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<ul><li><p>8/2/2019 Alhphabet Rhyme for Sock Puppets Instructions</p><p> 1/4</p><p> 1</p><p>Creating a Sock Puppet Rhyme Rap Animation</p><p>Explanation:</p><p>After completing the Alphabet &amp; Intro to Phonics Unit we willcreate a Rhyme Rap animation using iPad/iPhone Application called</p><p>Sock Puppets. Kids will be working in groups of 3 (4 teams in caseof my classroom).</p><p>The alphabet rhyme we use for this project was earlier introducedin the classroom and all the children should be familiar with it.</p><p>To enhance students involvement, each student will randomly drawtwo letters from the box. The extra remaining 2 letters will begiven as bonuses to students, who exemplary completed previoustasks from the unit.</p><p>Students are required to memorize their rhymes. Additionally,each student will receive a flashcard with a letter and acorresponding picture. We will practice rhythmic speech with thesoundtrack (I mixed Mc Hammers U Cant Touch This).</p><p>Before we start the recordings I familiarize the students with theSock Puppets application. I introduce them to the 6 characters,show them the voice and set options. At this point we decide whatkind of set we are going to build. We choose from 11 sets and 16props. I model how to speak and what distance to keep from theiPad. I demonstrate how it works by making a quick samplerecording.</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 Alhphabet Rhyme for Sock Puppets Instructions</p><p> 2/4</p><p> 2</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 Alhphabet Rhyme for Sock Puppets Instructions</p><p> 3/4</p><p> 3</p><p>A teacher will be working with one group at the time, while therest of the class stays on task (another activity, preferably onethat requires silence) and is supervised by *another teacher. (*inpreschool I work with a Korean co-teacher).</p><p>With each group of (3) kids, I repeat the following steps:</p><p> We choose a character for each student (out of 6 choices). We set up the voice (from a very high pitch to low) for each</p><p>character. Instruct them to speak in a normal voice (preschoolers tend</p><p>to scream) Show them where the microphone on the iPad is. Make sure they know their lines. Establish order in which theyll speak. Give them a cue andrecord! Play the recording and repeat it if necessary. Save the approved animation to YouTube.</p><p>Once all groups created their short bits, I edit them in iMovie tomake one movie.</p><p>The following objectives will be evaluated for each student:</p><p>1. Ability to memorize their rhyme.2.Paying attention to the correct order.3.Speaking in a natural voice.4.Speaking clearly and rhythmically</p></li><li><p>8/2/2019 Alhphabet Rhyme for Sock Puppets Instructions</p><p> 4/4</p><p> 4</p><p>Alphabet RhymesA is for Apple</p><p>B is for Ball,</p><p>C is for Cat,</p><p>D is for Doll,</p><p>E is for Egg,</p><p>F is for Feet,</p><p>G is for Girl,</p><p>and H is for Heat.</p><p>I is for Igloo,</p><p>and J is for Jump, </p><p>K is for Kangaroo,</p><p>L is for Lump.</p><p>M is for Mammy,</p><p>N is for Nest,</p><p>O is for Octopus,</p><p>P is for Pest.</p><p>Q is for Queen,</p><p>and R is for Rail, </p><p>S is for Sitting,</p><p>and T is for Tail.</p><p>U is for Uncle,</p><p>Umbrella and Use,</p><p>V is for Vacation, Valentine</p><p>and Views,W is for Window, Whistle andWay,</p><p>X is for Xylophone that I liketo play.</p><p>Y is for Yellow and Yelling andYou.</p><p>Z is for Zero and Zipper andZoo.</p></li></ul>


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