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Analysis of 8 prediction analyses, with text mining tools.


<ul><li> 1. TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2013 Using text mining solutions to analyze different approaches and opinions without reading every analysisProof of concept demonstration invenQ</li></ul> <p> 2. Time period forpredictionsThis year analysis includespredictions from:2 3. FOCUSDIFFERENT APPROACHESOPINIONSHow can we combine the different sometimes contradicting opinions?This year analysis includespredictions from: 3 4. What are the main trending words?4 5. Who will deliver innovation?GOOGLE FACEBOOK MICROSOFT APPLE* 5*Apple has not appeared in either analysis 6. 2 0 1 3the year of:also trending Mobilein 2012communicationnewnew highlighthighlight DigitalCustomerecosystem focusalso trendingnew in 2012 highlight Applications Services 7. invenQh t t p : / / w w w. i n v e n q . o r g 8. Appendix: used tool and methodsText elicitation Further filtering Filter of possible Selection of sources Filter words on lenght (min. overlappings2 letters) Overlapping on words andn-GramsTokineze textGenerate n-GramsVisualisation Splitting text into a Creating terms, as a series Using visualisation tools sequence of wordsof consecutive words(word cloud, scatter plot) Max length: 3Transform casesFilter Stopwords Unify words Removing common words Title page illustration by Dennis Vu Photography for Unleashed Media (CC)8</p>