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  • 1. PresentingThe untold saga of Hitlers rise and fall! (in LOOVEE).

2. The PastAnkita: As a kid, I always maintained a low profile. See I was never in the front 3. The BeginningsThen it all began on one Holi, when I snatched it from her 4. The PresentFrom the era gone by: Presenting Hitler! 5. First my class thinks Im Hitler 6. Then my teams think Im HitlerTeam FII: This floor painting without mewould be impossible.Shivani sent to concentration camp and therest of you stop laughing and start working Hospi Team: OMG these trackershave no sense and this Hospi team just cant function without me. 7. Then my friends think Im Hitler 8. And finally, even in this outfit, Ithinks Im Hitler 9. Finally, my Professors also think Im Hitler Ankita Youre a self proclaimedleader just likeHitler!Ankita I have neverseen a leader like you! 10. OMG! If so many people think ImHitler how will the ONE knowmy true sideHow will I ever find true LOOVEEAnd so began the revamp and the search 11. One fine day, when Hitler was at her jovial best and reminiscing about her favorite love story1Where are General Sameer and JP?2 Fuhrer, they went backto school and in fact areattending interviewsnow.. 3What if they getplaced in thesame company? 4They will livehappily everafter5You mean like Cinderella? 12. But Fuhrer, Which one of them is Cinderella?Idiot ! Isnt it obvious?Only the first pair passes myGut Feel test..(Trivia: Couples on campus getassessed regularly & only fewmanaged to pass till date) 13. Hitler too started thinking of settling down in life But with whom? Hitler is trying to be homely. In her own words I AM OF COOKABLE AGE NOW 14. JPs version of Ankitas crushables list! 15. FacebookThe story behind the ever changing Profile Pics : He should see all other sides of me The sittingalone on aThe Hot Babe in The Wind in my The Cute Girl bench waiting a Hot Dress Hair LookLookfor you toLook come Look 16. The Im talented LookThe lighten up your life The Im talented Look(I painted that stuff on the LookPart 2wall behind me The Im just the girlfor you Look (Sweet, Shy andSexy!) 17. Lose weight and Gym7AM and 5PM Lunch, Dinner and Evening SnacksAnd Finally!: The Mantra for Success has been found---- >>>>> 18. SwitzerlandMere khwabon mein jo aayeI think Ill hang this outsidemy IIM B door so that my RAJ can find me when Imgone! OR Ill leave my name and number on the snow on this bench Only purchase from Switzerland 19. Back from HIEP: I have news !!! Someone kissed Ankita At IIMBXXX : Ankita, comewith me well go onmy Bike 20. Mere 3 Anmol Ratan Kid 1:Kid 2:Kid 3:Daraavna Agarwal Jagta Agarwal Pocha Agarwal 21. Come witness Hitlers performance ofa lifetimeA Base tonight at 12:00 AM