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  • Make an incision in the front of the sock leg to form the long ears for your rabbit.Then finish the ears thinner and sharper on the top.
  • Stuff the sock with infilling to give the shape for the body and the head of your rabbit.
  • Seam the sock leg on the top of the rabbits head.
  • Insert the basting into the sock above the rabbits neck, needle it around the neck of the rabbit-to-be and then pull it to tighten the basting thereby, the neck will be properly formed out.
  • Needle the margins of the rabbits paws through the body, pay attention to the paws to be of a size both paws should be of a same length and thickness.


  • Now do the same with the legs needle the margins.
  • Adjust and needle buttons for eyes and nose, cut out small pieces of yarn for the moustache (whiskers).
  • Prepare a fluffy tail for the rabbit (cut out of cardboard two identical circles which have a small hole in the middle of both of them).
  • Scroll the yarn around those circles, so that the hole in the middle would be filled.
  • Cut through the yarns in the middle of the limbs (outer borders) of the cardboards, bring the supporting yarn between the cardboards and bind it up strongly, remove the cardboards. Even out the tuft with scissors and affix it in the right place on the back of the rabbit.