj.)parvus m. (feminine parva, neuter parvum); first/second declension 1. small, little, cheap 2. unimportant


  • Booklet prepared in typewriter Heaven

    Antares s.p.a. logo redrawn and used here without permission

    s/n: A-01628