Teaching with Sock Puppets: Activities, Apps, & Web Tools for All Learners

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<ul><li> ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/ELTLINKs Pear.ly/chyej Teaching With Sock Puppets Activities, Apps, &amp; Resources Kasia - Sock Puppet by Philip Dean, Flickr </li> <li> When she puts a puppet on her hand, she lights up, she's very happy. ~ Heather Allen Sock Puppet Party Leftovers by Lorena Cupcake, Flickr </li> <li> Learn by TPR, repetition, meaningful dialogue, instruction Boosts creativity Makes communication less frightening Why sock puppets? Enhances the atmosphere Sock Puppet Craft by Harris County Public Library, Flickr </li> <li> For VYLs, bring them out for Sock Puppet Craft by Harris County Public Library, Flickr Learning Vocabulary Songs Games Story Time Play </li> <li> Sock Puppets 1st Grade by Meriwether Lewis Elementary, Flickr Use to teach diversity http://bit.ly/1etYFWA </li> <li> Sock Puppets by City of Tea Tree Gully Library, Flickr Use to teach recycling Bring in recycled materials for them to create their sock puppets </li> <li> Sock puppet interviews Sock Puppet Craft by Harris County Public Library, Flickr </li> <li> Puppets Say the Darnedest Things - 302/365 - 29 October 2011by John Flinchbaugh, Flickr Name? Where do they live? What are their favorite things? Whats your sock puppets story? </li> <li> LittleBirdTales.com Create stories about their sock puppets Zooburst.com </li> <li> Sock Puppet by Schoharie Library, Flickr Play games! Duck Duck Goose Simon Says Relay races Mr./ Mrs. How are you? I Spy </li> <li> SIMI Night by Brenna, Flickr Create sock puppets that are characters in a book/song &amp; assign them actions/lines </li> <li> Committee by Quinn Dombrowski, Flickr Students work in pairs or small groups to come up with the dialogue Give them a topic or a few to choose from Throw a sock puppet show </li> <li> Tell jokes What did Luke Skywalker name his pet alligator? Darth Gator Sock Puppet by City Year, Flickr </li> <li> Host a sock puppet game show or talk show Applause by Alicia Gibb, Flickr </li> <li> Give class announcements Sockpuppet by Harris County Public Library, Flickr </li> <li> Cool Web Tools &amp; Apps Sock Puppet by Alex Brown, Flickr </li> <li> Character Texts Creativelanguageclass.wordpress.com/tech-ideas/sock-puppets-app </li> <li> http://www.techchef4u.com/history/government-vs-puppet-pals/ Highlight Supreme Court Decisions </li> <li> Jokes Bullying Digital Citizenship Idioms Poetry Interviews Role-play More ideas! </li> <li> Shmuppet IOS App Send a 30 second video message via Twitter or email </li> <li> Eddie Sox IOS App Eats Raps &amp; sings Blows bubble gum Sings Talk to him &amp; he replies </li> <li> Character TextsSock n Boots App IOS Different languages Read to me option Coloring book Story maker </li> <li> Puppet Workshop IOS App Create sock puppets with various tools Listen to music while creating </li> <li> Business Essentials Sock Puppet School IOS App 8 short business videos with text </li> <li> Character TextsSocksinc.com Alternate Reality Game </li> <li> Character TextsSocksinc.com Alternate Reality Game </li> <li> Create a Sock Puppet Online http://www.heavygames.com/sockpuppet/playgame.asp </li> <li> http://pear.ly/chyej </li> <li> ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/ELTLINKs Pear.ly/chyej </li> </ul>